abandoned places and things

Robert Sugden thinks so little of himself. He thinks he deserves to be hit by his husband, kicked out by his mother-in-law, told he is horrible and disturbed, told he can never change, and the only thing that matters to him right now is helping his husband, not helping himself. Someone give him a hug and tell him he is worth everything, and let this man sort himself out.

Beautiful Abandoned Places

Holland Island in the Chesapeake Bay

Mill from 1886 in Sorrento, Italy

Train depot in Częstochowa, Poland

El Hotel del Santo in Colombia

Hafodunos Hall in Llangernyw, North Wales

Hidden Subway Station under City Hall, New York

Kerry Way walking path (between Sneem and Kenmare) in Ireland

Kolmanskop in the Namib Desert

Railway in France

Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Illusion AU


Thomas- a shy, quiet teenager new to Albany High School. He quickly makes friends with two guys named James and Aaron, but he oftentimes talks to a soft-spoken girl named Eliza. He slowly grows close to her and her friends. Thomas has manic depression and his mother swears that he has schizophrenia based on things he’s told her but Thomas knows what he’s seeing. 

Eliza- after a few months of high school with Thomas, she grows close to him She takes into account that he’s mentally ill even though he tries to hide it from others and she knows how to talk him down since she has to deal with it himself. She does notice there’s something peculiar about Thomas, especially when it seems as if he’s talking to himself as if there was someone else there, but he claims that he isn’t and she assures him that it’s fine. She herself has depression, anxiety, and anorexia so they bond and try to take care of each other. 

Al- a few months after Thomas shows up to Albany high, a mysterious new student makes his way into Thomas’ life. Alexander, going by Al or Alex, is peculiarly odd and not too much is known about him. All that is known is that he looks disheveled, wears the same clothes every day, and constantly looks exhausted. 

The AU:

Thomas and Alex eventually become acquainted, but Alex makes him swear not to tell anyone about their friendship. Thomas agrees. They begin to do things together, go to the graveyard, abandoned places, areas many people don’t explore. It’s strange to Thomas, but he does it anyway. They never go out in public. Slowly, Thomas falls for the mysterious boy as he gets to know more about him. However, the more Thomas falls for the man, the more he gets an off feeling and the more Alex gets paranoid. Not only that, but Eliza slowly grows worried for Thomas. What is going on? 

What do you think?

Raw…Extreme…These are our Ghost Adventures…I love this idea so much, thank you Nonny.~Mun M


Ayato: Talks a big game but litterally runs screaming into the night after something makes a little noise. He may be a creature of the night, but he don’t fuck with things he can’t see.

Kanato: He tags along just to threaten the ghosts like the psychopath he is. Thinks he can out spook any ghosty. Though, he may try to throw Teddy at the spirits in defense a few times.

Laito: Will cling to his S/O for dear life, but pretend like he just wants their attention. He’s not scared of the spirits though, he’s terrified of the creepy crawly shit that lives in those old places.

Subaru: Threatens to punch the ghosts into the realm they belong in. He’s fine with the voices and noises and all that jazz, but when he sees something that looks like a body and isn’t, he’s gone faster than lightning.

Shu: Proabably too lazy to tag along most of the time, but if he does, he doesn’t hear anything over his headphones anyway. He does greatly enjoy watching his S/O get spooped from time to time though.

Reiji: There’s no such thing as ghost and you can’t convice him otherwise. It would take a hell of a lot to get him to go on an investigation, and even if he did, he wouldn’t shut up about how fake it is.


Yuma: While he looks big and scary, he’s really afraid of what he can’t understand. He always thought vampires were the worst things out there. He tries to be brave and go along, but by the end he’s so jumpy that his own shadow is scary.

Kou: Nuh-uh, nope, no way. That stuff couldn’t possibly exist, right?!? If he was feeling brave, he’d tag along. The scariest thing was the contition of the abandoned place. The ghosts were pretty scary too, though.

Azusa: He would be totally fascinated by the evidence his S/O was getting. It didn’t really scare him so much as it intrigued him. He wanted to know more, so he often tagged along.

Ruki: It’s a real life novel! He’s more than eager to tag along and learn about the spirit world, though he tries to play it cool. He gets so into it that he begins noticing shadows and voices before his S/O even picks them up.

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How to understand if you are an unhealthy ENTP ? And if you are one how to get healthy ?

(Gif: Castle. ENTP.)

That depends on which function is unhealthy…

Ne-dom: cannot finish anything, loses interest almost immediately, goes through people, places, and things with reckless abandon, either prone to knee-jerk decisions or unable to make decisions (too many choices, without guidance of Ti/Fi), reads into situations intuitively then defends their conclusions as real even when evidence proves them wrong, etc.

