abandoned shops

lets just turn abandoned shopping malls into affordable apartments and keep the food courts and comfy palm trees and fountains and places to sit that’d be real nice

Print Shop

After being stuck in an art slump for several weeks, the new season 3 trailers and material finally inspired me to do something creative. I absolutely adore how intricate and elegant the print shop sign is and after seeing all the pictures from the awesome SDCC booth, I decided I needed it on a shirt. The design is hand painted with Tulip fabric paints.

Unsuccessful Impersonations

Context:  Minotaur barbarian, avian monk, and enlightened black pudding (weird group, I know) trying to liberate a goblin occupied town.  They arrive, lots more goblins than expected, try to hide in an abandoned shop. 

DM:  You hear the goblins approach, roll hides.

Avian and black pudding:  Success

Minotaur:  Nat 3

DM:  Goblins enter, they see your head under the stairs, Minotaur.

Minotaur:  Uhhh…. moo?

Date a cryptid with a body of wax under her lace skin. She smell like dust and old candles, and look beautiful in her vintage yellow dress. She lives in the abandoned thrift shop next to your house, and if peek inside at night you may see her dancing alone with the music from an old record player. Dance with her.

Snake skin

•I have a feeling I’m going to be obsessed with this multi chapter, if you guys like it let me know and I’ll for sure continue it!•

24, he was 24 today. It wasn’t much of a calendar year but hey, atleast he wasn’t ten feet underground. It was something.

Jughead Jones buried himself deeper into the grungy, beat down booth at The Snake Pen Bar. Gripping the worn out paper back in his fists, he let himself get lost in his own thoughts.

This is not where he thought he would be at 24, he had had dreams, ambitions, he had been so determined to make it out of Riverdale that he ended up smack dab in the middle of the very same town. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his hometown, Riverdale was everything to him, more or less the fact that he was sitting in a gang members bar wearing his fathers old leather jacket and currently sporting the scruff of a man who hadn’t shaved in weeks.

He had turned into his father.

Jughead was one of the most prominent members of the Southside Serpents, he had risen with the ranks and was now one of the top gang leaders, it was an accomplishment that held very little weight. He was supposed to be an author writing novels, writing scripts, but instead he was facilitating drug deals and running his fathers abandoned mechanics shop. The last part wasn’t so bad, he enjoyed fixing up cars and bikes. The thought struck something deep in his chest and he shuddered.

The girl who had taught him everything he knew, hot summer nights knee deep in some run down Toyota, long blonde ponytails brushing his shoulders as she stood behind him, her tiny hand covering the wrench in his. Jughead shut his eyes tighter, banishing the painful thoughts.

Suddenly he was pulled from his personal bubble by the arrival of five older man, the Original Serpents. Throwing his novel on the metal table, Jughead stood up to join the clearly agitated men.

“What’s the matter?” He asked evenly, it was best to not get these men angry, as much as they respected their own, they were still dangerous.

Viper stood behind the bar, drawing the attention of the few Serpents who were scattered amongst the place, they came forward and leaned closer, listening intently to whatever the boss had to say.

The bulky old man took a deep breath

“As many of you know, one of our own was locked away today, he and his wife will be serving fifteen to twenty in max. The reason they’re there is because…” he looked down angrily “they’ve been mistreatin’ their boy for a long time now. Hurt him real bad. Right under our noses.”

There was murmuring and cursing heard throughout the entire bar, Jughead fists clenched angrily. Noah Reyes was the sweetest little boy in the world, he was usually found playing under a bar table or wandering the streets with his stuffed teddy bear. He should’ve known, he should’ve seen how neglectful the Reyes were, but he was selfish and too concerned with his own issues.

“Anyway” viper continued “ we went down to social services today to see if we could take the boy, figured we’ve gotta be able to foster him, but no. Of course not.”

