abandoned photos

No place is abandoned, I tried to tell her,
Even as she showed me pictures of
Her childhood home: stone cracked by windows,
The light a panoply scattered through karst.
She weeps at buttered words, tells me of the shadows
She knows nothing bad happened there
Researched with google-fu and yet and yet and so

I gather the coin and make the trek into brambled wood
No bell, no book, no candle: just memories
My grandfather left me, half-true, quiet.
The house is half-consumed by nature
Fighting a battle it refuses to lose
Even the shadows scream of permanence.
I speak the old rites of excorcism carefully
Knowing that no place is abandoned
Not while they can be haunted, and yet
And yet I burn each memory away
And it somehow seems kinder for the loss

She is not home when I return
I think I am not surprised, wondering
What was wanted of me and if I
Too am now abandoned as well

I walked by a Street of abandoned houses tonight and I saw that the door was open to one of them and I took a picture with the flash on and if you look really closely, it looks like a figure is standing in the door way and another is in the window. I also think that’s the same house I’ve walked by in the day light once before where I swear I heard a child screaming.



Abandoned Playboy House

These are the sinister photos of an abandoned swingers mansion, covered in broken glass and daubed in graffiti. The house, in Chattanooga, Tenn., was the former home of strip club owner Billy Hull, who was jailed for murder in the ’70s. In 1972, nearly 10,000 people visited the mansion, which was famous for the bunny-shaped pool that took up nearly half the house. (Caters)

Photography by Abandoned Southeast/Caters News

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The Abandoned Island of Hashima also known as Battleship Island(Gunkanjima)

founded in 1887 its industry was based around it’s undersea coal mines. in 1974 the mines closed after the coal resources were depleted. and almost overnight the islands population left for the mainland leaving behind a concrete time capsule that went untouched for nearly three decades.