Ti: obsessed with categorization and analysis, to the detachment of people, devalues emotions and sneers at other people’s emotional weaknesses, tries to categorize people in overly complex terms, blunt, tactless, and inconsiderate in pointing out everyone / everything’s flaws.

Fe: obsession with attention, which resorts in attention-seeking / competitive / jealous behavior, emotional manipulation, or trolling people just to elicit a negative emotional response / enjoy watching them be upset.

Si: zero attentiveness to physical needs (with the result you wear yourself out), or being anal about how ‘I want things to be’ (fussy about food, environment, looks, etc); being angry or upset when others change things around you; ignoring details and getting by on pure Ne-dom bullshit / fake knowledge.

How do you get healthy?

Identify the problem areas in your personality, analyze what their central root cause is (WHY are you acting like this? WHY is this your blind spot?), and then decide how you are going to fix them. The process of “fixing yourself” is up to you, and independent to each individual. No solution works for everyone, and if you really want to change, the process must begin with your commitment to admitting what is wrong and devoting yourself to corrective behaviors, thought patterns, and belief systems.

- ENFP Mod

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What kinds of people would become rly good friends w François, Allen, Matthew, Viktor, Flavi, Luci, and Lutz?

2P!Italy: People who will bicker. He likes friendly arguments. He also likes to go places that take a long time to do, like museums or shows or fairs. Someone who won’t be afraid to counter his sass
2P!Romano: Like his brother, he needs someone to endure his sass. He likes to use friends as models so he can practice designs for different body types. Your measurements were most likely recorded as soon as he knew you would be friends

2P!Germany: People who aren’t afraid to have fun or take spontaneous trips. He likes when he and his friends can get on his motorcycle and just go

2P!America: Anyone who likes the thrill of adventure and getting caught. He likes doing things like staying overnight in abandoned places, or running pushing people down the aisle in a shopping cart

2P!France: Anyone who is down to chill, but what he really wants is for someone to force him to do things with them. He is a secret daredevil and wont hesitate to cooperate if you ask

2P!Russia: He really likes to stay home when he has friends over. He thinks he can bond better with them that way, and prefers to just chill like that. He wont turn down an offer to an opera or recital or something, however

2P!Canada: Anyone who will go on woodland adventures with him. He has been all throughout the woods where he lives, and wants to just get in his truck and go someplace he hasn’t explored before. He, too, enjoys things like fairs and carnivals too. Not so much amusement parks, but pop-n’-go kind of things

I’m a medium/sensitive and I can see/hear/communicate with ghosts in some way and my best friend is an amateur ghost hunter/wannabe paranormal investigator/supernatural aficionado who keeps dragging me into cemeteries, abandoned houses and generally creepy places in search of the things I see on a daily basis. 

I can never tell them the truth because:

  • I’m not proud of/happy with my abilities and even though I trust them, I’m not comfortable sharing
  • they would beg me to publish the findings and I do not want all the attention it’d bring me from both sides
  • most ghosts are eager to communicate and if I pretend I don’t see them they won’t follow after and pester me indefinitely
  • a few ghosts are evil and always looking for someone innocent to terrorize. not telling them is the only way to keep them safe
Every you Every me (2½/?)

Pairing : Tony!Father x Reader!Daughter x Steve x Avengers 

Warnings: nightmares, swearing, blood(?

Summary: You are Tony’s daughter, everything was normal until you recall your past in your nightmares.

A/N : Sorry about the grammar and if someone out there can help me, it will be awesome. Okay so this part is longer so I cut it, I will upload this part and in few hours the rest, sorry, but it’s better than reading like 6,000 words in one page. 

Word Count: 2874

Chapter 1  Chapter 2 (Next)  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9

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Finally you got a happy dream, everything was sweet and relaxed until F.R.I.D.A.Y woke everyone up.

“Unusual activity detected, please go to the boardroom” the A.I. spoke throughout the tower.

“God, what now?” you said under your breathe while you sit up.

“I don’t know, but it’s better to go now” Steve told you with his morning voice and a yawn.

He got out of bed to go to the bathroom. You took the sleep out of your eyes and you went for your suit. You heard Steve coming out and you turned around.

“Hey, by the way, sorry about… you know, last night” you said ashamed.

“It was only a nightmare Y/N, and you feel better now, don’t you?” he told you with a lovely and tired smile, and you saw it, his eyes were a little red for the lack of sleep, still he didn’t tell anything about it and you said nothing. 

“Yes, I am, but-” an image went through your eyes fast as a thunder, making you jump a little, you didn’t had time to guess what the fuck was that.

“Are you okay?, if you feel bad or something, we can talk with Tony so you can stay here” said Steve concerned, of course he saw that something went wrong inside you in a blink of an eye.

“What?, no way!, I’m fine, it was just a chill or something, don’t worry, now… let’s suit up” you said with a fake smile before making your way to the bathroom.

