abandoned police station

N&P cont’d (?)

A studio approached me about developing N&P as a TV series! It’s an exciting idea but understanding the business end of things has been… mildly harrowing. The process of creating a new show is a slow one.

BUT, if it does happen, you can be sure that I will push for a BACKSTORY EPISODE of course! Nips was abandoned at the police station where he was taken in and brought up in the police academy while Porkington is from a well-to-do aristocratic family but chose to dedicate his life to public service.

I pictured the show taking place on normal backgrounds but switching to the newspaper for travel shots, transitions, opening sequences, and closing credits, and a big dramatic story arc that spans the entire season!

There are also plenty of supporting actors in this hypothetical TV series. THe villains department is lacking, I’ll work on that next.

Suffragette bunbuns:

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