abandoned towers


They don’t see my face any more, only hands that hold out coin to them.
                                  The faceless king. So be it…

Moments of Love

As inspired by this picture from the absolutely wonderful @meldy-arts, it’s another Sabezra story from me.  Sorry to my followers who may dislike this paring.

To Ezra Bridger, the common room was home.  

Perhaps it was an odd statement, since home could take on many meanings.  Home might be the long-destroyed house of his childhood, the dust-stormed streets of Capital City or the abandoned coms tower of his late childhood.  Home could be The Ghost, where he learnt how to be kind again or perhaps Atollon, where he discovered so much about himself – both bad and good.  The Starbird was home, his and Sabine’s, these days – their own ship, though they still used Spector 5 and Spector 6 as code names often.

But The Starbird’s common room was home, more so than anywhere else.

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dragon au!Midorikawa
a plant/nature-y elemental. might have some celestial blood in him. he’s the reason why burnt down forests grow back overnight most likely. also the cause of new flowers being found. scared of humans. lives in some abandoned tower where his book collection is. has too many books but not enough. the tower is covered in plant life. a dragon that means no harm.