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A Perfect Storm 14

Characters:  Dean, Reader, Cas

Summary:  Reader is an actress on the show Supernatural.  What happens when she’s ripped from her world and thrust into the real world of Sam and Dean?

Word Count:  830 

Warnings:  Language

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A Perfect Storm Part 14

Slowly waking in the lumpy motel bed, you roll over to see Cas sitting in a chair right beside you. Just fucking watching you.

“Have you been watching me all night?” you ask as you sit up.

“I don’t require sleep. And you look peaceful when you sleep,” the angel says earnestly.

“Not gonna lie Cas. That’s kinda creepy.”

“My apologies. Are you ready for your training?”

“Coffee, Cas. I need coffee. I may be half angel, but the half human part of me requires caffeine before rigorous training,” you say.

“I’ll be back shortly.” With that, Cas disappears.

Dean exits the bathroom, toothbrush in hand. “You ready for this, (Y/N)?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” you say with a sigh, pushing your hair out of your eyes.  

Cas returns, a tray of coffees and bagels in hand.  “Cas, you’re an angel,” you say, standing up and kissing him on the cheek. You can’t be certain, but it looks like Cas blushes slightly. Dean giggles at the expression on the angel’s face.

Dressing quickly, you chug your coffee and scarf down a bagel.  “Let’s do this,” you say, strapping your boots on your feet.  

Dean crosses the room to where you stand with Cas. “I’m coming too.” Neither of you protest. Cas, likely, because he knows Dean won’t back down. You, because you want the support.

“Okay,” Cas nods. “First lesson, teleportation. I know you’ve gone a short distance, but now you need to transport all three of us farther. This planet should be geographically the same as yours. Envision some place open, secluded, where we can train. When you’re ready, grab hold of myself and Dean and take us there.”

Closing your eyes, you think for a moment. Ah, there it is. Reaching out, you grab each man by the arms and zap the three of you out of the motel room.


“What is this place?” Dean says when you drop his arm.  

“It’s an abandoned naval weapons base. Not far from where I grew up. It was shut down long before I was born. Just acres upon acres of abandoned fields,” you explain, gesturing to the open field surrounding you.

“This is perfect,” Cas agrees. “Let’s try telepathy. I know you’ve been able to talk to me and to Jesse. Let’s see if you can communicate with Dean.”

“I…uh, is that okay?” you ask the hunter. “It feels invasive, somehow.”

He gives you a cocky grin. “I’m an open book, sweetheart!”

You giggle as Cas explains. “You’ll be able to read Dean’s thoughts, but you can’t communicate with him, because he’s not a telepath. Concentrate and see if you can hear what he’s saying.”

Closing your eyes, you again imagine an invisible thread between the two of you. Where the thread between you and Jesse was red, the thread to Dean is green, similar to the color of his eyes. Interesting. Many different emotions roll off the hunter, complex and deep. Concentrating harder, you sift through the emotions and focus on his thoughts. “You’re good. We got this. By the way, your ass looks great in those jeans.”

The last sentence catches you off guard, and you burst out laughing, severing the connection. “Shut up, Dean!” you exclaim.

Shrugging, he smirks at you. “Didn’t actually say anything, doll.”

You roll your eyes before turning to receive more instructions from the angel. The rest of the morning is spent working on improving your skills. You learn to move objects with your mind. You discover that your strength is growing. You are even able to summon your grace to destroy objects, practicing on rocks and eventually a small boulder.

As the morning turns to afternoon, your energy begins to wane. Emotionally and physically you are drained. “Cas, it’s break time,” Dean tells the angel when he notices you starting to slow down.

“Yes, of course. Just one more thing.” Cas produces a short sword. It’s similar to an angel blade, but it’s longer. It’s not overly ornate, but it beautiful in its simplistic detailing. The handle is curved and there is Enochian lettering etched into the blade. “This is your father’s sword, the sword of Michael.”

Dean’s mouth drops open. “Wait, I thought I was the sword of Michael.”

“Figuratively, yes, Dean, that is correct. This is Michael’s literal sword. It now belongs to you, (Y/N).”

Reaching out tentatively, you take the sword into your hand. It molds to your palm and it feels almost alive, as if you can feel the archangel’s power thrumming through it. A faint blue light emanates from it.

“It will serve you well, (Y/N),” Cas says, looking impressed with the way the sword reacts to you.  

“Thank you, Cas,” you whisper, in awe of the power you hold in your hands. Feeling infinitely more confident in your abilities to face Jesse in the coming battle, you whisk Dean and Cas out of the field and back to the motel.

Part 15  Sam and Riley

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nottabot  asked:

What do you think about Lucy's and Aquarius's relationship?

Lucy and Aquarius’ relationship highlights one important distinction between Lucy’s magic and everyone else’s.

When she calls out Celestial Spirits, she’s not pulling out cool moves or humanoid weapons.

She’s summoning people to help her. People with their own personalities, quirks, feelings, and lives.

People who can be in a bad mood (Aquarius, most of the time), unavailable (Loke in Edolas), or unreliable (Aquarius ditches Lucy during the battle with Angel and the Naval Battle to go on a date with Scorpio).

