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Abandoned Six Flags (New Orleans, Louisiana) 

ADDRESS: Village De L'Est Area, New Orleans, LA 70129

COORDINATES: 30.051111, -89.934417

Six Flags New Orleans (SFNO) is an abandoned amusement park in New Orleans. It sits on a 140-acre property, and was once home to twenty-one theme park rides, with six still standing. The park closed in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina struck the South. 

**Beware: This theme park is both surrounded by water and has many ponds that are home to alligators. While they are not known to attack, it’s better to be cautious. 

starlit-lullaby  asked:

Just out of curiosity because I know you love this animatronic in particular, but do you know if Jocco is still there? I know most of the animatronics on that ride got stolen and Jocco was left there to rot a bit, but I'm genuinely curious if Jocco somehow got taken too.

Hiya. Yes I do love Jocco <3 So because I love him and I was curious too, I looked into this and the Jocco animatronic on top of the ride has been stolen too. 

There were two Jocco animatronics that survived after Hurricane Katrina. The big Jocco on top of the ride and one of the Jocco animatronics inside the ride. 

The inside of the ride has basically been gutted so the smaller animatronic probably disappeared when that happened. 

As for the bigger Jocco on top of the ride looks like he disappeared sometime in 2011 because if you look at pics from that time on flickr then you can see he’s no longer there. I wonder what happened to him? 

Here he is in Feb 2011 almost falling off the ride :///

and then in Aug 2011 he has gone

Another shot from March 2012 (hes still gone) 

Poor Jocco. There’s a great video on youtube of the ride when it was operating and you can see how cool the Jocco animatronics were: 


I just wanna add that somewhere in the abandoned six flags new orleans park this message has been left (perhaps about Jocco XD)

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Another of my favorite buildings by Kevin O'Mara


Six Flags Jazzland - New Orleans, Louisiana 

 Severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina, Six Flags Jazzland has been abandoned since. Several of the rides still stand, a testimony to the resilience of New Orleans. Several companies have plans to develop the park, but until then it will remain as the perfect setting for a horror movie.

Outer buildings of Exhibit Be, New Orleans, LA. “ I found myself painting in forgotten places often, that lead me to Degaulle Manor a 360 unit apartment complex, abandoned since Katrina. This time my paint sessions was met with a unique opportunity. One day while painting, the owner of the property stumbled upon me, in that exchange I talked my way into permission to temporarily transform the property and invite the public, Exhibit BE was born. I called on 35 street artist to help me turn the abandoned walls to one of the largest street art exhibits in the south. Over the course of 3 months, over 30,000 people came and experienced the space.” -BMike, predominant artist and producer of the exhibit.

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