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Request: Tae scenario? His escape from the idol life is a spot where he takes pictures and he notices a girl there? He wants to talk to her but she’s a foreigner so they have trouble talking

Words: 2K 

Genre: Fluff; drabble

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The I.M. Cooling Tower is part of an abandoned power plant located in the south of Belgium. While in use, the tower cooled incoming hot water by using wind. The wind would enter the opening at the bottom of the tower and rise up, cooling the hot water. The air would then become warm and leave the tower. During its prime, the I.M. Cooling Tower could cool up to 480,000 gallons of water per minute.

This was actually one of the first places I visited when I started this addiction :-) Back then I knew virtually nothing about photography, so the photos I made were quite horrible… I always wanted to go back there and a couple of weeks ago, I finally did. This remains one of the most impressive construction I’ve visited. I hope you enjoy…

knight in distress » jeno

prompt: could i request a scenario with knight!jeno and princess!reader, where reader is headstrong and not wanting to be a “damsel in distress, being waited on to save”, kind of like rapunzel
words: 2217
category: royalty!au, fluff, angst
a/n: wow jeno is just the most precious bun isn’t he

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“So you mean to tell me,” you seethed at your mother, “that I have to sit in this tower until one of our knights finds me?”

You were short for breath, and you couldn’t be sure if it was because of the tight corset your ladies-in-waiting had forced beneath your dress or the amount of anger stirred within your lungs.

There was an old tower built many miles away from your castle. The architects of old had begun to build your family’s castle at this location before they discovered a mile-long field with much more potential for a future kingdom. So there it lay for generations, old and abandoned. Vines crept up the old stone bricks, making their way into the turrets and causing the entire tower to look eerily abandoned. Even you, the princess, had no idea that there was an actual room in the tower.

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The Man in the Tower Part One (bucky x reader)

Summary: Bucky escapes his handlers and runs through a forest, finding safety in an abandoned tower. What happens when a town girl finds him? Can he trust her enough to finally set foot on ground level again?

Word Count: 1.3K

Warnings: mentions of abuse/torture, swearing, imprisonment

Feedback is wanted. Please leave a comment.

The Man in the Tower Masterlist

Bucky ran. He ran as fast as his toned legs would carry him. He’d been running nearly nonstop away from his handlers back at what was once his home. His numbs were numb and painful. But he couldn’t stop. He had to keep going. No matter if his legs ripped away from his body. He had to keep running. He’d run forever if it meant he’d be far away from HYDRA and the torture they’d put him through. It was the only thing on his mind.

He’d been on the run from HYDRA. They’d used him as a weapon to kill and rape and murder whomever they’d wished. Bucky became a monster over the last several decades. He was a wanted man. Governments all over the world wanted him dead. Civilians searched high and low for him to gain the monumental reward for his capture. He’s destroyed homes and families without his own consent. He’s hurt too many people to have a clear conscience.

The images of his own hands wrapping around the throats of the innocent as their cries filled the air around him still haunted his dreams whenever he dared to sleep. Hydra had been cruel to him. They tortured him. They bullied him. They broke him into fragments only to glue him back together and break him again and again. But finally, he finally. He was nowhere near safety; thy’d been gaining in distance for a while now. He didn’t know how much longer he would be able to run.

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