You locked the door and your act fell to the floor. Your hands were shaking and you didn’t understand why, you walked to the mirror and saw yourself reflected. The place changed until you were in somewhere dark and cold, once again the image appeared but this time it lasted longer, it was a woman, her face covered in blood, her mouth was moving but you couldn’t hear anything, and then you heard a horrible scream . You tried to remain quiet, you didn’t want Steve to worry, so you covered your mouth with your hand, you were scared and intrigued, who was this woman? and why you saw her?.

You picked up your suit off the floor and put it in a blink of an eye. You washed your face and then you counted to ten to relax a little. You left the bathroom and you saw Steve adjusting his combat boots.

“Ready?” he told you when he heard the door.

“Always, Cap” you told him trying to sound confident.

“Let’s go then” he grabbed his shield and your hand, both of you went to the boardroom.

It wasn’t a surprise to be the first ones there, Steve have manage to wake you up faster. Before you two were a couple, you was always the last one to arrive, it was really hard for you to woke up fast in the middle of the night or at least in early mornings (and after a nightmare it was worst). But now, thanks to Cap, you don’t have any other option but to be ready in less than 10 minutes.

“Okay F.R.I.D.A.Y, show me where and what is this unusual activity” said Steve walking to the large screen.

You sit in your usual spot in the table waiting for everyone to arrive. You heard F.R.I.D.A.Y explaining Steve the last register and you looked at the screen.

They were images of what it looks like an old factory in middle of the woods, it was weird, how this factory presented unusual activity when it is clearly abandoned? the registers of the zone didn’t show the approach of something or someone close to the place in 50 years, so what was going on?.

“I will never understand how you two can wake up at 4 a.m.  and look totally fresh” said Clint in the doorframe with two cups of coffee. “Here you go kiddo” he told handing you your cup.

“You are really a hero Clint” you answered with now the cup in your hands, you take a sip of the hot coffee and you closed your eyes, you will really need it to begin the day. 

“I know, i know” he took a sip of his coffee and sit in the other side of the table.

Next to come was Natasha and Wanda, both of them ready to kick asses. Then Sam and Vision, minutes later Thor with pop tarts and Bucky with all his hair in a big mess.

“Good morning everyone” Wanda said taking her usual seat. 

Everyone said hello to her and for once you thought you’ll have a peaceful morning until Sam saw Bucky’s hair. 

“Now, who has a nest on his head?, huh?” Sam said with a grin.

“Still, I don’t have a bird brain” said Bucky with a wink.

“The tin really have to come with us?” Sam asked Steve like a little child.

“What? i’m too much for you, dove?” asked Bucky.

“I’m getting curious in your high knowledge on birds” Sam said a little surprised. 

“Your cousins talk to much in the morning, not my fault” Bucky answered while he grabbed his hair to make a messy bun. 

“Y/N can you please make him hit himself?” Sam begged you

Before you could say a word Bucky interrupt you.

“Really? she wouldn’t do that, look at her, she’s not an ass like you” Bucky argued.

You turned your head to Steve and he was glaring at the both childs on the table.

“I can’t believe it’s only 4:00 am and they already want to rip off their heads ” T'challa said scaring you a bit, you didn’t saw him arrive.

“Wow, you are really a cat, silent like a shadow” Bucky said to T'Challa after he saw you jump on your seat.

“What did you said toasted head?” T'Challa replied to Bucky.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Steve shouted.

“See?, you even make Cap lose his shit” Sam told Bucky.

“Sam! you too!” Steve glared at Sam and he stayed silent.

“Who made Steve turned into his mama-mode?” Tony asked in the door frame

“Tony, stop” Steve said once more trying to stay calm.

“‘kay Capsicle. Now what’s the matter?” Tony said taking the seat in front of you.

You offered your coffee and he tooked it without saying a word, it was a common thing between the two of you.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y received a kind of signal from this place” he said with the big factory behind him.

“What kind of signal?” Bruce asked while taking the seat next to Tony.

“About Hydra’s intel, that’s one of the weird things about this” Steve said looking at every one of us.

“One?, are there more weird things about it?” Wanda asked confused.

“I’m afraid yes. This place looks dead outside and inside, this has been like this for over 50 years, but somehow it haves activity…” Steve said confused.

“So, now we haunt ghosts?” Clint asked with a chuckle.

“Here. The place have inner security cameras” Steve said showing the inner equipment.

“But, how?, you said this place has been dead for over 50 years, that kind of security it’s from nowadays” Bruce said concerned.

“And still it get more weird. Someone put sensors before the place appeared abandoned, why? I don’t know, but this things keep working and have recorded movements near and inside the factory within this 50 years. Meanwhile, other kind of sensors or radars doesn’t work here and if they do, they don’t register anything ” Steve said, showing us how the military radars near the place worked, and it was true, they turned crazy even far away the place.

