abbie mac

some mac analysis

ok so im on season 5 ep 9 (mac day) and the gang is passing around a joint and mac is really annoyed at them because it’s illegal and there’s “nothing badass about breaking the law” but we’ve seen mac smoke before?? in season 4 episode 2 (mac bangs dennis’ mom) when frank offers them all one at the funeral he’s the only one to eagerly accept.

my headcanon/analysis: season 2 mac hadn’t realized he was gay yet, and was not abiding by any rules, but as the seasons go on, he becomes more connected with God (a homophobic version of god) at the same time he’s realizing he’s gay. however, he buries his gayness with internalized homophobia tied to his newfound relationship with God as well as beginning to abide by rules + laws set by the Bible or otherwise and stops smoking weed etc etc because God Said It’s Wrong or whatever.

tldr: mac doesnt smoke weed anymore bc of his internalized homophobia i guess

“Shipping is normal”

“Shipping is a normal part of a fandom”  I can’t tell you how tired I am of seeing that phrase. It’s used by the ES to justify their behavior any time they are called out on their behavior or criticized or made fun of.  Shipping of FICTIONAL CHARACTERS is a normal part of a fandom yes, not shipping of REAL PEOPLE.  Ironically, considering how much they hate him, the first widely popular ship (although it wasn’t called shipping yet) was of Kirk and Spock.    It wasn’t called shipping until the next big ship came about.  That was the shipping of Mulder and Scully on the X Files.  Notice how both of these are of fictional characters, not real people.
When fictional characters are shipped no one gets hurt or harassed.  Except shippers harassing other shippers who have a different OTP.  But that’s not what has happened in the OL fandom.  Starting 3 years ago with Amy and Cody, ES have been harassing and sending hate to anyone linked to Sam.  It continued through Abbie and now Mac.  But it’s not just been the women Sam has been involved with that have felt the power of the ES hate machine.  It’s anyone who has sunk or denied the ship publicly.  This is not normal shipping that goes on in every fandom.  Normal shipping goes on in the Scandal fandom where the two leads are shipped without their respective RL spouses being harassed.  There are normal, sometimes called wishful, shippers in the OL fandom. But they are mostly overshadowed by the very loud, very toxic shipping behavior of the ES. The level of vitriol expressed by the ES in the OL fandom is not normal, and I wish the ES would understand that.  And before the ES start denying that they aren’t the ones sending hate let’s just call that the bullshit it is and stop the lying about it. No one else has any reason to send hate to the people who sink the ship except the ES.  No one else cares who Sam is involved with in his personal life. Everyone knows this. Everyone on TW, IG and Tumblr knows this. Everyone involved with the OL production knows this.  Every reporter knows this.  Everyone. Denying it at this point made the ES look absolutely ridiculous. No, not every ES has sent a hateful tweet or left a hateful comment on IG.  Instead they speak their hate on Tumblr.  They applaud each others hate.  They reblog and encourage each others hate.  They make hate their normal.  Which leads to more people expressing their hate on TW and IG. Then they wonder why people keep ‘throwing them under the bus’ by criticizing or making fun of their behavior. It’s because your behavior deserves it.  What you are doing is not normal no matter how often you say it is, no matter how hard you try to convince others and yourselves it is.  The reason people blame everything wrong in the fandom on the ES is because everything wrong in the fandom is the hate perpetuated by the ES.  Not the normal shippers who ship without hate, but the ES who hate publicly, loudly and with a vengeance. They actually seem to be proud of their hate. I feel bad for the normal shippers who all to often get lumped into the same category with these people who take take their fantasy too far. It’s not that Sam and Cait don’t want shippers as part of the fandom anyone.  What they don’t want is fans who spread hate.
If the ES don’t want people to criticize their behavior or make fun of them then they need to stop acting in ways that deserve criticism and mocking.  Stop thinking of yourselves as victims who are being persecuted for ‘normal’ behavior and realize that your behavior IS NOT NORMAL.  Hate and spreading hate is not normal or acceptable.