abandoned houses

“Heads Down!”

Narrowed brows.
Mischief in green orbs.
And a small smile.

These are the things required to make the evil grin she had plastered on her face. Kendra Gallows had been left in an abandoned house, clothes everywhere or placed incorrectly back onto her body, with nothing but a simple blue rose resting on a chair near the open fire place. Kristhiana was happy with this.

They had done it.

The Blue Rose Syndicate had gotten away with the robbery, even though the kidnapping wasn’t entirely planned. It was fun while it lasted, however. Esanna getting to keep Kendra as she remained in the form of a sheep… At least she walked her daily and fed her three times a day. She even gave her a little purple bow and collar!

Its a shame she tried to run…

Kristhiana Darkborne, leader of the syndicate, couldn’t help but smirk to herself as she thought back on the little details. To others, perhaps like everyone who worked for the Ludlows, would think of it all horrific. She couldn’t be bothered with their thoughts. Kris laughed it off with a shrug of her shoulders, the wind blowing through her long black hair as she and the rest of the crew flew off into the night.

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alternative horror game locations to Abandoned American Mental Hospital

  • underwater cave system full of crawling things
  • the irish countryside in the middle of the night
  • the forest of dean 
  • the middle of a desert. the heat shimmers in the distance are writhing in ways hot air shouldn’t
  • a motorway full of dead cars. some have claw-marks the length of your arm on them and the bridge up ahead has been crushed
  • an abandoned RAF base
  • soft play spaces after hours. something keeps shuffling behind you and everything is sticky
  • sewers
  • a crashed aircraft carrier. there are skittering noises and the sound of something chewing
  • multistory car-parks
  • the moon

I walked by a Street of abandoned houses tonight and I saw that the door was open to one of them and I took a picture with the flash on and if you look really closely, it looks like a figure is standing in the door way and another is in the window. I also think that’s the same house I’ve walked by in the day light once before where I swear I heard a child screaming.