abbey vogler photography

Unfortunately, when we go to RMNP today, a snow storm had rolled in and hardly any of the mountains were visible from anywhere in the park.  We still drove around to look for some kind of shot, but I don’t have the knowledge, skills or gear to get a decent picture in that kind of weather.  However; on the way back, I got this shot out the front window of the car. I thought it was kind of neat!

After a sketchy hike along a runoff creek, neglecting any “no trespassing signs” you may see along the way, you will come find Graffiti Falls.  Located underneath a bridge just outside of Manitou Springs, the art changes just about every time you visit. The colors are stunning and the waterfall at the far end of the bridge creates a small creek to cool off in. The city; however, is making an attempt to “clean up” this area.  Personally, I don’t think any cleaning up needs to be done.  This place is out of the public’s eye and is a great outlet for creativity. It’s really incredible to see.

First trip to Rocky Mountain National Park! I took this picture standing on a frozen Bear Lake.  At the time, it only had about 2 inches of snow, currently, they are reporting over 2 feet! I’d love to go snowshoeing up there sometime!  The view was absolutely stunning.  I can’t image what it would look like on a bright sunny day.  But unfortunately, winter in the heart of the mountains always brings a snow storm.

This is my favorite place in Colorado Springs; but only on weekday afternoons when no one is around.  The Morrison Formations that rise up out of the ground are so large, they immediately take your breath away. There hasn’t been a single day I’ve gone there when I haven’t seen ambitious rock climbers making their way up the sides of these formations.