abandoned service station


Les stations d'essence abandonnés.

The Cop and The Chef

Summary: Fact: Sheriff John Stilinski has never questioned his sexuality up to now. He may be extremely open-minded and non-judgemental, but he had always seen himself as a ladies’ man through and through. He met Claudia when he was in high school, married her soon after and then had Stiles. Ever since she had died 8 years ago, John had put all his efforts in to raising Stiles and doing his job as an officer of the law. Bringing other lovers in to their life had seemed unthinkable. That is, until a chance encounter introduced him to Hadrian Potter, a confident, kind-hearted British restaurant owner/chef who will teach him that sexuality is fluid and you are never too old to discover yourself.

A/N: Pairing: Harry Potter/John Stilinski. Warnings for Age Difference – Harry is about 26 and John is about 48. This is an AU but with magic.

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