“Like if there was a giant magnetic field?” you asked trying to join the points.

“It can be one possibility, but still, the cameras would have to show people, and  there isn’t” Tony said looking at every picture.

“Do you think it will be like 2014?” Natasha asked.

“It think so” Steve said while looking at her.

“What happened in 2014?” you asked confused.

“An old bunker of S.H.I.E.L.D in New Jersey sent a signal too. Nat and me went there, it was a trap from Hydra” Steve answered you.

“So, what now?, we have the chance to be killed or discover something big?” Tony asked Steve.

“Yes.” Steve said looking at everyone.

“Okay, so is there more we need to know, what those the sensors or whatever they are recorded?” T'Challa asked.

“This place it’s popular in the area for being haunted, before it stopped working, multiple murders happened there, the story said this place worked with human parts if you know what I mean, they used the corpses for-” Steve was soon cut by Sam.

“Okay we get it Cap, this place is nuts, so stop.” Sam said while shaking his head.

“Indeed, now we are ghostbusters” said Clint.

“Now everyone listen. When we get there, don’t turn off your communicators. We’ll divide in teams of four. Wanda, Bucky, Bruce and Tony you’ll go for the east, Sam, Clint, T'Challa and Y/N, the west side, Thor, Vision, Natasha and me by south. Find the sensors, turn them off, search for someone or something out of place, after that, we get inside the factory for the intel, I’ll give new orders there, okay?” Steve said and everyone agreed.

“Now. let’s go” Steve said and everyone went to the Quinjet.

“Who ya gonna call?, ghostbusters” Clint sang in the way.

“Y/N” you heard Tony’s voice, once again Steve let you alone with him.

“Five minutes Stark’s” said Steve before closing the doors.

“Tony” you said looking at him.

“I heard you last night” he said while crossing his arms.

“About that. You were right, every night it’s worst” you told him, your eyes looking at the floor.

“You will finally tell me?” Tony said, he walked to you and took your face in his hands.

You nodded and you felt a tight knot in your throat.

“Okay, now, go to the Quinjet, I’ll be there in five, i gotta pee” he told you making you laugh.

“I didn’t need that kind of information dad” you told him still with a chuckle.

“I know, but it made my princess laugh” he told you with a side hug.

“Don’t you ever call me that again” you told him in a stern voice.

“See you in five dear” Tony told you after both of you leaved the room.

You walked to the Quinjet. Sam and Steve were ready to fly the Quinjet, meanwhile, everyone was taking the own seats, Thor was still eating, Wanda was training with her powers, Bucky checking up all his knifes, T’challa was on his phone, Clint was calling his wife and Vision was next to Wanda. 

“Where’s Tony?” Bruce asked you.

“He’ll be here in less than five” you told him.

“Where are we heading anyway?” Bucky asked confused.

“Finland” Steve said through the speakers.

“Great” Bucky said a little annoyed.

“What Barnes?, I thought you liked Winter” Everyone heard Sam’s voice.

“Sam, last time, leave Bucky” And everyone heard Steve’s mama’s voice.

“Let’s pray Cap doesn’t turn into Capsicle again” you heard Tony in the Quinjet.

“Fine. Now, we are leaving” Steve said with a final tone.

“Why’s your boyfriend so bossy?” Tony asked you making you chuckle again.

“I heard that Stark” Steve said.

“Good. Now you know” Tony said again, after taking a seat next to you.

“Now dear, take care there okay?” Tony asked you.

“What?, aren’t we going to talk?” you asked Tony, who was now in process of sleeping in your shoulder.

“I need to rest a little, I’m old Y/N” Tony told you before closing his eyes.

“Not as old as Barnes, or is he already fast asleep?” Sam said in the speakers

“Steve, control your parrot” Bucky said.

“How did you called me Robocop?!” Sam shouted again.

“Both of you! stop it now!” Steve shouted again.

“I guess, we all going to sleep, at least to block this two for some hours” Natasha said resting her head in your other shoulder.

“I guess so” you said before closing your eyes.

“Y/N, wake up, we’re here” you heard Tony’s voice.

You opened your eyes, and saw your dad with a soft smile. You don’t know how many time you sleep, but at least you rest, you felt better than before.

“I’m glad you didn’t have any nightmares” Tony told you, he gave you a hand to stand up.

“I’m glad too” you said with a tired smile. You looked around, everyone was getting ready.

Steve and Sam walked to the center of the Quinjet.

“Listen everyone, we had to land 3 miles away from the factory, the Quinjet was having trouble with the radars, we think it’s because of the same kind of field of the area” Sam said with a virtual map on his hand.  

“Now everyone, get together with your team, we leave in 3” Steve said looking at us.

Everyone went with their respective team. You checked twice if you have everything you need it for the mission, after that you stretched your body and you knew you were ready when Steve gave the order to leave.

