abandoned trucks


so last night, I came home about 10:30 just to find this abandoned, unlocked, empty post truck just parked on the side of the road near my house, next to the mouth of the woods. It was super odd because post trucks do not run at night, neither do they just suddenly appear unlocked. Now that’s some @sixpenceee shit

Aesthetics for the Signs
  • Aries- lily scented candles, pink lemonade, the ticking sound of a clock, a psychic’s parlor, strawberry ice cream, finger painting, sun showers
  • Taurus- history lessons, secret doors that lead to an underground trail, falling asleep in class, lemon flavored soda, baggy jeans, old abandon trucks in the forest, shooting stars
  • Gemini- fuzzy blue sweaters, late night phone calls, a lazy cat sleeping in the sun, Saturday morning cartoons, raspberry sorbet, unscented candles
  • Cancer- straw hats, stick-on planets, picking blueberries, canned peaches, creaky staircases, walking in mud without shoes, swimming in a river on a hot day
  • Leo- camping out on a beach, dark lips, daydreaming in class, carving your name into a tree, a warm hug from your mom, spending way to much time with friends
  • Virgo- thin rimmed glasses, new books, canoeing in a lake, clear skies, freshly made banana bread, old letters from your grandma
  • Libra- waking up early, mermaid dreams, a butterfly farm, the smell of honeysuckle, chamomile tea with honey, playing dress up with your younger sister
  • Scorpio- an art studio, old train tickets, homemade peanut butter cookies, jumping on a trampoline, a love letter, messy buns, peeling an orange
  • Sagittarius- international flights, waking up and forgetting where you are, a loving mother, teaching your younger sibling how to tie their shoe laces, a cool breeze on a warm day, turtlenecks
  • Capricorn- sitting in the front seat, worn out ballet shoes, National Geographic magazines, an old record player, jumping in puddles, cherry vanilla ice cream
  • Aquarius- a flower shop, someone playing guitar in the subway, knee high socks, an empty house, getting caught in a downpour, long days at the beach, hour-long showers
  • Pisces- an english garden, a rainy day, bakery fresh cheese danishes, long train rides, a fawn running through a forest, pale skin, the sound of a violin