Jughead swallowed thickly, his foster family had been great, they took care of him but he had never been able to get over his abandonment issues, he prayed Noah wouldn’t be in the same boat.

“The kid was already taken in, it usually doesn’t work that fast. So I questioned it, who the hell would take in some Southside toddler without being briefed?” Everyone nodded in agreement, it was odd.

“Well turns out its some north sider, someone from that side of riverdale took him in no questions asked, that’s a little suspicious to me. I figure it’s time we pay her a visit, make sure she’s taking care of our little snake.”

Jughead stomach clenched, who had stuck around? No one he knew would just take someone into their home, no one from that side no…

“What was the name?” He asked abruptly, taking everyone back, Jughead rarely ever spoke in meetings.

Viper looked at him curiously
“What?” He asked

“What was the name? Of the person who took the boy in?” He bit out.

Viper shrugged his shoulders

“Elizabeth Cooper.”


It’s four in the morning, but honestly I’ve fallen victim to my trash pairing (Trikey!) and I am no longer in control of my life, so here are some facts about Trevor. It is a mix of good, bad, and neutral. If you think I should do more about Trevor or another character, message me or leave me an ask.

• Trevor thinks that weed is a childish and weak drug.

• Trevor is bisexual. Through texts he comes close to saying it and shares sexual experiences through stories that have indeed involved a male. As a side note, when Franklin asked Trevor directly if he was gay, Trevor responded with, “No! Yes! Labels are whatever, man.”

• Trevor is a dropout.

• Trevor refers to himself as, “Uncle T”.

• Ron calls Trevor, “Crazy Trevor” to Trevor then calls Ron, “Nervous Ron”.

• Trevor was never accepted by the other children throughout his childhood due to his oddness and constant rage fits.

• Trevor is officially 6'1".

• Trevor is a victim or emotion, verbal, and physical abuse from both parents.

• Trevor has always had rage problems even from a early age. When he was young, Trevor says that he killed many animals and “drifters”.

• Trevor is addicted to Crystal Meth and owns his own drug selling company.

•Trevor has a brother named Ryan who is deceased. Trevor states in a conversation that he wasn’t fond of Ryan and that his death was “accidental”. It is unknown if Trevor killed him, which is very possible, or if his death was truly an accident caused by him or someone else.

• Trevor’s signature color has been confirmed to be orange. Orange reflects on his personality, having traits of amusement and madness.

• In a conversation while hanging with Franklin, Trevor says, “I grew up in five states, two countries, fourteen different homes, eight fathers, three care homes, two correctional facilities, one beautiful, damaged flower of a mother”, and also, “I served time, my country, your country and myself.”

• Trevor’s biological father abandoned him at a shopping mall as a child. Trevor, unknown how many years/months later, burned down the same shopping mall in anger.

• Trevor will hurt himself when he is upset. He mostly will slam his head against a hard object until his head is bloodied and bleeding.

• Trevor almost turned into a professional golf player.

• Trevor was kicked out of the Royal Canadian Air Force because the woman in charge of psychological evaluations saw Trevor as mentally unstable, resulting in Trevor’s discharge and grounding for life.

• Trevor is terrified of clowns and it is implied through his text that he was, in fact, sexually assaulted by a clown at a young age.

• Trevor was planning to only work with Brad and end his and Michael’s robbing partnership not long before Michael faked his death.

• Trevor openly admits that he prefers older women when having a choice.

• Trevor has a very strong urge to be held by another when he is upset or in distress.

• Trevor was also at one point expelled from a school. He claims that if he wasn’t expelled, he would have most likely had a profession in the arts (singer, dancer, writer, actor, etc). He says that he still has something “very big” to tell the world, yet he doesn’t know what it is.

• Trevor gets very defensive when it comes to his accent and being questioned if he is American.

• Trevor, through dialogue when hitting the “insult button” when next to Patricia (he will only say compliments), he tells her that he wants a very strong and confident woman, such as herself.

