abbey vogler photography

Unfortunately, when we go to RMNP today, a snow storm had rolled in and hardly any of the mountains were visible from anywhere in the park.  We still drove around to look for some kind of shot, but I don’t have the knowledge, skills or gear to get a decent picture in that kind of weather.  However; on the way back, I got this shot out the front window of the car. I thought it was kind of neat!

First trip to Rocky Mountain National Park! I took this picture standing on a frozen Bear Lake.  At the time, it only had about 2 inches of snow, currently, they are reporting over 2 feet! I’d love to go snowshoeing up there sometime!  The view was absolutely stunning.  I can’t image what it would look like on a bright sunny day.  But unfortunately, winter in the heart of the mountains always brings a snow storm.