abandoned neighborhood


Tacocat got a new sister! Her name is Xiao-mei and she takes no nonsense from anybody! She was abandoned in our neighborhood. Taco wants to be best friends but respects that Xiao-mei is not quite there yet.

prompt 747

Making people believe the unbelievable is no trick; it’s work. … Belief and reader absorption come in the details: An overturned tricycle in the gutter of an abandoned neighborhood can stand for everything.

                                         —Stephen King

To the intrepid writers who did Nano this year: Congratulations and keep fighting the good fight!


Guess who found a plot hole?

So I was rereading the chapters of Killing Stalking to avoid the pain of reading Chapter 17 spoilers–I tell myself every week I’m not going to read them and I do anyways. 

And I noticed something odd in chapter 1. Remember when Yoobum is figuring out the codes and the cops almost catch him? Remember the excuse they made as to why they were doing patrols?

Well here it is:

There were illegal trespassers in the area. 

Illegal trespassers in an abandoned neighborhood that couldn’t hear Yoobum screaming for help but somehow managed to make a report to the cops about the problems in the area. Strange, isn’t it?

Cops typically ignore places that are abandoned even if they are filled with vagabonds unless the place intends to be renovated. Yet, that hardly seems to be the case or else there would be construction. 

So this is one of the first plot holes I’ve ever catch so I’m very proud and i hope no one takes it away from me or if you, please do it kindly.


Up until a few years ago, it was entirely possible to properly explore this dark blue house on Elkmont’s Society Hill neighborhood without worrying about the structure caving in. When I had first explored it, the living room floor was already beginning to sink and the ceiling was surprisingly intact, save for a few random holes here and there. Over time, the floor had buckled after years of rain and high humidity had taken their toll on the decaying structure. All that remains of this pitiful house is a crumbling outer shell, a rotting husk of its former glory.

Walking Dead AU

For the past three months, Luna, Mal, Alex, Chara, Frisk, Dick, and Damian have been living in an abandoned neighborhood during the apocalypse. During that time, Dick and Mal have grown closer. Luna and Dami at least trust each other. And Alex…keeps getting hurt by Chara after flirting with her. Otherwise, all is as peaceful as it gets.

During late fall, Luna and Mal go searching for food while the boys hold down the fort at the house with the kids.


blue neighborhood aesthetics:

abandoned swimming pools, cuddling, bare feet in cool grass, sparklers at three am illuminating the sky. neon lights, watercolor paints, stolen kisses behind bleachers, powder paint fights, late night conversations, jar glasses filled with candles, trees full of fairy lights, sunsets on the beach, hands gripping to each other as if the world may end if they let go, long car rides, the smell of ink and rain, making out slowly to old vinyls, nowhere to go, nothing to be, pure freedom 

Buzzed (Lexark)

It may have been the end of the world, but they were still teenagers and they still wanted to have fun whenever they could. It was late one night when Nick suggested they go to one of the nearby abandoned houses in the neighborhood with the alcohol they had managed to get from the store and just have a fun evening.

Nick, Chris, Alicia, and Elyza walked into the house with a box of alcohol and a plan to just forget that the world was falling apart at their feet. They set up a table in the living room and it was Elyza who suggested a little game. “Flip cup, me and Alicia verses you and Chris.”

Nick looked at both girls and narrowed his eyes. “What are the stakes?” Nick always liked to play for something big, something about having an addictive personality.

“I’ll give Chris seven minutes in heaven.” Elyza wiggled her eyebrows in the younger boys direction. He rolled his eyes at her, but didn’t object to the prize. “And you can have my stash of smokes.” Elyza returned her attention to Nick.

“But if we win I get your smokes and Alicia gets Chris’ video camera.” Chris opened his mouth like he was going to protest, but before he could Nick stuck out his hand and smiled. “Deal.” Elyza grabbed his hand and grinned. “Great.” She looked over at Alicia and winked.

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Insanity Clan’s refuge - Osaka - 2.40 a.m - CHAPTER 1

Kaito’s Chevrolet arrived silently from the rusty roads of an abandoned Osaka’s neighborhood, lighting up the walls of the old warehouse. The Insanity Clan had found a refuge there after a robbery gone bad in Pounawea. The police had arrested Seven and Rogue during the heist, the other members  had managed to escape. Paying corrupt cops, Daryl had managed to let Rogue get out of prison, but things didn’t go well for Seven, which had been again transferred to a psychiatric hospital. She stayed there for one year, while the Clan lived in Osaka into the Kaito’s old warehouse, that they transformed in a house. Seven got released a week ago. Kaito came to pick her up at the airport, and now she’s about to see again the rest of the Clan.

Kaito: So…Here we are. It’s not a castle, but I swear it is a nice place to live. You will get used.

Seven had been silent throughout the journey. She was not angry with kaito, she was angry with his brother. And with Ace. They would have to find a way to get her out of that hell, they would have to care about her.

Seven: I’m used to live in the crap.

Kaito: Seven…You’ll be fine here. You’re with us now.

He smiled, he knew how much she suffered. She had the right to be angry. But he also knew that every single member of the clan tried everyday to take her away from that hospital, without any success. 

They entered the house by an external staircase, coming directly upstairs . Kaito showed Seven her room, it was the largest one. Daryl brought there some of her stuff, including some posters from her old room in Pounawea, to make her feel at home.

Kaito: “And this is my room. And Ace’s…He’s not here now, don’t get wet”

Seven: “Fuck you. You know what? I will sleep in this room tonight. I want to pee on the asshole’s bed”

Kaito shook his head as he walked downstairs.

Kaito: “That’s the kitchen. And on that table we usually play majong…or poker. We’re bored most of the time, Daryl don’t let us do anything dangerous for the moment, the police is still looking for us. Ace bought two clubs in Osaka, he’s trying to raise some money and make bussinesses with the local gangsters. He’s always away from home, but Nike keeps me company.

Seven: “Jesus, Nike lives with us? Where is she!? And oh…This kitchen sucks.”

Sitting at the dining table, in the dark, there was Daryl. He was smoking a cigarette, he didn’t say a word.

Kaito: “Yes, she’s sleeping upstairs in her room. She’s drunk as fuck…And…yes. Daryl is here…Hello Daryl?”

Daryl: “Hi sister…”

Seven: “I don’t want to talk to you. Stay away from me.”

Kaito: “He just wanted to see y..”

Daryl: “Doesn’t matter. Goodnight.”

He left the house without looking at her sister’s face. Seven’s eyes were covered with tears of anger.


Sorry for my english. Seriously.