Aquarius was the first Celestial Spirit we ever saw Lucy summon, and Mashima, I think, delighted in subverting our expectations. Here’s this gorgeous mermaid come all the way from another dimension to help Lucy and—

—the first thing Aquarius says is, “tch”. Then she tells Lucy she’ll kill her if Lucy drops her key again. And calls her a noisy girl. And proceeds to sweep Lucy away along with the ship. And twits Lucy about not having a boyfriend.

Right away we know who’s in charge in this relationship.

The Aquarius-Lucy relationship also showed, especially in the beginning, Lucy’s immaturity both as a mage and as a person.

Lucy did not earn Aquarius’ key, she inherited it from her mother. Now, I don’t know what Aquarius’ relationship with Layla was like, but it’s likely that Aquarius treated Lucy the way she did in the first chapter because Lucy had not earned her respect.

And Aquarius’ remarks about not having a boyfriend bothered Lucy in chapter one, because Lucy cared about her lack of love life and had a high opinion of her own sex appeal.

Lucy’s changed since then.

Instead of bickering with Aquarius, she’s learned to use Aquarius’ personality to her own advantage, like she did in the battle with Sherry at Galuna and against Freed & Bixlow at Tenrou.

And Lucy’s got other things on her mind now besides boyfriends and sex appeal. In Tenrou arc, it was Cana who got into an argument with Aquarius about being firm & bouncy, and not having a boyfriend.

Aquarius is the way she is. And Lucy’s learned to work with it.

I think Aquarius will always give Lucy some attitude, but she’s learning to respect Lucy, too. She came when Lucy summoned all the Spirits in the Loke arc and at the Eclipse Gates. And the last time Lucy summoned just Aquarius (while fighting one of the hungry executioners), Aquarius did not sweep Lucy and her allies away.

Maybe Aquarius felt bad about abandoning Lucy in the Naval Battle. But that was a big step in their relationship.

Addendum after chapter 384:

Wow. Chapter 384 added so much nuance to a relationship that had been fairly straightforward before.

We learned that Aquarius had loved and respected Layla. She was disappointed that Lucy was so unlike her mother. Of all the people in Fairy Tail, Aquarius saw Lucy’s flaws most clearly: the Celestial Spirit mage was immature, naive, and ungraceful, especially at the start of Fairy Tail.

Aquarius contracted herself to Lucy grudgingly, for Layla’s sake. But the obligations of her contract chafed at her. So she took it out on Lucy in a myriad of different ways: punishing her for dropping her key, calling her a stupid girl, sweeping Lucy up in her attacks.

She did the bare minimum as Lucy’s Spirit, even going so far as to ditch her at critical points, like during the battle with Angel or the Naval Battle in the GMG.

I don’t know whether it was her deep disappointment in Lucy, or her personality, or because Lucy herself had been unresponsive, but Aquarius didn’t exert herself to guide or help Lucy become a better mage. This is in contrast to one of Layla’s other Spirits, Capricorn, who showed Lucy some of the training exercises her mother had used to increase her magic power.

It seems to me that Aquarius was slow to notice Lucy’s development as a mage and a person. But I do think that, even before this chapter, Aquarius was starting to respect Lucy more.

For example, in the Natsu & Asuka omake, where Lucy had Aquarius play fountain. Aquarius complained about it, but she didn’t sweep Lucy away or flood the town. I don’t think Aquarius from chapter 1 would’ve stood for the indignity of being a fountain.

Lucy, for her part, has always clung to her cantankerous Spirit. I can see several reasons for that: she had had a childhood adoration of the beautiful mermaid; she considered the Spirit her first friend; Aquarius was one of her most powerful Spirits, especially in the water; and Aquarius was one of the few connections she had left with her dead mother.

And I believe Lucy also loves Aquarius for her own sake. I noted earlier how Lucy had stopped getting into spats with Aquarius by about Tenrou.

All of these made it really hard for Lucy to break Aquarius’ key.

Aquarius said a lot of brutally honest things to Lucy. But I think this was better than the contempt or indifference she’d shown Lucy before. She opened up to Lucy for the first time, even mentioned Layla, which we’d never seen her do before.

In spite of Aquarius’ words, she didn’t leave Lucy. She held Lucy; protected her even though she was wounded; guided and pushed the mage into doing the right thing.

Aquarius even complimented Lucy, which would be a first for her! Lucy had managed to open three gates. Aquarius saw that Lucy had the power to summon the Celestial Spirit King. She also acknowledged, in a backhanded kind of way, that the Lucy-Aquarius bond, even with all those years of resentment, was a strong one.

She acted more like a Spirit ought to towards her contracted owner than she’d ever done before.

By the end of the chapter, Aquarius recognized that the thought of never seeing Lucy again hurt her. She had tears in her eyes as she faded back into the Celestial Spirit realm.

As for Lucy herself: breaking Aquarius’ key was a big sacrifice for her. Not only will she have to deal with her own grief, but losing a powerful Spirit will challenge her as a mage.

I expect that at some point Lucy will see Aquarius again. I don’t think this is goodbye forever. I’m hoping for a Grand Keyless Summoning later down the road!

And as a corollary to the previous photo I just posted from the Brooklyn Naval Hospital, here is the difference that lighting conditions - in this case, sunrise - can make.  The walls in this photo are just as white, but the orange rays of the sun - uniquely positioned to come through the negative air hole in the window created during abatement and strike the wall - paint the building in a beautiful orange glow.  Taken an hour later, the walls would simply appear white.