abandoned neighborhood

five places to die

5. a ditch

style, charisma, slightly damp and classically British, does lack some nuance 7/10

4. a dark forest

steamy, the erotic deteriorating leaf experience you’re looking for, somewhat edging on overdone, 6.9/10

3. a nondescript parking lot

woof, chills, this is the oblique whiskey-drenched obituary you want going for you, elegant and yet robust, 9/10

2. an open field during the harvest moon

almost a little too romantic, but this is still the farmer down-home boy experience that will leave your neighbors wondering if you were a witch, 8/10

1.  The bottom of a dry swimming pool during summer

original enough to be fun, and recommended for those who want a more oblique experience, an abandoned neighborhood or church is ideal, 8.5/10

masterlist of creepy setting ideas
  • a sideshow / freakshow;
  • a ghost town;
  • a convenience store;
  • a big city at 4am;
  • a river neighborhood;
  • an abandoned high school;
  • the last train car;
  • the spot under a big bridge that time doesn’t touch;
  • an airport in the dead of night;
  • a gas station off a turnpike;
  • a supermarket during a snowstorm;
  • an old mansion near a southern swamp;
  • a beach where strange things keep washing ashore;
  • a driveway in suburbia at midnight.
31 Horrific Days [October Writing Challenge]

So it’s still September, BUT the month of Halloween is quickly approaching and I figured some people may like to get a head start on this so they have things to post! Here are 31 prompts for writing, one for each day of October. Skip any days that irk you or that you just don’t have the time and energy for, but feel free to use the tag #31horrificdays so others can see your work! As always, the prompts are up for interpretation and are meant to inspire a plot rather than dictate how it goes - all fandoms, original characters, or even a changing cast is more than welcome! [I may do a part 2 of vague, one-word prompts for those who want something more flexible].

  1. The character goes out on a date (or an outing with a friend) and comes home late that night to see all of their furniture moved/stacked oddly, rotten food in the fridge, but no signs of entry or security issues.
  2. The character learns through conversation that one of their friends hates Halloween.
  3. The character is distressed from several nights of nightmares/sleep paralysis, all of which leave them waking up terrified. Eventually, what they see in their dreams start to blend into reality.
  4. Write a story about supernatural happenings.. from the POV of a character’s pet.
  5. Write a story about a character receiving threatening letters in the mailbox that keep getting scarier and more dangerous every day through the month.
  6. The character, along with one or more others, decide to visit a local haunted house attraction that’s just opened up.
  7. Halloween is rolling around and an odd fair has come to town with all manner of old-fashioned clowns, fire-eaters, and jugglers. The character(s) get their hands on tickets to see the show and cannot resist.
  8. After hearing about an abandoned house in the neighborhood that was supposedly the scene of a gruesome crime years earlier, the character and a friend or two decide to explore the property.
  9. A fun, creepy night of urban exploration gets the character(s) into trouble.
  10. While spending some time at the beach at night, the character comes across something else moving near the shore, something that may or may not be human at all.
  11. The character didn’t plan on any costume for Halloween this year, but their best friend/partner wants to go shopping for the perfect costumes, perhaps even as a themed pair.
  12. Write a plot about a character meeting a fae creature, but realizing they aren’t as pretty and delicate as the fairy tales made them believe.
  13. After watching a horror movie, the character claims there weren’t scared at all. However, once the house is quiet and dark, they’re suddenly hiding under their covers in fear.
  14. With Halloween approaching, weird people have been hanging around town. Very weird people. ‘People in masks standing outside of houses’ weird people, including the character’s house.
  15. Two character end up in a battle over which is better: ghostly horror movies or monster movies?
  16. After the death of a friend or family member, the character (and possibly one or a few others) finds a hidden trap door in their home while cleaning out their belongings. Inside, they uncover secrets the deceased was hiding.
  17. The character makes a new friend who claims to be an actual witch. They end up proving it to them with an impressive display of magic (if the preferred character is actually a witch, feel free to change the POV)
  18. The character ends up locked in another reality where everything around them is just a bit ‘off’, as well as the fact that no one seems to recognize them. Then they meet one other character who does remember them, and appears to be going through the same thing.
  19. The character has a run-in with someone from their past; someone they know for a fact has been dead for years.
  20. The character has had a near-death experience, and is seeing a few moments between worlds before they’re brought back to life.
  21. The character(s) have a run-in with an odd trick-or-treater a week before Halloween, but the eerie child refuses to leave their doorstep
  22. The character, along with one other, travels to the Suicide Forest in Japan (or another famous haunted wilderness of writer’s choice) and uncovers something grisly, or perhaps even gets lost and disoriented. 
  23. The muse meets up with an old friend or family member, and together they find home videos from their childhood Halloweens. This could be either a heartwarming experience, or an eerie one if they see something spooky they didn’t remember from their past.
  24. The character starts a brand new job, but quickly learns that there are warnings that come with the job. No wonder they can’t keep employees for more than a few days.
  25. The character (one or more others are optional as well) has been kidnapped and locked in a cellar, trying to find the means of escape.
  26. Write a ghost story including any characters of your choice, with one twist: the story takes place in a past decade or century.
  27. The character has just moved to a new city and isn’t familiar with anyone or anything. As they’re taking a walk late at night to relieve their stress, they have an eerie feeling that they’re being followed down every block.
  28. Write a horror plot centered around a gas station (petrol station).
  29. The character lost a beloved pet a year earlier, and finally decides it’s time to bring home a new shelter pet to love. They’re magnetically drawn to one animal in particular, but once they take it home, they start to suspect that this animal may not be ordinary at all.
  30. Write a story from the perspective of a legendary monster (lagoon creature, zombie, sea monster, yeti, etc)
  31. It’s Halloween night - write a story about a costume party or get-together going terribly wrong.
“Traditions” Carl Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 2,742

