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The I.M. Cooling Tower is part of an abandoned power plant located in the south of Belgium. While in use, the tower cooled incoming hot water by using wind. The wind would enter the opening at the bottom of the tower and rise up, cooling the hot water. The air would then become warm and leave the tower. During its prime, the I.M. Cooling Tower could cool up to 480,000 gallons of water per minute.

This was actually one of the first places I visited when I started this addiction :-) Back then I knew virtually nothing about photography, so the photos I made were quite horrible… I always wanted to go back there and a couple of weeks ago, I finally did. This remains one of the most impressive construction I’ve visited. I hope you enjoy…

Paris - Isaac Lahey

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Requested: Issac lahey based off the song Paris by the chain smokers

Summary: (Y/N) takes Isaac to ‘Paris’ when she sees his bruises. They then build a relationship and Isaac surprises her. 

Side note: So I did some researching about what the song actually meant and the band released that ‘Paris’ was symbolic for searching for something that isnt real and hiding from the truth of what one’s life is. They say: "Paris is a metaphor for that place u go to where everything’s ok. It’s subjective. It’s where those who don’t understand u don’t exist.“ so that was my inspiration for this imagine. (tl;dr: ‘Paris isn’t a physical but more so a mental place.)

I slammed my locker shut and huffed loudly. 

“You okay?” I heard a sweet voice from behind me. I turn around to see a tall guy with blue eyes and curly hair.

“Oh, yeah sorry. Long day and I still have Mr. Harris’ class to go.” I rolled my eyes and giggled awkwardly. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around? Are you new?” 

“Yeah, I am. Also, I have him now too so if you’d like I can walk you to class.” He smiles charmingly. I smile and nod. “I’m Isaac by the way.”

“(Y/N)” I smile back at him. 

We walk out of Mr. Harris’ classes laughing. “So I guess I’ll see you tonight to work on the project? I’ll text you my address.” I wave him goodbye and head home to get ready for tonight. 

I had put on some music softly in the living room and a couple of bowls of food out. I was studying on the coffee table when I heard a knock on my door. 

“Hey” I smiled widely at Isaac as I open the door. I lead him to the living room where he sits on the couch. “Do you want a drink?” 

“Nah I’m good thanks” He says monotone. I look at him confused but just went off and got myself a water. We start working on the project when I get back and something seems really off. Isaac wasn’t laughing at anything I had said or wasn’t cracking any jokes like he was earlier in the day. I decided just to leave it alone until he reached out to finally grab a chip out of the bowl where I saw his sleeve pull back and a large cut surrounded by a purple-black bruise had formed. I gasped out of surprise and Isaac noticed what I was looking at and he quickly pulled his arm back to his chest. He quickly stood up and grabbed his books ready to leave until I stepped in front of him. 

“Stop, Isaac. Talk to me. What’s going on?” I asked worried.

“Nothing.” He says with his head looking down at the ground. 

“Isaac…” I whisper and grab a hold of his arm. I pull up his sleeve and see his arm is filled with bruises. I look up at him to see that he’s holding back tears. I engulf him in a hug and he starts crying. I feel his grip tighten agains me until he winces and I let go not wanting him to hurt anymore. 

“Here, come with me. I want to take you somewhere” I say and hold his hand taking him to my car and then driving towards the forrest. 

We had been walking for 10 minutes and Isaac had kept asking where we were going. Finally, we stumbled upon an abandoned tower. 

“This place used to be a lookout tower but I guess people just stopped coming and now its been forgotten.” I say to him as we climb the stairs. Once we reach the top Isaac looks around and looks confused when he sees a small box in the side of the room. I open it and pull out 2 blankets. I sit on the ground of the tower looking out at the lights and pat the spot next to me for Isaac to sit. He settles next to me and pulls the second blanket over him. We sat in a peaceful silence for a few minutes. 

“I call it Paris.” I mumble.


“This tower; Paris. Because it’s just a place I feel that I can go and just be free. Free of those that hurt me, those that stress me, anything. Even my own worries. Everything just feels so… surreal here.” I smile as I look at the lights before resting my head on Isaac’s shoulder. “If you ever need then you can come here and just… escape.”

“Thanks, (Y/N).” I can hear the smile in his voice. 

