Behind the scene of Vogue photo shoot photographed by Beau Sam (1st and 2nd photo) and the result by Annie Leibovitz (3rd photo)

I love that Beau Sam’s ‘behind the scene’ photo shows us the étoiles that are hidden on the official photo from Leibovitz which are the heavily pregnant Myriam Ould-Braham (!!!), Eleonora Abbagnato, Mathias Heymann, Benjamin Pech, Karl Paquette, Josua Hoffalt, Jeremie Belingard and Emilie Cozette.

Fyi, Annie Leibovitz’ photo shows us (L-R) Herve Moreau, Laetitia Pujol, Alice Renavand, Stephane Bullion, Amandine Albisson, Marie-Agnes Gillot, Aurelie Dupont, Mathieu Ganio and Ludmila Pagliero.

Paris Opera Ballet - Etoiles and corps de ballet

Le défilé du ballet,  September 2015

Etoiles from left to right: Laura Hecquet, Alessio Carbone (Premier danseur),  Alice Renavand, Josua Hoffalt, Myriam Ould-Braham, Karl Paquette, Emilie Cozette, Hervé Moreau, Mathieu Ganio, Laëtitia Pujol,  Benjamin Pech,  Dorothée Gilbert, Mathias Heymann, Eleonora Abbagnato, Stéphane Bullion, Amandine Albisson

© Elena Bauer