*whispers* i don’t have a problem

But I do have every Monster High Abbey Bominable doll produced so far, every one of her fashion packs (plus dolls to wear them), every Monster High Minis Abbey produced so far, her plush doll and pet, her vinyl figure, and her bed playset.

Not to mention duplicates of a few for special purposes like her I <3 Fashion release that came with three outfits and her Signature release, which there were two sliiiiiightly different versions of (and of course I had to get one in box too.

So. Anyway. Collection goal achieved.


Party Ghoul (Venus Mcflytrap, Rochelle Goyle & Abbey Bominable) and Electrified! Collection (Silvi Timberwolf, Ari Hauntington, Draculaura (Basic ghouls) Twyla, Clawdeen Wolf (Deluxe) Frankie Stein and her pet Znap (Light and Sound))