Carl Grimes x Reader, Maggie and Glenn x Adopted Daughter Reader

Summary: When you and Carl sneak out of Alexandria to “explore”, you find more than you bargained for in an abandoned house.

Warning: Fluff, drug use (marijuana), mentions of sex, implied smut, language, angry parents lol

Originally posted by monasax

“Are we still meeting up tonight?” You ask Carl as you hold Judith, bouncing her up and down on your hip.

“Yeah. We just have to be more careful this time. My dad almost caught me sneaking back in last time.” Carl says, taking Judith from your hands.

You and Carl had been dating ever since you got to Alexandria, and ever since you two got here, you’d sneak out a few times a week to go “exploring” outside of the walls. More often than not, you’d end up just going to the cabin that was a few miles outside of Alexandria to have sex, but occasionally you two actually went exploring around the abandoned neighborhoods. It was sort of a tradition now.

“I’m surprised I haven’t got caught yet. Maggie and Glenn are always up at random hours of the night for god knows why.” You respond. You and your parents were a part of Rick’s group ever since the beginning, but they had gotten killed during the attack of Hershel’s farm. Ever since then, Glenn and Maggie have acted as parents towards you, and you couldn’t be more thankful.

“Probably because they want to wait until you’re asleep to-“

“Ah, stop there.” You put a finger to Carl’s lips, making him laugh. “I don’t want to think about that.”

“If you can’t talk about it, you shouldn’t be having it.” Carl said in a mocking tone, repeating what Maggie had once told the two of you when she had walked in on a rather heated moment.

“Ah, shut up.” You playfully roll your eyes.

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At the very southernmost tip of Illinois, the pancake flat cornfields give way to the rolling, forested hills of the Delta.

Here, at the windy confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, it feels more southern than Midwest when you arrive at the old river port and factory town of Cairo, once made famous in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

But Twain might not recognize Cairo today. In the past three decades, his hometown lost half its population. Alexander County is not only the poorest county in Illinois; it’s also one of the fastest depopulating counties in the United States.

Tired Of Promises, A Struggling Small Town Wants Problems Solved

Photos by Kirk Siegler/NPR


Tacocat got a new sister! Her name is Xiao-mei and she takes no nonsense from anybody! She was abandoned in our neighborhood. Taco wants to be best friends but respects that Xiao-mei is not quite there yet.

