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My boyfriend is going away at the end of summer for schooling 6 hours away so he won't be able to visit very much I have some gifts I'm planing and making for him but I don't know how to handle the thought of him leaving for so long as I have abandonment issues even though I'll move in with him as soon as July next year I'm still nervous about this (public answer is okay)

Long distance relationships can be hard, I’m not going to lie to you.
I’m in a long distance relationship and I have BPD so it’s super tricky, though we don’t have any set date for meeting yet.. which sucks.

Try to Skype often. Seriously, it helps. Even if you don’t know what to talk about, or you’ve got work to do and you’re too busy to properly chat, just hanging out and being able to see and hear each other is nice.

Update each other when you can about how things are going in your day to day life. You might think something like “I’m drinking a really nice hot chocolate” is kind of unimportant and not worth telling, but honestly, that kind of thing (maybe with a picture too??) really helps you feel like you’re still “with them” in a sense, living their live along with them every day even though there’s a distance between you.

Mail!! Mail is nice every so often. Little gifts, letters, maybe plushies that smell like them really boosts the mood. I have a lot of emotional impermanence so physical items can really, really help.

Get involved with other things. Maybe if you find a fun hobby to take up your time you can show them how good you’ve gotten with it when you get together again! I’m sure they’ll be really proud of you ♡

I found this post for people with DPD/BPD on my personal blog from my own references. It helped me when my boyfriend went on holiday so our communication was severely reduced.

Remember that it’s okay to feel awful. It’s okay to cry, to get frustrated, to feel hopeless.
The important part is getting back up, brushing yourself off, and accepting things you can’t change. Check out radical acceptance techniques if it helps. (x) (x)

Good luck!! ♡ 

- Solar the Sea Turtle

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Okay but your mysterious statue zenny is so pure and I'd love to see more done with him if you have the time. *bows*

Thank you! I have some story concepts in mind but none are fully fleshed out yet. The story for now is that young Genji accidentally finds an old mossy statue and he takes a liking to it, often going to the statue to vent his thoughts and his troubles. Statue Zen, having being abandoned for so long, is awakened by Genji’s kindness and helps to watch over him. I don’t mind hearing ideas if you have any!

Highlights from Firebringer
  • duck is lord 
  • sexuality and female empowerment being treated as a given, instead of being ignored or poorly represented as much of popular media currently does
  • the whole cast swearing like sailors 
  • the music (hello, percussion!), choreography, and costume/set/puppet design 
  • “all hail emberly, the fire shitter”
  • Brian Holden’s lone nipple 
  • the new cast members: Lauren Walker (Molag) being absolutely hilarious & having an amazing stage presence; Jamie Burns (Chorn) having the voice of a goddess; and Tiffany Williams (Tiblyn) being the cutest human being ever
  • shameless kissing 
  • “i don’t really want to do any work today” - same, Zazzalil, same
  • clark baxtresser blessing us with his presence since prehistoric times
  • rachael spanking joey
  • the shadowpuppets during “the night belongs to snarl”
  • schwoopsie inventing stand-up comedy 
  • privileged fucks becoming the starkid slogan of 2k17
I want the universe to understand that when I ask for the darkness, I don’t certainly mean solitude, even if I want it at the times I refuse to give in for the people who don’t understand what I’m teaching my soul from feeding a random cat in the streets, or holding a friend so tightly, ignoring the scars all over his arms from last night’s battle he had to go through again, or complimenting a girl with a short dress instead of gazing at her black knees, the way they do, you see, I want to be able to steal a kiss or two on the same sidewalk where someone had stolen an old lady’s bag earlier in daylight, then cussed at this couple holding hands like they were the biggest sinners in town, I want to graffiti an abandoned wall with my heart that has been burdening my sleeve for so long, I still didn’t decide to grow apart from it, because I care, I always want to care, in the night, I hear everything calling, that’s why I think it’s always the right time to know how to let go, to blow my hands cold, put the ache of my open wounds to sleep, I just want the universe to believe in me, infinitely, to help me make friends with the contaminated parts of my soul, maybe they aren’t as black as the darkness I ask for, and maybe the darkness isn’t black, it’s just deeper than the rest.
—  hannah-mu 
ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

