abbey curran



HBO, 9 p.m. ET; 6/24/2013

Ron Davis produced and directed this new HBO documentary film, which visits, and gives the history of, the decade-old pageant for children with limitations, organized by Abbey Curran, who was diagnosed at age 2 with cerebral palsy. She went on to compete in the Miss USA pageant, but not before organizing this less restrictive alternative, where every entrant wins something, and self-esteem is the real prize.

-David Bianculli

Watching this HBO doc on former Miss Iowa Abbey Curran, the first woman to compete in the Miss USA Pageant with a disability. Curran has cerebral palsy and has created the Miss You Can Do it Pageant to give a multitude of young girls with disabilities an opportunity to be themselves and be celebrated for that, and not some ridiculous idea of beauty or competition.

I’m typically not a pageant person – far, far from it – but I didn’t even make it through the opening credits before the water works were out in full force.