Old Time Religion | Old Ford, NC

If you travel to the Outer Banks via US-17 passing through Washington, chances are you slip off onto 171 at Old Ford for a shortcut. If so, you’ve probably seen this old church just off 17. I’ve passed it many times before finally stopping for some photos on my most recent trip. 

The old building is in fairly good shape, other than the hole above the door. And someone keeps it mowed and the weeds wacked back from the exterior walls.

The church serves as a neat little landmark when making my drives to the Outer Banks, and I hope it stays that way for years to come. 


explored this gem today, and as we were leaving an old woman approached us and told us it’s history. her brother had built it but before he could finish he was put in prison (she didn’t say why…) but he ended up dying in there. she then felt obligated to guard the home and try to prevent people from stealing her brothers things. so someone cut a hole in the floor and put an area rug over it as a trap to harm the woman and it worked; she fell through to the basement and had to spend 3 months in the hospital. she basically gave up after that. anyways, I’m so glad we met her though. knowing the history of the places I go to makes the experience unforgettable.