A Loving Family (Part One)

- a serial dadvid + Mafia Family Au-

The name stemmed from the Vagabond.

Mad Prince.

It was almost laughable really, to compare the two.

The Vagabond demanded respect, whether he was regular Ryan, or the masked murderer that Los Santos had simultaneously feared and adored.

Though those words seem contradictory, the Fakes brought as much peace as they did chaos. With every gang they tore down the safer the dark alleys and mostly abandoned neighborhoods got, but every battle leading up to the final showdown was nothing but mayhem.

The casualties would grow to triple digits and heists performed by the Fake AH Crew would fill the city with rage.

But by the time Geoff and his kids cut off the head of the beast, the city would rejoice as their own children wouldn’t need to fear walking home from school.

And then there was David, submissive in every sense, loved by most but disrespected by all. Well, all who didn’t know about his reputation he held amongst the biggest crime bosses in America.

David always allowed Max and the other campers to walk all over him. Even at work he was looked down upon, trodden on by his coworkers and given side jobs he wasn’t payed for.

They saw him as a lackey, a nobody. A naive kid with his head so far in the clouds that anyone could get the drop on him.

But Max always knew the switch, when the light clicked and cobwebbed cogs began to turn. Max knew better than to test him, because he was no longer David much like The Vagabond wasn’t Ryan. That’s when David became somebody.

“Both strong and weak,” Max thought as he watched the two talk. Argue really, by the way David’s hands were flailing. But it was hard to make out through the tinted wind shield.

Ryan glanced at him and offered Max the closest thing to a smile when Max stepped into the car, which did nothing but unsettle Max since Uncle Ryan never bothered with formalities.
The Vagabond dabbled in them from time to time depending on the subject he was presented.

Max narrowed his eyes and stared hard at the blond haired man.

They were close, closer than Ryan was with anybody else, but Max knew that he couldn’t trust The Vagabond.

Ryan, yes. Ryan knew all of Max’s secretes, of the past David had only known about until the Fake’s showed up.

David glanced at Max through the rear view mirror, pride racing through him as he witnessed Max immediately tense in the King’s presence.

Max was intelligent of course, but David was glad to see Max demonstrating his sense of ‘street smarts’ by showing caution when dealing with the alternate ego that wore Ryan’s face.

Max met David’s glance,“What’s going on?”

David pulled out of the school’s parking lot, his knuckles white from the grip on the steering wheel.

Ryan glanced at him, noting the tense posture.

David noted Ryan noting him.

Ryan noted David noting him noting David.

Max hated this game.

“What’s the fuck is going on?” Max repeated, voice more forceful.

The two both snapped out of their match.

“Wanna grab lunch at the diner?” David seemingly snapped back to his usual cheerful self but Max knew something was still wrong.

“That’s fine.” Max straightened up and checked his phone absentmindedly, knowing he wasn’t going to get a straight answer until they arrived at the local diner.

Ryan sighed, and proceeded to look out the window. He didn’t bother to check his phone, he knew he had over a hundred texts from the crew. Almost all the texts begging him to stop.

“Oh fuck.” Max replied, eyes wide as he stared down at the table. He dipped his French fry in the small plastic cup filled with ketchup.

Ryan tried to asses Max’s reaction, but determined it useless. Max was a closed book when he wanted to be, even to Ryan, and only David could lift the cover and turn the page in these situations.

“You don’t have to, I don’t even want you too. It won’t help in the end run.” The last sentence was said more to Ryan with a hateful spit, who in turn scoffed.

“It’s his father, David. We take him too the scene and we take down the crew it’s that simple!”
“No it’s not!” David yelled, not caring about the attention he was drawing.

Max looked away, eyes staring at the orange and black decoration that covered the walls of the diner. He usually liked this time of year.

“Stray bullet? He dies. Deal goes wrong? He dies? You don’t think this through, like you’re doing now, he fucking dies!” David emphasized his words by pounding his fist on the table.

They were the only ones in the diner, the waitress and cook were too caught up in there conversation to notice the rowdy customers in the corner.

Mad Prince, the Sleepy Peak Slasher. Max’s shoulders tensed, but he kept his eyes averted.

