abbey hope

marcoreyus  asked:

top 5 neyfinha moments abbinch u gotta do it

OH MY GOD YES i’d do this even if u hadn’t said “u gotta do it” tf

1. olympics 2016 bitch i am DECEASED. i will never recover from that ever in my life it’s just never going to heal ever

2. after they won the ucl, neymar was crying on the field and rafinha came over and hugged him and i wanted to DIIEEEEE

3. their audi driving thing they did. i’m still so shook.

4. neymar on the bench is always funny but when he’s with rafinha, you know they’re TALKIN MAD SHIT

5. their instagram banter, like what more would u ever want between best friends u know

+bonus: wherever that picture is where they’re both shirtless and looking down. that one. y’all know Which One.

send me top 5 anything!