Before leaving Steve grabbed your wrist and gave you a ‘lucky’ kiss, you smiled at him. 

“Take care, okay?” He told you with a tender voice. 

“You too, Captain” you told him before you started to ran behind your team. 

Clint, T'Challa, Sam and you were running into the woods. When again, Bucky and Sam started an argument, for your luck, Clint joined them, and you did exactly what Steve asked you not to do, turn off the communicators, but really, you didn’t want to hear all the arguing of those childs, you need to concentrate.

A mile away, Sam stopped. You turn your head to see your surroundings, maybe he heard or saw something, but you didn’t have a clue on what was happening. You look at Clint and he’s on the same page as you, lost. Then you look at T'Challa and his searching for some kind of answer. Finally Sam turn around.

“What happened?” Clint asked Sam.

“The radar, it’s changing our position” Sam said more confused and looking at the virtual map.

“What?, why?” you asked him more confused.

“This thing says that we are running in circles” Sam said once more.

“Hey, Nat, we have a problem” Clint said in the comm.  

“Tony, what’s your position?” Sam asked Tony too.

You and T'Challa changed looks, what was happening?.

“Nat says, that it’s better if we use the skies, maybe we can see the factory from there” Clint finally said.

“Okay, Y/N take Clint ” Sam tells you.

“Please, tell me you are a safe ride, I have kids” Clint tells you, trying to relax the horrible situation.

“I got you, just chill, okay?” you smile and you nod to Sam.

It was easy, you power is similar as Magneto, you can control any kind of metal and secondaries, you can change it’s form and of course, you can 'fly’, because what you actually do it’s use your power creating a repulsive force between yourself and the planet, like magic. But this also make your eyes turn white.

“Sam! Can I go with you?, I’m scared as shit, her eyes are white” Clint said really amazed, because actually, it’s the first time Clint sees your power this close.

“Don’t be a girl Clint, take me hand” you tell Clint with your stretched arm.

“Don’t do anything crazy please” Clint tells you with this eyes closed.

You chuckle and he takes your hand. You look at Sam and you nod.

“Okay we are going up, see you all up in the sky” Sam said before flying with T'Challa.

You turn on your comm only to be greeted by Steve scolding Tony, Sam and Bucky, so once again you turned off. You looked up, and notice that it’s your time to go up.

“Okay Clint, here we go” you tell him.

“I’m not going to open my eyes” Clint said holding you with both of his hands.

You started to fly and when Clint’s feets left the ground he screamed, making you laugh.

“Shut the fuck up Natasha, this shit is scary!” You heard Clint, you figured out that now he was the bullied one.

Your eyes found Sam, you reached for him and he smiled at you, then he saw Clint, holding on you like a little kid and he laugh.

“So, where we have to land?” you said after looking down and not seeing anything similar as a factory.

“Well. I don’t know, you want to make juggling?” he asked you with a smile.

“Don’t you dare! I trusted you with my entire life Y/n!!” Clint screamed, still he had his eyes closed.

“I’m not going to… unless I get pretty tired of your weight” you said looking at Sam.

“I’m sure T'Challa is heavier, please don’t do it Y/n, I gave you coffee in the morning!” Clint held on you tighter.  

“Fine I won’t let you go, just because you gave me coffee” you assured him.

“y/n, it’s time for landing” Sam told you.

“here? but there’s nothing here!” you said, once more looking down.

“I know, but Cap said that, you don’t have your comm’s on?” Sam asked you confused.

“I do, but my head it’s ignoring Steve’s scolding to my father and Bucky” you lied to him.

“Well, you better listen now, we are going down” Sam told you before disappearing in the woods.

“Clint, you heard right?, we are going down, so held tight” you told Clint while going down.

“Jesus Lord! It feels worst!” Clint screamed.

“Clint you can let me go now” you told him, but still he grabbed you tight.

“Clint! your feet are in the ground for God sake!” Sam shouted.

Clint finally opened his eyes and started to kiss the floor.

“Gross man, don’t do that, animals live here, god knows how many times they have left- fluids there” T'Challa said walking away with you.

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Ghostbusters Preference- What You Do On A Day Off

Patty gets you out of the house for the night to have a good time, a few drinks and some dancing is what you usually get up to.
“Come on baby, lets get going.” She says to you as she sees you coming out the door.

Erin and you usually go shopping on a day off; it’s not always buying things, sometimes its just looking around, but mainly it’s trying stupid stuff on and being idiots.
“How does this look.” You walk out of the dressing room in a long fluro green jump suit.
“Perfect.” She tells you as you both joke around. 

Abby and you usually end up going to an animal farm or shop, where she loves recording and taking photos of the animals.
“That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” She says as she holds the camera up to the colourful bird.
“Thats the 6th time you’ve said that today babe, and you’ve been right every time.” You tell her as you give her a kiss on the cheek.

