I have not gone on a vanilla/sugar first date with a nice guy since the ex. I have been vanilla dating mostly assholes; it is easier this way. So far, only N is the exception. He has this je ne sais quoi which makes him both desirable and undesirable. With N, we blaze hard in the throes of passion but I am not ready for that commitment right now. I fear getting hurt again. For all the talk with regards to abandoning the sugar lifestyle after B, I do miss it. The hunt, the dolling up, the lavish meals, the extravagant gifts and needless to say, the money. Next week I have my first sugar date, in a while, with a nice guy. I hope he will be SD #2.


Driving through Ponce, Puerto Rico, my friend and I came across an old, abandoned sugar mill. A man saw us walking around the building and offered to show us inside. We saw a lot of dusty, old typewriters, photographs, telephones, books, even a piano, exactly how they were many years ago. This man had been working for the company for 30 years before they closed down and now he’s trying to collect all the relics into a museum, but he’s doing it without anyone’s help. He says no one has interest in history any more so he goes there by himself every day and cleans up a part of the building. People like him make my heart sing.

So, as my first post I would like to present you Castle of Princess of Oldenburg, located in the small village of Ramon’ in Russia. I have visited it during my trip to Russia. Sadly it is open for public only once a month or so, so I have found some local guy and he showed me the hole in the fence. This castle is a magnificent building not only from outside! 

Husband of this princess was a doctor, who helped dwellers from all nearby villages. So, inside, in the basement was his laboratory; and a tower was an incredibly big library with huge wooden eye carved on the ceiling…I just can’t find words to express how excited I was when saw it.

And on the last picture - abandoned sugar production factory. It also was owned by the family of Oldenburg’s Princess. Sugar and confectionery produced there were distributed across whole Russian Empire of 19th century. 

Sadly, we were unable to get in there that day. Now I hope to travel there once again and fully explore it! 

I sure hoped you picked wisely when you chose to walk out from me though? like I even got a choice to walk out of you, you had me left with no choice sugar, not abandoning anybody here, Nope, can’t do.