It’s not really a ‘how to draw’ guide, but it should at least show you my process of drawing ponies.

1) Basic stick figures to figure out a pose. I don’t typically draw the joints, but I do indicate the direction of the head and also how the tail is gonna fall.

2) Fleshing out the stick figures. I use different colour to indicate different parts (it makes it less confusing later on).

3) Mane/tail. Enough said.

4) Lineart time! I use a colour darker than the character’s manes or fur and set the stabilizer to something high.

5) Base colouring. I duplicate the lineart layer/s and use the bucket fill set to a high tolerance on the bottom layer. It’s quite a lazy thing to do, but it saves me time. It’s important to note this canvas is very large, so bucket fill is more viable here. I also make the background a high-contrast colour to make sure there’s no colouring errors.

6) Adding in a few details.

7) Drawing the eyes. I like to do 'gem eyes’, which are where the pupil of the eye is a colour other than black (usually a much darker version of the iris colour). Also ass a 40% opacity shadow to the top of the sclera.

8) Adding highlights to the iris. I just use an airbrush and also a luminosity layer on top.

9) Adding in cell shading. I figure out where the light source is coming from (in this case, top left), add a layer above the colour layer and make it a clipping group. I then make the clipping group 40% or so opacity (depending on how harsh the light source is) and then draw shadows with pure black.

10) Done!

Oh, and this picture is a gift for Jade since she helped me with my keyboard. c: Why is Aba in this pic? Because Aba licking things is cute dammit!

I’ve been looking for a name for my Pone for a long time, and I’m really bad at it, even with help from various people, and it’s only just occurred to me that asking you lot is an option.

So any name ideas you have can go here, baring in mind that he’s a Electronic-musicpony, whoever sends one I like enough to use gets like, I dunno, a request drawn or something, once I’ve finished this damn blog update.