abandoned tokyo


This old thing was near my first guesthouse in Shinjuku Ward, not sure if it’s still standing. Though many would consider this an eye sore, I actually find weird stuff like this interesting. I wanna see the inside, but I never saw anyone entering or leaving, and there were never any lights on in the house; so it’s a fair guess that it was left abandoned by whoever owns it. I see demolition of these kinds of houses all the time. I wish more effort would go into preserving old buildings in Tokyo; it’s a unique characteristic about living in Japan, not to mention a great historical reference.

Ochiai-minami-nagasaki, Tokyo Japan, January 2015
Photos by Matt Viveen 📷 LG G2

Yeah but imagine… Everyone can hear Haise scream, but Matsuri orders them all to stay on their own targets and forbids them from abandoning their positions to help Haise… Will anyone but Shirazu and Seiko ever disobey a superior rank just to save this ‘half-ghoul’? Will they just keep fighting and listening to Haise’s screams and shouts but try to ignore it all? 

Will Haise get through this and then think about how literally everyone in CCG abandoned him?