abandoned houses

Paul Costello

For the Costellos, a Gentle Chaos 

The family abandoned the frenzy of New York City for a slower pace. But life in a storied pink house in the Garden District of New Orleans is its own kind of crazy.

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this is loosely based off of Castle by Halsey

“Go in, Y/N!! Stop being such a baby!” 

Your friends were egging you on using any tactic they could think of to get you to go into the old ‘haunted house’ that had it’s fair share of urban legends spread about it- especially around Halloween. 

“I fucking hate you guys!” you said over your shoulder before putting on your bravest face and heading towards the abandoned house.

The wooden steps would creak as you walked up them but you’d take a deep breath before untangling the broken chains that had once kept the place locked and turning the old rusted door nob, carefully walking into the house. It was dark but what little moonlight illuminated the empty rooms showed you all the cobwebs that adorned the long forgotten home. 

After exploring the first few rooms you headed towards the staircase but before you could even make it to the first step, a pair of hands grabbed you from behind and pulled you back against the chest of whomever had you in their grip.

You couldn’t help but scream out in alarm because you really hadn’t expected anyone to be here, you had convinced yourself the rumors were nothing to worry about but now you were thinking maybe the stories about this place weren’t made up after all.

“You should keep your pretty mouth shut,” the voice behind you said and you immediately recognized who was holding on to you.

“Luke!” you whined, wriggling to get out of his grip, “That wasn’t funny! You scared me half to death!”

When you finally turned around so you could look up into his eyes, you saw the sly smirk on his face. This was just the twisted sort of prank that had Luke’s name written all over it and you should have known that he was behind this.

“I hate you,” you told him, trying to push off of his chest so you could walk away from him but he just tightened his arms around you and pulled you as close as he could.

“I love you, too,” he said, laughing to himself when you finally gave up on fighting him off and settled into his arms. 

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Here are an abandoned building and car outside of the Struell Wells in Northern Ireland. The Struell Wells are holy wells, supposedly blessed and bathed in by St. Patrick himself. The earliest wells from the site, however, which St. Patrick would have blessed or bathed in, no longer survive. People still make pilgrimage to the site, and use the wells, in hope of curing themselves of whatever ails them.

Little Ghost | we-believe-in-jack-frost |AU

Val had died ten years ago, killing herself at the young age of 16 because of multiple mental disorders and her heavily religious rude family. She rarely got visitors and she rarely felt like what she did was right. Once she had died her family took what they could carry, and abandoned the house.

Floating around and practicing her spiritual powers she awaited any sort of stimulation.


Abandoned Houses Reclaimed by Art

1) Life-Size Dollhouse

Canadian artist Heather Benning created this candy-colored, life-size dollhouse while she was an artist-in-residence in the small town of Redvers, Saskatchewan. She modified an abandoned farmhouse. The scale of the reclaimed farmhouse referencing the miniature toy abodes of childhood makes it a truly wondrous sight.

2) Frozen Detroit House

Ice House Detroit was created to call attention to the troubled urban conditions in the Michigan metropolis. Photographer Gregory Holm and architect Matthew Radune chose one out of 20,000 abandoned homes in Detroit and froze it, turning the crumbled structure into a crystallized marvel.

3) Crocheted Gas Station

The International Fiber Collaborative united artists who were concerned about our nation’s dependency on oil, so they started the World Reclamation Art Project (W.R.A.P.), which became known as the Gas Station Project. Imagine an abandon filling station wrapped in a snuggly, knit cozy.

4) Community Bucket List

After a friend passed away, artist Candy Chang tried to cope with the loss by creating a project that helped her maintain a perspective about life and death. She transformed an abandoned home in her New Orleans neighborhood into a giant chalkboard, asking people to complete the sentence, “Before I die I want to… ” Passersby could fill in the blanks and share their dreams.

5) Glowing House

Luisa Alvarez used her lighting design background to illuminate an abandoned house with old color negatives, gels, and LED lights, wrapped around discarded objects such as chairs, and installed along staircases and doorframes.

6) Inverted House

Dan Havel and Dean Ruck — who form the artist collaborative Havel Ruck Projects — took an abandoned home that was about to be torn down and repurposed the architectural framework for an explosive sculptural project. Inversion looked like someone shot a canon through the front door.