Over the next few months Isaac and I had gotten closer and closer. I consolidated him through his dad’s death and his new found powers. Every few weeks we’d meet at ‘Paris’ to tell one another how we were feeling. Eventually, our friendship led to something more and we were in the stage where we both felt something for one another but we hadn’t made anything official. Isaac and I had shared secret kisses and hugs. We were there for one another and closer to each other then we ever had been with anyone else. 

I heard footsteps coming up the tower and turned back to see Isaac climbing the stairs into ‘Paris’. I turned back around and stared at the view as he sat next to me. He told me about his day and I told him about mine until he really sparked interest in me. 

“I have a surprise for you.” He says cheekily as he reaches into his pocket. He pulls out 2 pieces of paper and I grabbed one and looked closer at what it was. 

“Oh my god.” I whisper and then squeal and jump onto his lap hugging him. “We’re going to Paris!” 

“The real deal” He chuckles and hugs me back. “Although,” He says and unwraps my arms from around his neck and brought them to by lap while still holding them. “It’s one way. So… you don’t have to come with me. But recently I just realised that I need to get out of here. After Allison and everything I just…”


“Yes?” His eyes lighten up.

“Yes!” I squeal. “I don’t think there’s anything better than being with my favourite person in my favourite place.” I giggle. 

“Then we leave next week.” He smiles and we hug. Before we left I turned back and looked around my ‘temporary Paris’. I smile softly, mentally thanking the tower for all it had given me and Isaac and then follow Isaac down the stairs. 


it’s gaudí time

I Don’t Think I’m His Type

Bucky x Reader Oneshot

Summary – Bucky keeps asking you out, but the dates never quite go the way he plans them.  He’s finally forced to take drastic measures.

Warnings – Fluff and angst

Word Count – 1,541

Notes – I got this idea from @justforabuck.  Thanks so much, my dear!  I feel like after I Hate My Job, we all need a little fluffy Bucky as a salve to soothe our wounds!  (I know I do!)  I hope you enjoy!  As always, please feel free to leave comments or reblog, it’s always appreciated.


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Bucky looked a bit nervous as he approached you in the common room.  You were curled up on the couch with a blanket, surfing through Netflix for something to watch.

“Hey, (Y/N),” he began. “I was wondering if you might like to go bowling this evening.”

“I haven’t been bowling in ages!” you replied.  “I’d love to! Let me go get changed.”

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so i just noticed that a while back you mentioned parker and his grandma go on hikes together every weekend and please tell me they don't hike in The Forest because i am concerned...

Oh my gosh. Good question. Funny thing is, they do. Malek and his family used to go hiking there as well. It’s. Um. Well. It’s an oddity, really, because the Forest is something of a decommissioned national park. It still has eerie abandoned watch towers Malek used to play in as a kid. Poppy and Dallas don’t dare go camping there without Malek, It’s easy to get lost in the forest, Dallas’ dyscalculia makes remembering directions and navigating HARD, and Malek always serves as their guide anyway. He knows the forest like the back of his hand. After all, his mom..
Anyway, the towers.
They serve as landmarks for some. Some parts of the Forest are off limits. Dallas and the other kids trespass there to have Good Old Fun. There are also abandoned mines nearby and Dallas and his class often try to go deep in as possible. Willow Grove, class of ‘98 had an ongoing rumor that a bunch of graduating kids got stuck in that mine and were never rescued because the police force thought there were toxic fumes in there and refused to send in help. Parker’s grandma swears she could hear those kids when they pass by. Or maybe she was just trying to scare Parker.
“The only things in the forest are bears, baby.” She’d laugh. Or maybe she was just trying to ease Parker’s discomfort. It was easy to get lost in the forest.

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Hi, I can't find this fic, it's where Dan is a bad boy who is rumoured to have made out with a bunch of people, but he has never even kissed anyone so one of his friends tells him to get kissing lessons from Phil. And the kissing lessons happen in a lighthouse if that helps.

Teach Me How To Kiss - Dan is a typical notorious bad boy smoker who couldn’t give a shit about anything. Phil is a quiet librarian nerd who spends too much of his time in an abandoned tower in school. After rumours were spread that Dan had slept with many girls, and his two friends finding about it, Dan’s dirty little secret is exposed.Dan has no idea how to kiss. And what does he do? He gets kissing lessons from Phil.