abbey of saint walburga

My older sister has thought for a long time that she is called to become a nun.

A couple of years ago, she even left for the Abbey of Saint Walburga (in Virginia Dale, Colorado), where she spent four months of intense discernment. She accomplished becoming Postulant in the Benedictine order within a very short amount of time.

Even though she was thrilled to be there, there was a part of her that cried out in despair. She couldn’t escape the inevitable sadness.

She came home in April, bearing all that she had learned.

To today, she can still tell me something almost every day that inspired her–the stories are always new and brilliant.

Today I went into my room and heard a huge crash. When I came outside, I saw her display of the Abbey shattered across the carpet.

Maybe my English teacher trained me too well,

But can’t that be taken rather symbolically?

After all … It is April.