Holtzmann usually wants to do something stupid and slightly dangerous, like breaking into an abandoned place or breaking things for ‘science’. 
“Come on, baby!” She says to you as she’s about to go through the gates of the creepy looking mansion thing.
“I’m coming, I’m coming.” You tell her laughing as you run after her. 

saiscribbles replied to your post “I’m playing DA2 again…”

Yeah it seems like people miss much of Fenris’ rancor toward Merrill and Anders is he feels they’re dangerous mages who abuse their power and gave into demons and well… is he wrong? They remind him too much of home.

Also I will argue up and down that Fenris’ biggest problem with Merrill is that she abandoned family and a place to belong (things he really wants to have) in order to practice blood magic and consort with demons to recover scraps of elven history that he sees as pointless.

I couldn’t agree more.

Fenris is pretty rough with Merrill, but what she is doing is legitimately concerning. Fenris doesn’t know that a Merrill who completed the mirror will still be fine all these years later in Inquisition. All he can see is this girl putting herself and those around her at risk through blood magic and deals with demons and Fenris, of all people, has a right to be concerned about this. He also sees this girl who has everything he does not - a family, a community, a history, a past - willingly throwing it all away.

While Fenris eventually comes around to a place where I truly think he is trying to find common ground with Anders, what he says to Merrill is indeed harsh. People say things they shouldn’t when they’re upset. None of these companions are ever perfect 100% of the time, and they shouldn’t be. That’s what makes them feel so real and alive. That’s why we love them.

Additionally, the games have decisions that are viewed by the fans as right or wrong, but there are other factors involved. Our characters don’t know what’s going to happen in future installments and they have to make the decision that are right for them. A few days ago I saw a post where someone mentioned that only a horrible Hawke would rival Merrill. Leo rivals her. It’s not because he hates her, it’s because what she’s doing is scary and he wants the best for her. Similarly, I think Fenris’s treatment of Merrill is indicative of the fact he does care about what happens to her. I think he cares about what happens to all of the companions, honestly, though he would be loathe to admit it. Fenris has a good heart. He’s not this angry rage monster. If he’s angry, you have to look at why.

You & Me

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“I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.”

Summary: The right words always seem to come too late. One set of words can stop you from getting what you want in the first place.. He was everything you wanted but what was stopping you? Oh that’s right… Your best friend was now his new girlfriend… What will happen when one mistake leads to trouble?

Previous Parts: 

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You over to the table where Yugyeom was waiting probably for Lia and as soon as he seen you his eyes widen.

“Hello..” you awkwardly blurted out and he looked at you from head to toe with his eyes still widen.


“Y/N!” You turned around and found Lia looking at you with a huge smile.

“Lia,” you giggled as she walked up to you and pulled you into a hug.

“You look so beautiful!”

“Thank you,”

You two pulled away and Lia looked at Yugyeom.

“Right she looks beautiful?!”

Yugyeom looked at you and a smile spread across his face.

“She does.. she really does…”

You felt your heart racing but you continued to ignore the feeling…

Yugyeom was taken.. You had to accept that…

“What brings you here?” Yugyeom asks you as he lifts up his cup and takes a sip of his water.

“I’m setting her up with a date,” Lia answered for you and as she said those words to Yugyeom, he pulled the cup away from his mouth and his eyes widen.



(Listen to Lost By BTS while reading this) 

Why did Yugyeom seem so shock that Lia was setting you up on a date? What was he trying to say? Were you not good enough for a date all of sudden?

You rolled your eyes and looked at Lia.

“So… where is he?” You asked Lia and she started to look around the restaurant and till you noticed she finally stopped. 

“There is he,”

You tried to look at the direction your best friend was staring and that’s when your eyes widen… He was very good looking…

You couldn’t help but to instantly smile as your date approached you as he smiled in return.

“Y/N I would like you to meet my good friend Jackson Wang, Jackson I would like you to meet my best friend Y/N.”

Maybe your date was going to take your mind off of Yugyeom… 

Maybe this date was exactly what you needed..

“It’s nice to meet your beautiful,” Jackson says grabbing your hand and lightly kissing the top causing your cheeks to heat up and all eyes on you.

“It’s very nice to met you as well,” You said shyly and you slowly glanced at Yugyeom whose eyes were on Jackson and then back at you.

“Come on! Sit down! The both of you!” Lia says excitedly clapping her hands as she sat right in front of Yugyeom.

You walked over to the table next to your best friend and Yugyeom and you noticed Yugyeom getting up. You were about to pull out your own chair but the most awkwardest thing happened…

Jackson AND Yugyeom both aimed their way to your chair and then looked at each other as they seen the two of them having the same intentions.. 


