abandoned stadiums


Words: 5,087 (whoa…)
Sam x Reader
Warnings: language, mild violence, some creepy imagery
Summary: Sam and Dean meet with Crowley to discuss Rowena and your condition, when a distressing situation only becomes worse.
A/N: It’s happening! PART 15, BITCHES! Hope you enjoy!
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”No, no, no! You idiot! What do I even keep you around for? Those cells were due for their de-fleshing yesterday. Now we’re going to have to—“

Bzzzz. Bzzzz. Bzzz.

Crowley pulled his phone from the pocket of his suit coat, shifting a little in his throne chair. The room fell silent as he glanced down at the incoming call.

”Bollocks… Alright! Everyone out!” A few demons shuffled towards the door. “GET OUT!” Crowley roared. “I shouldn’t have to bloody say it more than once!” The heavy iron door swung closed in finality and Crowley answered the call.

”Hello, boys.”

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abandoned stadium in Chiatura (Georgia) … 09-2016

This is me, getting over you -
roses and sorrows and ohms.

And this is me, dating him -
in Philadelphia and in bedrooms
and in questioning if I could
choose for him to be The One
even though he let his friend with
the curly hair kiss me on
New Years Eve after I smoked
my first ever clove cigarette.

This is me, loving him in a way.
Probably for the way
he would never hurt my heart.
Not the way you could.
But it’s honest when I say
I loved those hours -

kissing in an abandoned
football stadium with bare feet
in astroturf. Bickering
about which guide books
we should buy for Morocco
and Portugal and Brazil. All the
while holding hands. Reveling in
how beautiful we look together.

But then there is me,
looking at him,
and never seeing you -

writing poetry about his
jawline and his stubble and
the way he begged me to
love him the way I loved you -

consumingly -

irresponsibly -

and then you.
Reading it all.

No roses, no sorrows, no ohms.
Only how I loved those hours.
Only how I loved those hours
so much I needed you to know.

—  roses and ohms
Meeting Harry (One Direction Harry Visual Imagine)

You had just finished taking a shower, now beginning to throw on your very thought-out, planned apparel for the night. Your phone makes an annoying buzzing noise on your dresser. You go to your dresserr and grab it to then see your bestfriend calling. You answer the phone with a sigh by putting it on speaker so you can finish putting the rest of your clothing on.

“Hey, are you ready?” she asks in an overly-excited voice.

“No, um, I actually just got out of the shower. I need to apply makeup and I then I will be finally ready. So we can go get some coffee or something before the concert.” You say while struggling to put your boots on.

“Um, yea, about that..”

“Y/BFF/N What’s wrong? Please don’t tell me that you can’t pick me up! You know I can’t drive!” You say while going to your bathroom to apply your makeup and brush your hair. You bring your phone to the bathroom.

“Something came up!” She replies.

“What  am I supposed to do Y/BFF/N? My parents can’t drive me, and neither can anyone I know now.” You finish your mascara and you move on to brushing your hair.

“You’ll come up with something! You always do!” She says in a reasurring, calmful voice. Your nerves then lower to happier state. You finish your hair and makeup and look in the mirror. Sort of loving what you see.

“Fine. But your so going to pay me back for this." 

"I will, I will.” She calmly laughs. 

“Bye.” You sigh.

“Bye.” She hangs up and you continue to look in the mirror. Your eyebrows furrowing as you try to think of what your going to do in order to get there. You grab your backpack and walk outside. You walk over to your garage and see your bike. You roll your eyes and jump on, putting your phone in your jacket’s pocket so you can listen to music. You begin to drive knowing exactly where your going because you’ve been to the stadium many times. 


You stop by a coffee shop to get something to drink and also somewhere to hangout before the concert. The concert starts in a good 3 more hours so you don’t want to arrive just yet. You walk into the coffee shop and go into the nonexisting line. You give the cashier your order but he furrows his eyebrows at you.

