abandoned insane asylums

Former insane asylum in Buffalo, New York.

H.H. Richardson Complex

(They’re turning it into a hotel.)

I recently gave a TEDx Talk on the stigma and misconceptions attached to the American insane asylum.  I conclude by asking the listener to change their viewpoint - or if they cannot manage that, to at least acknowledge the history and preserve the buildings.  Please check it out & share with your followers to get the word out!

*when the entire fandom is fighting*

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Can u do an imagine were you and Shawn explore an abandoned insane mental asylum with like Andrew or someone and you get hurt? Like you try to scare them and disappear and there calling your name and Shawns freaking out and all of a sudden they hear you scream and Shawn screams your name and runs to you and your on the ground crying and bleeding cause glass cut you? Thankyou!!

omg this sounds cool and different thank you 


Central State Hospital, at one time the largest psychiatric hospital in the United States, now lies in abandon in the arms of a long-dead pecan grove. Looming eerily overhead, visitors gaze into the eyes of a haunted, tortured past. I’ve always been drawn to the dark and dreary, and having the opportunity to sneak around the forbidden grounds on this perfectly gloomy day strangely uplifted my spirits.

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So I made the mistake of scrolling through tumblr just before bed last night and say your little ghost experience.... And I freaked myself out that much that I barely slept... And I've signed up to do an overnight ghost hunt in an abandoned insane asylum in September. I'm going to die....

Omg noooo I’m so sorry Cherry 😭😭 I’m sure your ghost hunt will be nothing but fun!!!