“Gyeomie, Jackson got it.” Lia says giving Yugyeom a glare and he awkwardly scratched the back of his neck and nodded.

“I better go to the bathroom…”

He left without saying another word and you wanted to follow him and ask what’s wrong but you have a date, Yugyeom was the last person you should be worrying about…

You took a seat from the chair and Jackson slowly yet gently pushed you in and walked over to his seat. 

Just as you got a hold of your menu, you felt your phone vibrate and you slowly glanced at Jackson and then slowly took out your phone..

A text from Yugyeom…

What did he possibly want…

Can I talk to you?

Instead of accepting his offer and meeting him up, you just read the text and put your phone away and looked back at the menu. 

You felt your phone vibrate again but you ignored it completely and tried to ignore Yugyeom existence… at least for the night..


Eventually Yugyeom came back to the double date but there was a thick tension you could feel just between the two of you.

You tried so hard to focus on your date but you could feel Yugyeom look at you here and there and it was just hard to avoid him…

However Jackson was hilarious, so most of the date night he continued to makes jokes here and there and you continued to laugh and laugh. 

Still the conversation slowly started to get a bit serious.

“Can I ask you something?” Jackson says and you looked at him and slowly nodded your head.


“Well, we have been having a fun date so far and what’s been actually getting me curious is why are you still single?”

As the words left Jackson’s mouth, for some reason you felt your heart ache randomly…. 

Well you wouldn’t have been single if your best friend didn’t take Yugyeom from you… But then again it didn’t seem like Yugyeom liked you anyways… 

He wouldn’t have accepted your best friend if he did like you in return and maybe you two could’ve been the one sitting across from each other having a date night… 

But clearly that dream was gone..

“I guess I haven’t found the right guy…” 

“Well I hope you find him soon,” Jackson says smirking immediately bringing butterflies to your stomach and you looked down feeling like a huge blushing mess.

The night went on and on and you continued to drink glass after glass of wine feeling a bit wavier then you were planning to be. 

However your best friend Lia was wasted… She didn’t just drink wine, she also decided to drink hard core liquor ,shot after shot….

“Y/n! I love you so much!” Lia says throwing her arms around you and you just glanced at her and couldn’t help but to giggle. 

“Um are you okay?”

“Of course I am,” Lia slurs and you glanced at Yugyeom and could see the disappointed look in his face. 

Lia was the definition of a party animal. Every time the two of you used to go to frat parties, Lia would drag you along just so you could basically babysit her at the end… Lia was your best friend… You would reject that offer from her even though it does get old holding Lia’s hair when she vomits and carry her out of the house and into your car…

“Babe, maybe I should take you home..”

Yugyeom says awkwardly looking at Lia..

Babe… That stung…

“Baby! The fun just begun!!!” Lia shouts and you quickly looked around and noticed the amount of attention you were receiving from the restaurant. 

Yugyeom glanced at you hoping you could help so just nodded and got up from your seat.

“Lia! Let’s go outside.. I need girl talk..” You lied and Lia got up without thinking twice and the two of you exited your way out of the restaurant.


Finally getting Lia out of the restaurant you were able to take her over to Yugyeom’s car and you got her to the passenger seat safe and sound…

This girl was just too much sometimes. You closed the car door and as soon as you turned around… you found Yugyeom standing right there smiling.

“Thank you,”


Yugyeom awkwardly scratched the back of his neck and continued to look at you… Did he want to say something?

Should you wait till Yugyeom finally says what’s in his mind?

You took one last look at Yugyeom and gave a small smile.

“I better get back to my date…”

You began to walk away till..


You stopped and turned around facing Yugyeom who was still looking at you.


“Do you need a ride?”

“Goodnight Yugyeom.” You said smiling and turned around and made your way back to the restaurant…

You truly loved Yugyeom… but the problem was he was your best friends boyfriend now… You respected that he was off limits even though you disagreed at first.


At last you were alone with Jackson. The two of you continued to spend a little more time with each other until his phone suddenly rang and he looked at me.

“I should take this,”

“Of course,”

You smiled and continued to look around till you noticed a tall figure standing right next to you. 

You slowly looked up and your eyes widen as you seen Yugyeom standing there… 

What the hell was he doing here? 

Shouldn’t he be with Lia?


He remains silent but continues to smile.

“What are you doing here?”

“Lia forgot her purse.”

My eyes widen and I looked at the table they were sitting and it was just there on the chair… exactly where she left it..

Of course Yugyeom came for that… it’s not like he came because he was jealous that you were on a date or anything…

You were disappointed but you still have to accept that he was taken. Jackson returned back to the table and noticed Yugyeom back so soon.

“Hey, what are you doing here again?” Jackson ask as a huge smile spreading across his face.  

“Lia kind of forgot her purse here.” Yugyeom says showing the purse in his hand and Jackson chuckled.

“Typical Lia.”

