abbey the dog

Jimin x reader Small Fight

Summary: Your dog, Abbey, is always the victim when you are mad at Jimin.

Genre: Fluff

You told Jimin that he had to turn off the boiler after finishing using it. But he just forgets every single time. You were so done with his forgetfulness. He would actually burn the house down if he keeps doing it.

“Tell your daddy that if he keeps forgetting to turn off the boiler, he need to buy 10 apartments as a backup.” You told your dag, Abbey. 

Abbey just looked up at you with his dark black eyes, he sat down obediently as if he was accepting your scolding.

“Babe, I’m right next to you. You can talk to me directly. I promise there wouldn’t be a next time.”

“Your daddy is talking bullshit again.” You told Abbey. “You better not pick up his bad habits.”

You didn’t want to eat out to day. You feel like today was a take out day. So you decided to order chicken. 

“I’m calling the chicken place.” You informed Jimin.

“But I want pizza.” He said.

You already pressed in the number of the chicken place.

“Abbey, what do you think is better? Chicken or pizza?” You asked at the innocent dog. 

Abbey turned his head upon hearing his name. He looked at you blankly.

“Abbey said chicken.” You looked at Jimin.

You called the chicken place and ordered.

The three of you were on the bed. You were stroking Abbey’s white fur and massaging his head. Abbey loves it when you do it.

“How was your day?” You cooed Abbey.

“It was amazing.” Jimin used a high-pitched voice to reenact Abbey’s voice.

“What happened to your voice? Are you sick?” You glared at Jimin.

Jimin tried again, this time adding in his satoori. “No I’m not.”

“That’s not his voice. Do it properly.” You said.

Jimin always pretends to be Abbey every time you talk to him. It was how you to do.

This time Jimin used his ‘Abbey’s’ voice. “Ok. Mommy, do you think you should forgive daddy?” Jimin looked at you hopefully.

“Why should I? I’m worried about the house’s safety. Your daddy is definitely going to burn down the house one day.” You tapped Abbey’s nose.

“But daddy is really really sorry. He promise he would remember it the next time he uses the boiler.”

You looked at Abbey for a while.

“Come on babe. Abbey said you should forgive me too.” He gently tugged on your wrist.

“You need 10 house as a backup, and I’m not kidding. I really love this apartment.” You glared at him.

“I promise. No next time.” He pulled you into his arms. “I made a promise with Abbey and I’m not going to break it.”

“Promise?” You stuck out your pinky.

“Promise.” He smiled happily, making his eyes disappearing in thin lines.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

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