All credit goes to a Wordpress blogger, AbbieSTABBY, who very generously let me post these here (thanks again!). You can also take a peek at some really great videos from the Northern Theatre School’s production here, which inspired these adorable doodles. If you’d like to read more about the production or about these drawings, you can view Abbie’s blog post, and don’t forget to check out her other fantastic artwork!

Abbie created each of these character doodles specifically around the actors in the Northern Theatre School’s production, so I love the individual touch that brings to each costume here - for example, Wendla’s dress is blue, her stockings are white, and she’s carrying a teddy bear, details which make her seem very young and vulnerable; Ilse’s stockings have holes in them, but she wears a dress more like Wendla’s traditional white sundress, which creates a very interesting dichotomy between her wild lifestyle and her young age.

ROW #01:

  • Fraulein Knuppeldick
  • Wendla Bergman
  • Melchior Gabor
  • Herr Knochenbruch

ROW #02:

  • Martha
  • Ilse
  • Moritz Stiefel
  • Georg

ROW #03:

  • Rupert
  • Ernst
  • Hanschen
  • Otto

ROW #04:

  • Dieter
  • Anna
  • Ulbrecht
  • Thea

Thanks again to Abbie for letting me use her artwork! (:

abbiestabby asked:

It's awesome to see a lovely lady like yourself having an interest in Bettie Page :D I love that woman! <3

oh she is amazing!pity she went a bit mental on it in her later years and got arrested and stuff but still she is an inspiration <3