abandoned playgrounds


“So… what do you think?”

They had walked in behind the cemetery and through the woods surrounding it until they finally arrived at their destination: an abandoned playground. To anyone else it would have been just a rusty pile of garbage and a free trial for tetanus, but Salem knew exactly why he wanted to show her this. “This looks… exactly like our park.”  She smiled at him. “How did you find this place?”

“I just wandered back here one day. Crazy, right? I guess it makes sense, the Hollow was a real town at some point.”  He took her hand in his. “I used to spend a lot of time here… this is where I was when I decided to come look for you at prom.”  He laughed, realizing how cheesy he’d become since he got her back. He just couldn’t help it. “I would’ve gotten you an actual present, I swear, but…you know.”

5SOS as: planets → calum as: neptune
 calum as neptune is the feeling of cool water sliding down your back like silk, he is the shadows that shift and take on a life of their own as the moon dips in and out from behind the clouds. as neptune he is the quiet shift of pebbles under your feet, the haunting peaceful quiet of forgotten graveyards, abandoned playgrounds, train stations after 3am. neptune connects you with your sense of intuition, it guides you towards consciousness, and calum is the hand that slips around your waist to lead you down unknown streets, he is kisses pressed to the nape of your neck to wake you in the middle of the night just to ask if you believe a soul can be destroyed. neptune symbolises the dreamer and the artist, and calum is the stinging scent of paint that clings to fingertips, the thrum of a guitar chord that passes through your bones, a single note sung out that seems to break your heart with its loneliness. neptune is also associated with addiction, with denial, and calum is the dull fire of alcohol that makes you veins feel like taught wires trapped beneath your skin. he is eyes held tight shut even when light pools onto his face and refusing to acknowledge it is morning. neptune is the retreat into fantasy to avoid reality, and calum is perilous and ephemeral, secluded and ethereal.  

anonymous asked:

Hi! i've just had a crazy thought. im really hyped for what Chloe have said about getting s1 feels, so what if fitzsimmons escape from the base in the zephyr bc the base is taken by the lms and after that they find and save the real team?, then they're bound to live in the zephyr just like the bus. I know its so crazy and propably nothing like this is gonna happen but i love speculating lmao. Love your theories xo

Hi Anon!

Thank you!

I don’t think its crazy at all…as that is over there in theory mountain.  I agree, Chloe saying we will get some season one vibes makes me think living on the plane again.  

The Playground is going to be the site of a pretty crazy battle next week.  Fitzsimmons going all home alone trying to protect themselves and Shield could do some considerable damage in its own right.  Add to that a bunch of rampaging LMD’s.  Shield could also be forced to abandon the Playground in the aftermath since AIDA/Radcliffe at the very least know right where it is and could just keep coming at them.  

I do think that time in the air thing way back in 4x01 needs to be paid off that at some point the team has to hide on it or the baddies get it and use it against the team.