I just want to say one thing:

Even though it is pretty clear how I feel about R*becca if you look at my blog and it is also pretty clear that I am a big Robert and Robron stan, I am NOT excusing Robert’s behaviour in this. 

Even though I love him a lot, and yes, I think I am defending him a lot as well I still see how problematic his behaviour is in all of this. Nobody should tell a woman to get an abbortion. End of story. 

I think Emmerdale is not doing a very good job telling this story, but they are telling it. And leaving everything else aside and only looking at the abortion issue in this storyline Robert is handling it spectacularly wrong.

I will continue to defend him and his actions (some of them), I will continue to look deeper into why he is doing what he’s doing and I will continue to hate R*becca and how she is treating him and how she is portrayed, but I wanted to make it perfectly clear that I do see it. Robert is very flawed, very problematic and I wish Emmerdale would spend time exploring him and his motives and intentions more than they do trying to sell us R*becca as the victim, but here we are.