The staff had carved out pumpkins and set them in the windows of the diner, Max thought it had its own sense of tacky charm in a good way.

“David, its the best bet. We do this and it’s nothing but peace in Los Santos. And Max’s mom can come back.” He let the words linger in the air.

“But maybe that’s what you’re afraid of.” Ryan’s voice was monotoned, and Max wished he had spoke the words with some sort of inflection.

A dark look overcame David’s face, a signal that this conversation had gone far enough.

“I’m calling Geoff.” Max piped up, tearing his eyes away from the diner interior to glance between the two that were caught up in a staring match.

Neither said a word, Max pushed away from
the table and stepped outside the diner. The bell that chimed above the door was the only sign that he had exited.

Max pulled out his phone, quickly responding to a text from Nikki and Neil who were excited for the upcoming camping trip before the fall season set in.

He didn’t notice the car pulling up.

He typed in Geoff’s number, listening to the ring as he focused his attention to crushing the bright orange leaf that skittered to a stop in front of him.

He couldn’t feel the eyes staring at him, the eyes waiting for confirmation.

“Did you say yes?” Geoff shouted so loud that Max had to pull the phone away from his ear.

“I missed you too.” Max sighed at the crude greeting, and turned to face the window of the diner looking past the carved pumpkins to where he could see David resisting the urge to choke Ryan.

“They’re fucking arguing right now like babies so I haven’t said anything yet. Can you come by? We are at the diner and I really wanna go home. They’re just being assholes.”

How could he have heard the approaching footsteps?

“Yeah, we’ll head that way. But get ready to have an ear full from Gavin. Someone brought another million dollar question.” He added false enthusiasm to the last sentence and Max could practically see him rolling his eyes.

Max groaned loudly, and Geoff laughed at his reaction. Max began to say his good bye when a gloved hand tapped his shoulder.

“Hold on- yeah?” There was no hesitation or pause. It happened all so fast.

The ski masked man grabbed him while the other man snatched his phone letting it clatter onto the side walk.

Max screamed and protested, kicking and fighting to gain his freedom. But they were already forcing him through the car door by the time Max got out of the initial shock.

They were arguing in the diner, and Geoff was too far away.

Max could faintly make out Geoff’s voice from his phone, he was probably screaming his head off after hearing the emotion.

Max fought to get out of the car, even getting as far as hanging out the door and screaming for help.

Max was forced into the middle of the seat, where they frantically pulled at his limbs to wrap the rope around his small wrists.

The door shut and they drove away.

David and Ryan didn’t even notice until Geoff bursted through the door of the diner, the rest of the FAHC tow.

They had to knock Max out after he resorted to biting, and his head ached as his eyes slowly opened. The room was dark except for a small blinking red light that was eye level in front of him. It stood a few feet away and took no time at all to determine it was a threat.

He shifted in his chair and the slightest movement made his head swim.

He could feel a heavy, tight weight around his chest. He knew it had to be ropes.

He and David would train consistently, how to make a weapon out of common items found in an interrogation room, how to escape from zip ties, and how to hide in a crowded room.

But Max’s mind was void of any information involving ropes, and it was almost laughable.

How could they have not covered that?

Max groaned as he tugged at the ropes, he wiggled but they didn’t budge.

He screamed. He rocked the chair. He kicked at the chair legs and then the air, hoping to connect with something that could help him get a feel of his surrounding.

The small red light blinked at him, and he returned the gesture. He was stuck and panicking in a completely dark room.

“David! Uncle Ryan! Uncle Geoff!” No response.

“Jack! Aunt Jack!” Where was he, where was he, where the hell was he.

“Fuck! Michael! Gavin! Jeremy!” He could feel the prickling of tears, his chest was beating so fast. His eyes were so heavy and tired but he forced them to stay open.

There was an odd crackling that filled the air, as if static breaking through a radio. Max stayed stock still waiting, the tears that ran down his face and the fast rise and fall of his chest were the only movement that could be found in the room

“Max? Scout? It’s Dad!”

“David? Where am I?” Max yelled, David voice was coming from next to the red light.

