abbie watches buffy

two thirds of my buffy ships are either together or getting together and it’s only season two

  • Xander & Cordelia CHECK
  • Willow and Oz (almost) CHECK
  • Buffy and Spike … well they still want to kill eachother but getting there, getting there

so yeah it’s obviously not going to last

w H Y

anonymous asked:

So I know you're not finished with Buffy yet, but I was curious what your favorite episodes are thus far?

omgosh okay my favourite episodes from the first six seasons

first ima be really mainstream here and go with Hush, The Body and Once More with Feeling because they really are just FANTASTIC thematic pieces.

Other favourite episodes include School Hard, Halloween, Passion, Becoming, Lovers Walk, Bad Girls, Graduation Day, Wild at Heart, Something Blue, Superstar, Restless, Real Me, Fool for Love, Crush, Intervention, The Gift, Bargaining, Life Serial, Tabula Rasa, Gone, Older and Far Away, Hells Bells and Grave.

It’ll probably be completely different when I rewatch y'know but those are the ones that stick out! :))