abbey bominable


14. Which MH character do you think you’d click with?  #Monster High Challange

Probably Abbey. I’m usually easier with boys, but Abby’s personality seems to be pretty chill. Her straightforwardness and practical thinking seem so refreshing to me. Oh my god, these puns weren’t intended at all! I just like to describe things very vivid. ~(^o^)~

This stunningly beautiful doll was repainted by NotOnlyDolls and she sent me the necklace, as well. PuppetLocker made Abbey’s clothing. Both its quality and detail are amazing and I can’t even imagine the amount of work which must have gone into this. I just added a little white tiger charm.

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More more! Catrine x Skelita, Draculaura x Spectra and Jinafire x Abbey. Catelita is super into chalk and will probably draw amazing murals on the pavement. Dractra is gothic and melodramatic, she’s a fan of fainting chairs and poetry. 
Jinice is a sweety but she’s so strong and athletic, she does marble sculpture. 

*whispers* i don’t have a problem

But I do have every Monster High Abbey Bominable doll produced so far, every one of her fashion packs (plus dolls to wear them), every Monster High Minis Abbey produced so far, her plush doll and pet, her vinyl figure, and her bed playset.

Not to mention duplicates of a few for special purposes like her I <3 Fashion release that came with three outfits and her Signature release, which there were two sliiiiiightly different versions of (and of course I had to get one in box too.

So. Anyway. Collection goal achieved.

Hi Rotodisk. I’m a big fan of your Monster High art! I adore your pieces of my favorite ghoul, Abbey, so much that I just had to get it tattooed onto me so that I may look at your gorgeous pin up forever! She’s not done yet and so far only the outline is completed but I’m already in love with it. The tattoo artist is a monster high fan and collector also, she was thrilled to do this piece. I’ve been sure to credit you and direct others to your page when asked about the tattoo and I will continue to do so and credit your work. Much love! -Countess Alyx