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Yeah it seems like people miss much of Fenris’ rancor toward Merrill and Anders is he feels they’re dangerous mages who abuse their power and gave into demons and well… is he wrong? They remind him too much of home.

Also I will argue up and down that Fenris’ biggest problem with Merrill is that she abandoned family and a place to belong (things he really wants to have) in order to practice blood magic and consort with demons to recover scraps of elven history that he sees as pointless.

I couldn’t agree more.

Fenris is pretty rough with Merrill, but what she is doing is legitimately concerning. Fenris doesn’t know that a Merrill who completed the mirror will still be fine all these years later in Inquisition. All he can see is this girl putting herself and those around her at risk through blood magic and deals with demons and Fenris, of all people, has a right to be concerned about this. He also sees this girl who has everything he does not - a family, a community, a history, a past - willingly throwing it all away.

While Fenris eventually comes around to a place where I truly think he is trying to find common ground with Anders, what he says to Merrill is indeed harsh. People say things they shouldn’t when they’re upset. None of these companions are ever perfect 100% of the time, and they shouldn’t be. That’s what makes them feel so real and alive. That’s why we love them.

Additionally, the games have decisions that are viewed by the fans as right or wrong, but there are other factors involved. Our characters don’t know what’s going to happen in future installments and they have to make the decision that are right for them. A few days ago I saw a post where someone mentioned that only a horrible Hawke would rival Merrill. Leo rivals her. It’s not because he hates her, it’s because what she’s doing is scary and he wants the best for her. Similarly, I think Fenris’s treatment of Merrill is indicative of the fact he does care about what happens to her. I think he cares about what happens to all of the companions, honestly, though he would be loathe to admit it. Fenris has a good heart. He’s not this angry rage monster. If he’s angry, you have to look at why.

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Abandoned Garden Collection

Hi guys! I’ve been doing a lot lately but I decided to share with you some of my own convertions, recolor and creations. So, this is the first set, is part of my abandoned places creations. You get a lot of broken things! I convert from cyclonesue(TSR) two sets “garbage garden and viaduct set”. 

You also get some terrain paint and wall murals. Everything is shown by the pictures below.

Thanks to cyclonesue for the original meshes!

You can download all here Garden collection

Also Thanks to @sanoysims @veranka-s4cc @daer0n @conceptdesign97sims for their meshes that i use for my pictures sets.

Random things I associate Slytherin with:  

  • Abandoned places
  • Secret passageways
  • Hot chocolate with rum
  • Closed curtains
  • Dark wood parquet
  • Sitting nooks
  • Dr. Martens
  • Small spaces
  • Looking slick (or not at all)
  • Glow-in-the-dark stars
  • Green&silver crackle nail polish
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Tall pine or chestnut trees
  • Dark bookcases
  • Ivy
  • Lava lamps
  • Treasure hunts
  • Bookcase doors
  • Dark leather armchairs
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Self-control
  • Hidden hatches
  • Silver chandeliers
  • Strong words
  • The universe
Rise as One MV - theories & analysis

Here follows a super pretentious & totally unnecessary analysis of changmin’s rise as one mv bc that thing was Confusing As Hell and everyone wanted some explanation of what it all /means/ lol.

obviously this is just my take on the mv and nothing more. I’ve seen some really awesome theories being thrown around on twitter (the two boys are changmin, changmin waking up at the end meant he & yunho merged into ‘one’, etc) and they’re just as interesting to think about so I hope other people also post their theories somewhere!

onwards \o/

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i took this 1972 calendar from an abandoned ukrainian church.. the first thing ive ever taken from an abandoned place. i hope i didnt bring an evil spirit with it.


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The Worst Thing About Australia Is The Silence

You might think that the most terrifying things about Australia are the spiders, or the snakes, or the fact that most of us don’t own guns. But in all honesty, those aren’t scary things to most of us. You get used to it. Oh, great, a redback, I’ll swat it with a shoe. Oh, great, a snake in my toilet, better call the snake catcher (we have a local one where I live, he’s very busy). As for the guns, well. I’ve never needed one.

In actuality, the scariest thing about living in Australia is the silence. I live pretty far out of the way, in a teensy little inland town in Queensland. I used to live in a rural town (still only about 5,000 people there), and what really gets me about living further in is how fucking quiet it gets. You stand outside on a summer night in 35 degree heat and you won’t hear a peep. You might hear a cricket, maybe. Or a bird. But mostly you won’t hear anything. Just the empty, empty quiet of the land.

You probably know where this story is going, if you’ve seen Wolf Creek. Hear me out though. It’s important.

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Okkult És Elfelejteni

Everything was prepared except for him.

Matt stood in front of the huge hallway mirror, trying to decide whether he should go for his old jeans vest or just leave it at the Misfits wife beater he wore. His hair was on point, the smug grin in place. And his destination was prepared as well, the old and abandoned house just outside of town that some kids liked to use to smoke weed, drink and do lordknowswhat during the night. Today, the house would be his though.

Well, not his only, but it would be the place for a strange gathering, some kind of date he didn’t have every day. Admittedly, Matt wasn’t that much into the Wicca and witchy kind of stuff. But he had a big thing for horror movies, creepy stories and abandoned places. Urban explorer kind of shit. Combining learning something new with something he loved couldn’t be bad. And he was expecting equally exceptional company.

Checking his phone, Matt finally decided against the vest. Black baggies with chains and a heavy belt, trusted combat boots and the wife beater had to be enough. Zahra wouldn’t expect to see him in a suit anyway, he mused.