• Trevor, when it comes to women, wants someone that is as equally strong and crazy as he is. When chasing after Mary Anne, he says, “-It’s a recipe for disaster! That’s why it’s so perfect!”.
As a side note, he will call her “crazy cakes” and ask her to marry him immediately after he confess his love.

• Trevor’s mother, Mrs. Philips, was a prostitute/stripper.

Last prompt for @averca. I’m so sorry this is late! I’m hoping to at least get started on some of the other stuff that’s sitting in my ask box, and hopefully I can post more writing once I get out of school on Thursday. Thank you all for being patient!

Prompt: “You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

“I can’t believe you dragged me here,” Will said as he stared at the building in front of him. It was a squat, brick structure situated in the middle of a large parking lot. It could’ve easily passed for another abandoned shopping center if not for the dark coverings over the windows, the enormous line stretching out the front door, and the sign beside the road that read: MELANCHOLY’S REALM: AMERICA’S MOST TERRIFYING HAUNTED HOUSE!

“C’mon, Will, don’t be such a buzzkill,” Cecil said. “I heard they use real chainsaws at this place. That’s, like, illegal in fifteen states.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in every state,” Will muttered, rolling his eyes. Cecil ignored his comment and joined the end of the line.

“What’s your problem with haunted houses, anyway?” Cecil asked as Will followed him.

Will bit his lip and shifted awkwardly, “They’re just… stupid and cheesy, that’s all. A bunch of halloween bogus to scam suckers out of their money.”

“I’m the one who’s paying for this, why do you have a problem with it?” Cecil said. A look of realization crossed his face, “Wait a minute, you aren’t actually scared, are you?”

Will threw up his hands defensively, “What? No, of course not!”

Cecil smirked, “Whatever you say, Solace.”

After several minutes of waiting, they reached the front of the line. A heavy set asian guy took the wad of cash Cecil forked over and gestured for them to enter.

They pushed through a pair of plain looking doors and found themselves in what looked like an abandoned grocery store. The room had no real walls, instead it was divided by enormous sheets of black plastic hanging from the ceiling that seemed to transform the room into a maze of twisting corridors and cramped rooms. Multi-colored lights played across the space, bathing everything in a medley of acid greens, neon pinks, and electric blues. Clouds of dry-ice smoke covered the floor and permeated the air with a sour odor. Shrieks and giggles echoed throughout the facility.

Will’s gut clenched as Cecil grabbed his arm and pulled him toward a group of several other patrons gathered in a corner. Will peered over the heads of the crowd and spotted a tour guide at the heart of the assembly. The guide was small and had an impish face peeking out from under a curly mop of dark hair. A dangerous spark glittered in his eyes, and his mouth was twisted into a devilish smirk.

“Hello, hello, hello,” The guide said. His eyes scanned the crowd as if he were a cat searching for prey. “Welcome to Melancholy’s Realm, the most terrifying place in America. My name’s Leo, and I am here to take you on a journey to meet the awful spirits that haunt this place.”

While he knew that the speech was hogwash, Will couldn’t help the chill that raced down his spine as he listened to the way Leo’s words seemed to drip with a certain eeriness. His gaze darted to Cecil, who hung on the guide’s every word, transfixed.

“The story of Melancholy’s Realm is an unfortunate one,” Leo continued. “Long ago, there was a hospital that was said to have the cure to any injury or disease one could suffer from. People started hearing about this place of miracles, and soon enough they were arriving by the truckload, begging to be helped. The nurses and doctors did as they promised, and even those with the trickiest illnesses were healed.

“However, strange things began happening to the patients. They would wander out of their beds at night, say things to the doctors that made no sense, and they began having violent mood swings. The doctors did everything they could to solve the problems, but nothing worked. Finally, one night the patients suddenly climbed from their beds and formed a sort of army. They smashed equipment and murdered the workers, and once they were done, they collapsed. Bodies littered every room of the hospital, and even the police were too horrified to enter. Finally, they removed the dead and investigated, but no one ever figured out what happened to the patients. It remains a mystery to this day. But, many say that at night you can hear the screams of the dead patients, telling of their guilt over killing the staff, and how they were transformed into the monsters that destroyed the hospital.”