You giggled in return because you knew Lia was the type to leave her things abandoned at random places and make other find it because she’s too drunk to come and get it herself..

“Y/N.. I had a really good time, but I have to head back home. Do you need a ride?” Jackson offers but instead of letting you answer, Yugyeom cuts him off.

“I’ll take her home.”

You looked at Yugyeom with wide eyes and he looked at you.

“Are you sure? I can take her,” Jackson offers again.

“No it’s okay, she lives close by.”

No you didn’t. He was lying.

“Alright, hope to see you again.” Jackson says as he approaches you and he gets a hold of your hand and lightly kisses the top making you blush.

“Goodnight Jackson.”

“Good Night Y/N.”

He walked off and now you were alone with Yugyeom… The thing was you didn’t want to be alone with Yugyeom.. Only because you knew you were capable of doing something dumb.. 

“Should we get going?” You asked yugyeom awkwardly and he smiles and shakes his head.

“Not just yet..”


“Let’s have a drink together,”

“But don’t you have to drive home?”

“I didn’t drive here I called a cab.”

Wait what? Was this planned?


“Let’s go,” Yugyeom says interrupting you and you just stared at him and gave in.


You opened your eyes and you looked up at the white ceiling in your room… What the hell happened? How the hell did you get home?

After walking over to the bar with Yugyeom and drinking… you seem to blackout..

You slowly sat up and felt your head throb.. You had way tooo much to drink last night… You continued to rub your head and you stopped when you felt a body next to you. Your eyes widen as you slowly faced your left and seen Yugyeom laying there shirtless. You looked down at yourself and realized you were in your bra… 

What the hell happened last night?!?



Abandoned Garden Collection

Hi guys! I’ve been doing a lot lately but I decided to share with you some of my own convertions, recolor and creations. So, this is the first set, is part of my abandoned places creations. You get a lot of broken things! I convert from cyclonesue(TSR) two sets “garbage garden and viaduct set”. 

You also get some terrain paint and wall murals. Everything is shown by the pictures below.

Thanks to cyclonesue for the original meshes!

You can download all here Garden collection

Also Thanks to @sanoysims @veranka-s4cc @daer0n @conceptdesign97sims for their meshes that i use for my pictures sets.

Random things I associate Slytherin with:  

  • Abandoned places
  • Secret passageways
  • Hot chocolate with rum
  • Closed curtains
  • Dark wood parquet
  • Sitting nooks
  • Dr. Martens
  • Small spaces
  • Looking slick (or not at all)
  • Glow-in-the-dark stars
  • Green&silver crackle nail polish
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Tall pine or chestnut trees
  • Dark bookcases
  • Ivy
  • Lava lamps
  • Treasure hunts
  • Bookcase doors
  • Dark leather armchairs
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Self-control
  • Hidden hatches
  • Silver chandeliers
  • Strong words
  • The universe
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The loveliest angels @dizzygrl​ and @jesusupsidedown tagged me to do this! Thank you!! ❤️✨❤️✨❤️ (I wrote this a long time ago but I never posted it!)


❣️ 5 things you’ll find in my bag: gum, earphones, charger, wallet, chapstick

❣️ 5 things you’ll find in my room: holy water, candles, empty water bottles, vitamins, lots of school supplies

❣️ 5 things I’ve always wanted to do: go back to this park in ft lauderdale that has this really cool train, finish writing all of the books I started, feel things lmao, go to abandoned places, re-write my journal to make it pretty and give it to the person it belongs to

❣️ 5 things that make me feel happy: seeing cute pics of reptiles on my dash, when people risk their lives to help others cause it reminds me that maybe people aren’t that awful, when people talk about the things they enjoy or the things they’re passionate about, having research meetings with my psych prof/mentor cause she’s the only one that cares about my future lmao, the little ants on my night table that visit me at night (they crawl up through my electrical socket onto my computer cord and end up on my keyboard and computer screen i love them)

❣️ 5 things I’m currently into: falling asleep to paranormal storytimes, reading peer-reviewed articles about different disorders, trying to past life regress to understand why I don’t have emotions :)), trying to make myself cry cause I cant and then just end up laughing (update:this was a bad idea now i cant stop crying), listening to gross early 2000s rock to intentionally trigger myself and then just end up laughing

❣️ 5 things on my to-do list: decorate my room with antique things like porcelain dolls even though my mom thinks they’re demonic, get really old looking wallpaper, maybe get a therapist, move away, change my name, die, etc.

(tagging from my notes and recent mutuals!) (everyones sleeping right now but whatever i hope this doesnt wake anyone) I tag @contravevo @lolitabambi @sweetyp1e @love–voodoo @sentfromhell @slvtforsnvff @teddyhearted @teargrl @g00 @deepcleansingoil @lafilledeberlin @traumadeath @angelludic