I have spoken with Ragna. I have warned her that though she and her group were welcome in the mountain, that Erebor is still growing and working to return to a functional kingdom and that she was disrupting the hard won peace. She said that she did not want to seem ungrateful for our welcome but that she could not stand by while I broke traditions.

I told her that if she and the rest of her group intended to live in Erebor, as I assumed they did, they would have to come to understand that it is unlike their home in the Baraz'abbad. Here, we must work alongside the Men. Even before Smaug came, Erebor and Dale worked and traded together, not as much as we are now, but there was an alliance.

My words did not seem to calm her anger and she asked when I intended to draw the line. How long until I placed a crown upon a Man’s head and named him King of Erebor all in the name of the alliance between us. I informed her that if she or any in her group tried to fight with the Men again, that they would first have to fight me and my kin.

Ragna looked surprised at that and asked if I would really fight alongside Men against other Dwarves. I confirmed that I would, for the sake of my people and peace in our kingdoms. She named me traitor and turned away.

E, claro: já recebi os reclames de quem não consegue interpretar texto.

Mas sim, é provável que eu sempre defenda Nabokov, porque é um de meus autores prediletos e porque reconheço sua importância literária e até social - no que ambienta uma literatura provocativa, revolucionária, grandiosa como poucas - Nabokov foi um mestre, um gênio ímpar. Sou suspeita, mas sempre defenderei os meus. Ingrid Abbade disse, uma vez, que “é impossível falar de Nina sem mencionar Nabokov, tal como é impossível falar de Nabokov sem mencionar Nina”. isso.