abandoned truck stop

ok but consider magical schools in california:

- sea side schools being carved into rocky cliffs in the north and being at the pier heads in the south
- historically hispanic schools based around brujería
- spells being derived from french, spanish, english, chinese, vietnamese, filipino, japanese, native, and scandinavian witches
- the Los Angeles School of Wizardry (LASW?) being accessible through the metro ‘pink’ line which runs all day but is only accessed by a charmed TAP card
- LASW students having a deep tradition of charming murals around LA to move or sing
- witches and wizards performing on busy streets in LA and hollywood
-enchanted clothes that always fit the way you want
- north california witches and wizards using the marine layer to hide their schools
- northern schools also being hidden by the MASSIVE redwoods and include the vast ecosystems that come with them
- bigfoot and river sirens being humor mascots
- BANANA SLUGS (they’re not cryptids but they might as well be)
- coastal schools having their own groups of mermaids that adapt to their shore environment
-kelp forest mermaids, coastal wetland mermaids, rocky shore mermaids
- coastal schools having outrigger canoe teams, surf teams, and open water teams
- wizards performing acts at venice beach on the weekends
- student wizards and witches pranking each other by giving ridiculous moving tanlines
- mojave wizarding schools being disguised as abandoned theme parks and truck stops but really being gorgeous castles that howl with the winds at night
- other mojave schools being carved into mountainsides with abandoned mine shafts as their entrances
-teachers and students always being weary of first years going riding during full moons when the sky is bright and the wind is quiet
- first years always disappear around those times and never manage to come back, some say they get full moon sickness and never come out of the trance
- mojave schools using buggies and quads to get around
- desert wizards covered head to toe in winter with only their riding goggles showing but wearing only shorts and tanks with dust masks in the summer
- mountain wizard schools who dominate at quidditch because they train in the thin air
- mountain wizards having ski goggle tan lines from staying too long on the slopes
- mountain wizards lowkey being behind bigfoot legends because they have first years put on costumes to try and scare tourist campers
- all the regional schools teaming up every year to have a festival together where they compete at quidditch and lacrosse and celebrate
- the festival being disguised as a big summer fair that no-majs can really never find the dates for
- the destination for the festival being decided by that year’s quidditch champions

(that got really long really fast but there’s so much more that i skipped over)


Southern NJ is full of strange abandoned places that I’ve spent a ton of my life exploring and trying to find beauty in the ways nature creeps back into places humans have left to decay. Today I revised one of my old teenage haunts- a huge abandoned truck stop that once had a gas station, motel and diner but is now a completely destroyed place in the middle of nowhere. Got into so many shenanigans here as a teen but today I went back with some friends to take some photos and look for bones. I got some pictures in the abandoned 50’s style diner and found two awesome skulls! The tiniest deer I’ve ever found and also the biggest skull I’ve ever found- a cow I believe? A rare thing to randomly find around here! A good day!