“No ordering and no entering, did you not see the sign outside? I thought I told you girls to leave the shop or I would call the police.” The cashier rudefully comments. A voice coming from the back of the shop then startles you.

“Hey, that’s no way to treat a lady. She can stay. She didn’t know.” The voice was familiar. You turn around and see a curly-haired man sitting down smiling at you.

You did wonder why the coffee shop looked so empty considering the town you lived in. Harry Styles was here. You can’t help but smile back. You then look at the cashier and smirk.

“Yea, that is no way to treat a lady.” You hear a muffled chuckle coming from the back of the shop. “May I please get a capuccino to go?” He nods and apologizes to you. You nod back at him.

You walk to a table not that far away from Harry to wait. You hold your backpack tight not knowing what to do. Your awkwardness trait pushing through you.

“So, where are you on your way to?” You hear a deep voice say at the back of you. He holds the chair next to you and says, “May I sit here?” You nod happily.

“I was actually on the way to the Stray Stadium. Where your band is performing.” You smile looking down at the table. 

He smirks. “Is that so?” He then licks his lips, then slouching into his chair.

He rubs his thumb against his bottom lip as you notice he ever-so-quickly checks you out.

“Yea, I actu-”

“Your order is ready mam.” You gesture a ‘hold on one second’ sign to him as you walk to claim your order. 

“That will be 3.63” He says while you go into your backpack muffling for your wallet. You feel a warm hand on your shoulder startle you. 

“I got it love.” He hands the cashier his card. He smiles at you and you put your things back in your purse. 

“Thank you. You didn’t have to do that." 

"It was my honest pleasure.” He licked his lips once again. You noticed that he licks his lips alot but only when he was looking at you up and down. You found yourself looking at his lips instead picking up your drink. He’s also looking at yours as you notice. You sigh out of your daydream and grab your drink, thanking him once again while beginning to walk out of the coffee shop. You walk into the door and laugh at yourself. He softly chuckles and you exit the coffee shop to then see an empty space that shouldn’t be. Your bike was gone. You roll your eyes and sigh, putting your hand to your forehead. Harry then ever-so-coincedentally walks out of the shop with his sunglasses and coat on. "Are you waiting for a cab love?“ 

You laugh nervously, "Nope, my bike got stolen so actually wait I guess I am waiting for a cab.” You sigh and rub your forehead.

“I can always take you. I mean, were headed to the same place anyway.” You furrow your eyebrows and look up at him. His comforting smile bringing slight warmth to you.


“Really. I’d actually take much joy in getting to know you a bit.” He takes off his sunglasses looking into your eyes licking his lips once again. “Yea?”

You sigh and look away, knowing what your about to get yourself into. You shrug off the worried side of you and decide to go along with him. You look to him and give him a reasurring smile and nod and you then are greeted by happy smile that warms your heart instantly.

He takes your hand and guides you to his car. He opens the door for you and you step in placing your backpack on the car floor. He goes around and gets in his place then smiling at you.

“Wow, for it being August it sure is cold here.” He laughs while rubbing his palms together. You laugh along feeling slightly carefree and happy. 

“You have a wonderful smile.” He looks at you and your smile grows bigger. You laugh and he then starts the engine. 

“So, you want to tell me your name love?” You jokingly make a thinking face to annoy him. He shakes his head smiling.

“I’m just kidding, my name is Y/N." 

"That’s a pretty name. I’m Harry.” He smiles at you laughing slightly.

“What kind of music do you like?” He asks, slowly turning up the heater in his car. He then grabs your cold hand and his eyebrows furrow. “Your freezing Y/N, are you cold I’ll turn up the heater a bit more." 

"I’m fine, honestly.” You smile. You notice he leaves his hand on yours while driving and you can’t help but smile to yourself. You then remember his question earlier and reply. “I’m one to like all types of music actually. I’m more drawn to music’s lyrics then its instrumental. So if a song has great lyrics its a song that I can bear listening to. My favorite genre at the moment I guess would have to be pop/alternative music." 

"Wow, your actually a girl of many mysteries Y/N.” He replies to you. “Do you like any The 1975?”

