abandoned store front

I wrote a Scriddler thing. It’s kind of long though so I’m not going to be posting all of it. If you do want to read more then I’ll put the second part up as well. 

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So a friend I were talking and we realized that there is a law against magic they seem to use it a lot during Wicked Workd and no one gets in trouble. Is it because they won't rat each other out or it isn't as enforced as everyone believes?


As displayed in my fanfic “Reunions,” the Royal Guard has gotten soft, complacent, and lazy from 20 years of never actually having to enforce any laws nor bring the law down on any crimes worse than a disorderly drunk, a very loud party, or the aftermath of a huge, spontaneous dance number in the middle of the street that causes a giant traffic jam because of all the pedestrians dancing and the people that abandon their store fronts, stalls, and other business around the happy couple.

There was obviously a massive crackdown and awareness campaigns for catching illegal magic use back when that was a problem, but now that the Fae and magicians have either finally given up, or migrated to a Stars-controlled settlement or the more remote regions of Neverland, there’s no need to be as vigilant to suspicious sparks, deliveries of magical reagents, or rather strange “pets” owned by elderly ladies.

Ben is aware that the VKs and some of the AKs are using magic, but he doesn’t share the same Draconian tendencies as his father Beast, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see if a future plot point is him rescinding the magic ban.

The rest of them seem to follow a code of honour where they don’t rat each other out until the situation gets too dire, or they will do their damndest to solve it by themselves, as to not bring down the wrath of the grown-ups.

I’d imagine Auradon has a very strict “if you don’t stop it, you’re complacent” philosophy that ironically encourages kids NOT to report mischief, and handle it themselves because the adults will chew them out if they do.

i had a dream that genesis p-orridge invited me & bunch of people over to an abandoned store front to hang out and drink blood after a nine inch nails concert


Phillip had been having the best year, probably in his life. He had a boyfriend he loved, more than anything in the world, his friends where being much more understanding than he had expected and his grades in his classes were the best they’d ever been. He had confidence in himself which wasn’t something he’d ever had before. 

He wanted to do something special for the man in his life though. Beau wasn’t one for outlandish gestures or overt displays of affection, but Phillip wanted to go on a date. A real date with his boyfriend and he was going to get Beau to go, if he had to drag his boy out of the castle kicking and screaming. He would too. In front of everyone no less. 

He had it all set up, though it hadn’t taken much to do. They weren’t staying in the castle. Not even close. In fact, he was taking them across the pond America. They’d talked about traveling a little but this wasn’t just for traveling. This was a date and Phillip had the ability to shower Beau with everything. There was a little wizard pub in New York City that Phillip had fallen in love with when he’d been there before. It was right in the middle of the city, in, to the muggle eye an abandoned store front, but it was exactly what he wanted. he could take him to high end restaurants, but that didn’t actually feel like Beau and it really wasn’t Phillip. 

He wore a pair of black slacks and a dark blue button up shirt with his leather jacket and made his way through the school to Beau’s room. People were used to seeing Phillip in Shanghai by now but it didn’t stop him from getting looks. He would always get them, he was sure. 

He reached Beau’s door and raised his hand to knock but paused. He could hear Beau inside, Cogsworth coaxing him into wearing something nice. Phillip has let Cogsworth in on his plan and asked him to help him get Beau ready. He chuckled at the frustrated sigh he heard from both of them. He loved both of them. Finally he knocked on the door and stood back for one of the to frustrated men to answer.