The story’s end was punctuated by silence from the group, accompanied by far-off cries coming from the opposite end of the room.

Leo cleared his throat, breaking the quiet. “But now, it’s time for us to discover the truth, and venture into the dark depths of Melancholy’s Realm!” He stepped towards the entrance to the labyrinth of black plastic and gestured for the group to follow.

Will moved with everyone else, making sure to stay close to Cecil. His heart thudded in his ears as they made their way through a narrow passage and filed into a room.

The room was tiny, barely large enough to fit the patrons, actors, and props. A hospital bed stood in the center of the space, covered by a white sheet spattered with fake blood. Two actors wearing tattered scrubs loomed over the bed, their faces hidden by the darkness as they murmured to each other in hissing whispers.

“This is the operation room,” Leo said. “There are some gruesome rumors about this place. You never know what might come out of here.”

Suddenly, a figure shot up from the bed, tossing aside the sheet as a horrible cry tore through the air. The patrons shrieked and all dashed for the door at once.

Will’s heart was thundering in his chest now. Blood roared through his ears and the room seemed to tilt dangerously. Without warning, his knees gave out, and Will felt himself toppling downward as the world sank into darkness.

The only thing Will was aware of was the rough caress of asphalt against his back. His thoughts were muddled, and the world around him was lost in a murky haze. He blinked several times to clear his vision, and found himself lying in the middle of a parking lot, gazing up at a night sky dotted with stars.

“Are you alright?” a voice asked.

Will turned his head and spotted a boy with raven black hair and olive skin kneeling beside him. “I-yeah, I guess,” Will replied.

“My name’s Nico,” the boy said. A slight grin played on his lips, “I work in the haunted house and I saw your group going through. You must’ve been pretty freaked out, though. You fainted straight into my arms. If you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Will’s cheeks colored, “Oh, I, uh, sorry, I guess?”

Nico laughed and waved his hand dismissively. “Don’t worry about it,” he said.

“How long have I been out?” Will asked.

Nico shrugged, “About ten minutes, nothing huge.”

“And my friend-Cecil-he was with that tour. Does he know where I am?” Will said, propping himself up on his elbows.

“I’m not even sure if he saw you,” Nico replied. “He seemed to be having the time of his life. Don’t worry, you’ll be reunited as soon as the group comes out of the building.”

Will’s eyes twinkled with amusement, “That sounds like him.”

“I take it you don’t go to haunted houses much?” Nico asked.

“No, not really,” Will admitted, “I only came tonight because Cecil insisted. Honestly, I’m terrified of stuff like this.”

“You aren’t the only one. You wouldn’t believe how many people I’ve had in this same situation over the last few weeks,” Nico said.

An amused smile spread across Will’s face, “You mean other people have fainted in there?”

“Yep. My friends decided to rent this abandon grocery store about a year ago start a haunted house. I agreed to work for them so I could make an extra buck. Although, I hate showing my face, so most of the time I just end up playing covered hospital corpses like I was tonight. Our place must actually be pretty terrifying, though. The number of people I’ve had to pull out of there is shocking,” Nico explained.

Will shrugged, “Good to know I’m not the only one.”

Their conversation came to an abrupt end when will heard Cecil shouting for him across the parking lot.

“I’ve got to go,” he said.

He turned to walk away, but before he could move, Nico snatched his wrist. “Wait, before you go, let me give you my number.”

Will gaped at him and Nico averted his eyes. “Y-you know, for safety purposes,” he said. “I want to make sure you get home okay.”

Will’s face lit up like a thousand light bulbs, “Sounds fine to me.”