abandoned naval

Into The Light- Prologue

Word count ~1100

A week after Liam dies, Killian falls through a portal and ends up in Boston in 2001. Meanwhile, Emma Swan is just being released from prison. Years later they meet each other in Boston while Emma is on a job. Will Emma and Killian be able to open up to each other, especially since there is still a curse to be broken.

A special shoutout to bellamyfraserjones for coming up with the title. 

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Liam Jones was gone. His captain. His beloved brother.

It had been a week since his death, and Killian Jones was now the captain of the newly named Jolly Roger.

He had led his crew into piracy and they had gladly followed him. Killian had abandoned his naval garb in favor of a wardrobe comprised almost exclusively of black leather. He lined his eyes with kohl to give himself an edge of menace when at port. They sailed beneath the black flag and had already taken their first ship. Killian glanced at the small chest that was his prize. He still needed to divide the contents up amongst himself and his crew.

However, it was the end of the day and everyone but the night watch was asleep, and it was at night when Killian couldn’t escape the nightmares, flashes of Liam dying over and over again, of his father leaving him, of never knowing his mother because she died in childbirth. Everyone he loved had left him.

He was alone save for his code and his crew.

Normally, Killian wouldn’t indulge, but he took a flask of rum in his hand and drained the contents. Over the past week, rum had become his constant bedfellow, in hopes that if he drank himself into a stupor it would chase away the nightmares. It never really worked, but it was the best medicine he had.

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