List of what the Statues said during the trial + possible meanings (TAZ Spoilers!)
  • “They willingly tear out their souls” (Barry and Lup becoming Liches)
  • “They shatter the very will of God”
  • “Who are they to take the fate of the world in their hands?”
  • “They’ll burn the world down around them”
  • “We must find the seven [Inaudible, presumably grand relics]”
  • “There will be a necessary betrayal” (THB betraying the Bureau) 
  • “They abandoned their family” (Probably Merle being away from his kids for so long???)
  • “They run away from the town they killed” (Phandalin)
  • “They run away from the town they let die” (Phandalin, again)
  • “They killed so many Goblins” (Amount of Goblins they killed during Here Be Gerblins)
  • “There will [inaudible] the town will be engulfed” (Probably Phandalin????)
  • “Such brutality, for what?
  • "They killed him in the streets, threw his body off a cliff” (Murdering a gang member in Petals To The Metal)
  • “They took time from their rescue just to steal from the bank” (Stealing from the Goldcliff Bank in Petals To The Metal)
  • “They assault the guardian of clay” (Attacking Rosswell in The Eleventh Hour)
  • “So much cruetly towards a child who loves them” (How cruel THB is to Angus)
  • “They know they’ll forget(? dont know if I heard that right)”
  • “He took the guards with them, left them to the monsters”
  • “A terrible choice, it is not theirs to make”
  • “It is nobodies to make”

If any of y’all heard some of the stuff I didn’t understand, you know what one of these mean, or if I got something wrong, feel free to add on!

Prompt: from @malindacath, “I was wondering if you could write something about Jim and Reader where they are in a relationship and anytime he compliments her, she blows it off. He goes to Uhura for answers finding out that as she grew up her family always degraded her so she really doesn’t have any self esteem or self worth even though she would do anything for everyone else”
Word Count: 1530
Author’s Note: GAH! Sorry!! I forgot the read-more cut! Getting into the mindset of this reader was SO easy for me. The first time the husband told me he loved me, my response was ‘are you sure?’ Fortunately for me, my parents weren’t the ones who fucked me up. It was school.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Jim leaned across the commissary table and dropped a kiss on your cheek, prompting a blush and slight scowl. “What?”

“Did you miss the giant spot in the middle of my forehead?” You countered, arching your eyebrow. “Not exactly enticing this morning.” You didn’t often fall victim to premenstrual pimples anymore, but you’d wakened with a zit that felt like a volcano brewing on your forehead. There was no covering it or masking it, and there was no making it go away.

“I hadn’t noticed at all. I was looking at your eyes, Y/N,” he shrugged, his glance lifting to assess the situation on your forehead. You felt yourself flushing more. “It’s tiny. Certainly doesn’t affect how gorgeous you are.”

You stared at him, expressionless. He had to be kidding, but you hadn’t finished your first coffee, and were in no mood to start a squabble about whether or not he needed his eyes checked. Instead, you returned to your meal wordlessly.

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Queens of BMP: Her Majesty The Queen of Sanct Sybil

The Breath of Spring

The people of Sanct Sybil have known no other life other than the eternal winter they have been born into. An eternity of conflict and strife, warring families wanting to take control of something so divided, that a wounded nation asks, “Is the prize even worth it?” 

Most of the time, during idle days, they wonder who among them will be this generation’s offering in exchange for momentary springtime. The next one chosen to be the mother of a broken nation, to hold things together for as long as she can. Sometimes they ask, “Is she the one?”, the much awaited Queen who will usher an era of healing that they fervently need.

And then she came along. Without much of the pomp and pageantry that they have been accustomed to. A daughter of peacetime plucked from the idyllic comfort of her home country. But she chose to stay - chose to embrace Sanct Sybil in all its uncertainty, harsh winds, and long nights. Through her eyes, the people saw the resilience that ran in their blood. She gave them certainty, and together with Their Majesties - they healed and rebuilt for as long as it takes, because Sanct Sybil deserved peace and it is something worth fighting for. 

Years later when His Young Highness asked what was his grandmother like, those who lived to tell the tale would always say: “like a soft springtime breeze, the scent of toasted marshmallows melting in warm cocoa, the euphony of laughter and crunching snow… our greatest comfort, our spark of spring in the midst of this long winter

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The Sun and The Stars {3}

Previous parts: Part 1 | Part 2

Word Count: 3726

Warnings: mentions of past abuse, light nsfw content, mild violence

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You can hardly process what Bucky’s told you. It doesn’t feel real. The jet ride to the states is quiet but you keep stealing quick glances at him. You understand why you felt the way you did back when both of you were at HYDRA; he was attractive, he was kind, and he genuinely seemed to care about you, which was a new feeling to you. You couldn’t imagine anyone caring for you so deeply and so immensely that they would follow you for nine months.

You study the crest of his jaw and the way his long hair fell down almost to his collar but all you can feel is anger at HYDRA for taking away your memories of him because you want to remember everything he’s told you. You sounded happy with him and a part of you, deep inside, knew what he said was true. Maybe it was some subconscious part of you that still remembered what he’d meant to you so you decided to trust it.

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