“Max, I want you to calm down,” It was suddenly Jack now, “Take a few deep breaths, baby.”

Max did as she said since no one ever disobeyed Jack.

“Where am I? Where are you guys?“ He said again once his heart had resumed a relatively calm pace.

“We don’t know yet, but we’re working on it, kid. We are at home, trying to get you back. Are you hurt?” Jeremy’s voice rang through.

“My head hurts a fuck ton, and I’m tired but I’m fine. The room’s completely dark.”

“You’re in a room, for sure?” Gavin piped up.

“Yes, I’m fucking sure Gavin! The room’s small, no echo.”

Michael was next to talk after a bout of silence.

“Max, you can’t see anything?”

“A red light, but it’s small and flashing. The rooms completely dark.”

“You said a small red light? Like one on a camcorder?” Ryan asked.


Max could hear whispering on the other end of the device, static crackling too loud for him to hear the exact details.

“I’m coming, Max. We are going to track the location and we are going to come and find you. I promise.” David’s voice sounded hoarse as though he’d been crying.

“Okay.” Because what else could he say?

His head pounded and his eyes grew heavier.

He heard more murmuring, on the other end and Max let the dull staticy voices lull him to sleep.

I hate that when I talk about my mlm projects everyone is supporting and my askbox is overflooded by ‘Tell me more!’ and ‘I can’t wait’ messages while when I mention a wlw book in progress the season is shifting, the streets clear up, I’m all alone in an abandonned neighborhood, my askbox is painfully empty and the only thing I get are four hate messages with ‘Ew, lesbians’ or ‘don’t encourage it’ - like when did society decide mlm stories were more worth than wlw? When did we all put wlw stories as forbidden literature on our blacklists that are only spoken about in hushed voices? 

Learning To Live-Part One.


Request: ‘Hey there love your writing so so much!! I was wondering if I could get a fic where the reader hasn’t seen another human being since before the apocalypse and thinks they’re the last human alive. When ricks group finds them they’re in terrible condition and can’t speak. Ricks group takes them into Alexandria and helps them learn how to live somewhat normally again but they still can’t talk. Daryl especially takes an interest in them and ends up being the first person they talk to months later.:)’-anon
Word Count: 2,873
Characters: Reader, Rick, Daryl, Alexandria Group to follow
Warnings: Language, Thoughts Of Dying/Suicide, Minor Violence

A/N: First of all thank you SO much to the anon who sent me this request! I am in LOVE with this idea and am definitely going to make this into a multi-part story! The first part sets up the whole story and the parts to follow will continue with the rest of the request! Feel free to send me your thoughts or more requests and if you’d like to be tagged in the next parts! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Two and a half years.
Or nine hundred and fifty days.
Or one hundred and thirty five weeks.
Or thirty one months.
Or twenty two thousand, eight hundred hours.

No matter how you wanted to spin it, the world as you knew it, no longer existed. The dead had taken it over and there was no way of getting it back. How it had happened, no one would ever know. There were plenty of guesses in the beginning. Some sort of disease? Chemical warfare? A punishment from a higher being? Or maybe just the way it was always supposed to end? All were possibilities but there was no one left to figure it out. It just happened, and happened quickly. Once it started it was like a tidal wave, destroying everything in it’s path. Towns were taken over in a matter of days, cities followed soon after, then entire states. Once the military couldn’t hold back the seas of rotting corpses, the government soon fell. And with that, so did every single human being on Earth.

Except for you.

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You know what might be interesting? A Transformers series where the token humans have no clue they exist. Any time we see the human, it’s in the foreground of something alien going on. We see them trying to talk to a crush? Completely oblivious to Megatron in the distance fighting with Optimus. Walking home from school with a sibling/group of friends? Bumblebee is zipping around trying to avoid being seen by a rival. Goes to the local abandoned factory/neighborhood/whatever to be alone and have a dramatic moment of self discovery? Completely oblivious to the destruction around them as the Autobots and Decepticons battle it out.
We only see glimpses of this human, and it’s usually to laugh at how oblivious the people around the area are.
This sounded better in my head. Idk.

cuteshirokuma  asked:

I need the full story of how that happened

Core Frisk: here, you guys kinda qualify as people I need to rescue, so have this little segment of the omega timeline to stay in (leaves)

Nightmare: it’s so empty… so boring…

Error: (internally freaking out because it reminds him of the anti-void)

Kevin: cluck





Error: isn’t that illegal?