“Love them, their music has meaning and their well-written and played." 

"Their actually one of my favorite bands to be honest. All their songs to me are great and well-thought.” He excitedly says looking at you on and off while driving.

“They do have great music.” You smile and look down at both of your hands still touching. You feel his thumb grazing over your hand, you do the same to his.


The drive was full of conversation, alot of singing, and a whole lot of smirking, laughing, and flirting. You both arrived at the stadium and he parked in an spot you never heard of or seen. Even after all your years of coming here you still had never heard of the spot but you just went along with it. He stopped the car and opened the door for you to then walk into the what seemed like an abandoned door into the stadium. He held your hand while walking in and led you up the stairs into what seemed like the backstage of the concert stadium.

“So, Y/N, I actually have got about an hour and a half before I have to go, mind keeping me company while I your here?” He said smiling widely.

“No, not at all.” You laughed. He laughed along.


When he was finding his apparel for the night, you two played dressup with his clothes laughing like there was no tomorrow. The clothes in the dressing room for him looked so uneeded so you guys decided to have fun with the clothing. You also spent half an hour playing with his hair acting like you were a french hairdresser making him laugh histerically.

“I must zmake youz look magnefique! Well, what you have here is completely disastrous!” You said trying to pull off your best french accent. You both laughed so hard. Before you both knew it, it was a couple of minutes until his performance. 

“Oh, um, come with me quick!” He quickly grabbed your hand and rushed you to a seat where you could you see the stage almost too clearly. Also, the whole area where you were was empty. It must’ve been for staff members or something only. “You can see us perfectly from here.” he sighed sitting next to you. “I’ll be right back I promise. When the concert break comes I’m heading straight here.” You laughed and nodded, and he headed off to stage and began to entertain the fans. 


The concert was perfect and you sang along to the words as the crowd did. Harry did fulfill his promise and came back to you during his short break time. You two talked about how great the concert was going so far. He held your hands while talking to you trying to warm you up since the stadium was bit cold. His eyes looked into yours and he sighed.

You did the same. It seemed almost as if he were about to lean in to you before you both heard a buzzing in his pocket signifying he had to be downstairs immediately. He kissed your hand and promised to be back again. He quickly waved and smiled and you did same.


Soon, the concer was over and you couldn’t have had not loved every moment of it. You jumped up and down and sang along to the upbeat ones, while sitting down and and singing along the slow ones. He came up to you once again and this time he was a bit sweaty. You laughed.

“Sorry I’m all sweaty and stinky.” He looked down and licked his lips.

“No, it’s fine. If it makes you feel any better I think sweat makes a man more manly.” You laughed and he chuckled.

“Your something else.” He bit his lip and looked into your eyes, you smirked and stared into his.

He grabbed your cheek and leaned into you, pausing and taking a brief moment to acknowledge you before kissing you.

The anticipation killed you so you rested your hands on his cheeks, pursing your lips. He hungrily sighed and kissed you. His teeth tugging at your bottom lip for entrance and you opening happily. Your tongues explored eachother and his hands then traveled down to your hips.

Your hands stills on his cheeks as you both kissed. You both gently pulled back before giving small kiss once more.

“I have been waiting to do that all night.” He exhaled. You both laughed.

“Me too.” You chuckled. 

“Y/N, I really like you. Your,” he sighed and looked down at the ground before continuing, his hands muffling through his hair as he spoke, “your, amazing Y/N.” You smiled and you bit your bottom lip softly. “Would you possibly like to get some dinner sometime or lunch?” He sort of nervously said. You smiled noticing that he now being the nervous one and you the confident one, completely opposite from the afternoon in the coffee shop.

“I would love to.” You smiled. He chuckled and kissed you once again.

“Now, what do you say we get out of here and go to that coffee shop? I’m cold and I need some warming up.” He convincably asked.

“Me too, let’s go.” He smiled and took your hand in his, walking you to his car, and leading you into to a very fun, histerical night.

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