Domino Sugar Factory - Brooklyn - New York City

There is something so incredibly touching about urban decay.

Sorrow and longing can be traced in the peeling layers and crumbling brick. In warm sunlight, iron oxidation produces.. .continue reading here…


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The Oculus TowerListen up ‘cause I got a real funky concept - Truly it isn’t fair that everybody wants to hide locations to stop vandalism, one way or another these places will either be demolished, entirely forgotten, or found out and maybe eventually unable to even be explored. Every person has the right to see these amazing places, not just those deemed worthy. We are a people together, not segregated, so everyone get off your high horse and share. This is a community of people who enjoy exploring, and yes, you will have a bad apple in the bunch here and there, but it could be worse. Places shouldn’t be vandalized and destroyed but hiding them isn’t going to stop that anyway. I like to think that anyone here at my site isn’t looking at these places thinking, “yeah, I’m gonna go eff that place up”. So, if you know the history of this awesome place please let me know or leave a comment, and if you know the location, let’s get it out there, others deserve to see it to, not just these (very talented) photographers

More —-> http://www.abandonedplaygrounds.com/the-abandoned-mysterious-oculus-tower-of-italy/