Cross: but really don’t worry there are plenty of abandoned houses in all the AUs, no one will notice.

And so they went to an inexplicably abandoned neighborhood in a random AU. And not only did they take a random house, but they scavenged through all the other houses and took other things.

Cross: heck yehhhhhh

Nightmare: this is literally amazing

Error: something seems wrong about this

They also stole a chicken house from somewhere at some point.

Here is the lowdown on the history of Elkmont, which has been receiving a lot of attention lately due to a recent online article talking about the “discovery” of a forgotten town in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The picture you see here was taken in the Daisy Town neighborhood in October of 2012.

Elkmont’s history begins sometime around 1908, when the Little River Logging Company operated in what would soon become the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Prior to the logging outfit’s presence in Elkmont, this little town was a sleepy farming community high in the mountains. The logging company’s actions drastically changed the landscape of the Smokies. They logged the ancient virgin forests and created vast, clear cut areas. Life in Elkmont was not easy, at least not at first. The economy now revolved around the lumber industry and by this time, a railroad, machine shop, post office, homes, and other buildings were built here. Being a logger was dangerous work and included many risks. Elkmont is also the site of a notorious train wreck that happened in 1909 which involved a logging train manned by engineer Gordon A. “Daddy” Bryson. The train lost control on a downhill grade and it derailed, killing both men. During the 1920s, most of the good timber had been harvested from the Smokies. Since the lumber company could no longer cut quality timber in Elkmont, they decided to move elsewhere in search of more timber. The lumber company soon moved operations to Middle Prong, which is upstream from the former town of Tremont. The railroad was removed and a make shift road was put in its place.

In 1910, Elkmont was also a slowly developing resort town that eventually became known as the “Appalachian Club”. Members of this club built many cabins of different architectural styles along a path which started at the Wonderland Club. Elkmont became a well-known destination for tourists who were making their way through the area and the resort provided a rustic charm and comfort for visitors.

In 1926, Congress passed a law which authorized the creation of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Elkmont had began another era in its history–from being a logging camp to quaint resort town and to National Park property. The property owners at Elkmont were offered long term leases and the Appalachian and the Wonderland Club were taken by the state and were sold for half their value. The long term leases were relinquished in 1952 for 20 year leases, which would allow enough time to bring electricity to Elkmont. The leases were renewed in 1972 and even though some of the buildings were given longer leases, the last of them expired in 2001. In 1994, Elkmont was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Fic: What she had to do

Here’s my post-5x18 fic. I wanted to explore what Felicity was thinking a bit in the episode and why she wasn’t there with Digg when he talked to Oliver. And then of course, I couldn’t leave it at a sad point so I had to add some future spec. :) Read it on Ao3 or below. Enjoy!

What she had to do

Felicity rolled over with a groan. Probably the worst night of sleep she had in a while – and that wasn’t saying much because she hadn’t really slept well since her breakup with Oliver.

It had been almost a year now, and she still missed sleeping in his arms. She couldn’t seem to…settle without him.

Thinking of Oliver gave her a sharp pain in her chest. She closed her eyes again and tried to push the images of him staggering into the bunker yesterday after he was released from Chase’s torture. He couldn’t even look at her. Despite the end of their romantic relationship, they had remained friends and had at least always had eye contact.

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Birthday Ghosts Hunters Extraordinaire - Weevilo707 - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Dave Strider, Karkat Vantas, John Egbert
Additional Tags: Humanstuck, Ghost Hunters, not really - Freeform, just a bunch of kids trying to be, davekat - Freeform, If You Squint - Freeform, Haunted Houses, Pranks

John drags his two best friends to help him find evidence of a ghost in an old abandoned house in their neighborhood.

John is excited, Karkat is terrified, and Dave is sure that this whole thing is extremely stupid.

A super fun commission from @Floralmarsupial. I hope you like it!!