abbey's birthday!


Happy Birthday Dame Penelope Wilton!

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My characters shall have, after a little bit of trouble, all that they desire.

Beatles Related Asks

(feel free to add more)

The Beatles: what’re your favourite blogs?

John: who’s your favourite artist (musical or not)?

Paul: where’s your favourite location?

George: what’s your favourite food?

Ringo: what’s your favourite thing to wear?

Apple: what’s your favourite pass time/hobby?

Cavern: where did you grow up?

Guitar: are you left/right handed, or ambidextrous?

Paris: do you have a significant other?

Shea: have you been to any concerts?

Mop top: your worst fashion choice?

Liverpool: have you ever been on holiday?

Abbey: when’s your birthday?

Brian: have you lost anyone close to you?

Sixties: have you got a lucky number?

Boots: what’s your fashion “clique”?

USA: ever been banned/kicked out of somewhere?

Nose: your favourite feature?

Fan club: who is your OTP?

Linda: have you ever been in love?

Stuart: have you ever had a serious injury?

Love: what’s your “catch phrase”?

Submarine: do you like the ocean?

Vinyl: favourite album?

Glasses: what’s your favourite tv show?

Shakespeare: what’s your guilty pleasure?

Brunette: what’s your hair colour?

Queen’s birthday celebration …

Husband and wife actors from Downton Abbey will be giving a rare stage performance together.

“I think everyone’s very appreciative and recognises the service that she gives. I mean, 90 years old, with the schedule that she works is just astonishing.

I think there’s a lot of affection for her, so we are thrilled and honoured to be part of the celebration.”

                 – Jim Carter          

You can watch live coverage of the star-studded event, hosted by Ant & Dec, on ITV from 8.35pm on Sunday.


Whoever built my mind needs to redo the wires and find better balance because I’m leaning all over the place. I’m tilted and sideways and so fucked up—this isn’t even half of it.

happy belated birthday, garrison abbey!! ♥