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Come now, Julia, you really think you've done nothing wrong? Sam & Caitriona disagree. They've been shown what you, Lauren & Jess have said about them, about Tony & Mackenzie. There's nothing wrong with calling Tony Cait's PA, purse holder, gay, or Mackenzie an attention seeking babywhore? You made a big mistake by trying to garner pity instead of taking responsibility for your actions. Shipping is fine, insulting Sam, Cait, Tony, Mackenzie isn't. Come clean to your followers about our messages.

and you think your hands are totally clean, right? shippers have done everything wrong but you’ve been nothing but the perfect angel of a fan, right? you ask me to own up to my actions. Fine. I apologized for what I said about Mackenzie and I deleted the post and that was months ago. What more do you want me to do? Calling Tony Cait’s PA is not an insult, nor is calling him her purse holder since that’s literally what he does. He holds her purse and her jacket. Nor is guessing that he might be gay when everything he’s shown me says he might be. If he’s not, well then I’m terribly sorry for assuming such awful things about a person (note the HEAVY sarcasm. apparently being gay is an awful thing in your mind. I’d rather choose to accept everyone for who they are). 

The only thing, in my mind, that I’m guilty of is maybe being too harsh on asshole anons, like yourself. AND YES I am calling you what you are - an asshole. Deal with it. Call me a rude bitch some more, I can’t wait to read that. Maybe I’m guilty of being too quick to judge, being a bit too passive aggressive and sarcastic at times. God forgive me, I’m a human being, much like yourself. I think. I’m allowed to have feelings. I’m allowed to express said feelings and opinions ON MY BLOG without the fear of having my job threatened. 

YOU are the ones coming to harass shippers. YOU are the ones mining for information about us and Sam and Cait. YOU are the ones who brought Tony and Mackenzie and Abbie and every other random anonymous person into the spotlight. YOU. Not shippers, antis. So I’m really terribly sorry we weren’t nice to the people you dragged into this mess. But I am not sorry for shipping. I am not sorry for finding joy in Sam and Cait, both separately and together, and I am not sorry for wanting to believe two people are in love. How dare I, right? Had I known it would end in me writing a police report, I’d probably never have started shipping.

All of you, every single “person” who considers yourself an anti, has crossed a line so many times at this point it’s a fucking miracle karma hasn’t bitten you in the ass in more ways than one. You have stalked, harassed, doxed, threatened and abused shippers for years. Years. I highly suggest you take a good hard look in the mirror before you preach one more time about how shippers are the evil ones in this fandom. The lack of self-awareness in this fandom is absolutely mind boggling. 

And with that, I’m closing my anons. Believe me, this is not what I want to do but for my own sanity I have to for a bit. So anything more you want to tell me, you’re going to have to do it with a username attached. I dare any of you to send me an ounce of this bullshit with your username attached to it. 

Just Wondering

Am I the only one who finds tickling clips (like staged ones where there is planned out tickling) just kind of awkward sometimes?

Like lemme explain…

Just the thought of how they’re made like you need to prepare for the video by picking what to wear for when you’re tickled, to be tied or not when you’re tickled, setting up the camera to record you being tickled (or tickling), and then just picking the exact moment where you’re gonna be like, “Okay let’s start….now.” Like call me crazy but if I was doing that, I’d feel so awkward and I’d be blushing at how awkward the situation is way more than tickling stuff 😂

I love tickling just as a natural, spontaneous, goofy “surprise” where you don’t always expect it (unless you’re egging someone on 😉). Like I watch the types of tickling videos that aren’t staged A LOT more because I feel like the element of surprise with tickling is the best part of it 😜 And I also love tickle fight/no bondage types of videos 100058473837642 times better for me personally 🤷🏼‍♀️

Don’t get me wrong though! There’s some videos that are staged that aren’t awkward! But there’s sometimes videos that I come across while scrolling that just make me cringe…😂🙈

Fixing The Colt - 12x20

I hope Sam and Dean work together to fix the colt. Dean is mechanical  and Sam is book smart.  2 Smart Brothers, 2 Different kinds of intelligence. It just makes sense for Dean to figure out the cogs and construction, while Sam figures out any spells and translations used to give it that kill (almost) anything kind of power. Together they Can make it stronger than Samuel Colt could ever Dream. Go Team Work!!

(thoughts based on promo 12x20


“Where there is a woman…there is magic. 

If there is a moon falling from her mouth, 

she is a woman who knows her magic, 

who can share or not share her powers. 

A woman with a moon falling from her mouth, 

roses between her legs 

and tiaras of Spanish moss, 

this woman is a consort of the spirits.”

-Ntozake Shange

Nicole Beharie | Black Girl Magic

The Problems of My OTPs......sort of. One of them is new.
  • Mikayuu: Bitchy fandom, useless ship wars, and stupid arguments
  • SorMik: Bitchy fandom on the recent episode. Other than that, zero problems at all.
  • Leokumi: "They hate each other! WHY?!", also has zero problems on the other side of the fandom.
  • Yuto X Yuya (Counterpartshipping): ZERO PROBLEMS AT ALL (With the exception of Episode 104, last time I check. And Yuto's screentime.) BECAUSE THE FANDOM'S PEACEFUL AF.