abandoned house cat

Too Close.

The pull from the numb, cold world of death has crept up on him slowly, this time.

The tips of his fingers tingled.  He tries to deny it – it was just death’s grip on him strengthening.  Yes, that was all this was.  It has to be.  He searches for Nathan, for Jett, for anyone and…he can’t find anyone.  It’s as if the town as empty.  No one is there.

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Cat island (Tashirojima, Japan)

So I went!!!!!!! The famous cat island in the middle of nowhere! lol it really was…there are 11 cat islands in Japan and this is one of them.

Despite the long way there…the cat island in Japan was indeed an amazing and memorable trip! I will put up some pics later too.

If you have been to the bunny island too, don’t expect the cats to jump on you like the bunnies do. They are definitely colder and weirder hahaha. But it was very cute to see cats pop out of nowhere when I was walking on the island for 4ish hours. During this time there were only bamboo forests, abandoned empty houses and cats.

a semi-comprehensive list of favorite Sailor Moon episodes

Last week, purinsesu-sereniti asked what my favorite episode was. Overwhelmed by the enormity of the question, I had defaulted to sarcasm. I am here to remedy that. Here is a conglomeration of what happens to be exactly twenty episodes from all five seasons, from the overtly silly ones and the heartcrushingly serious ones. There’s probably many I’m forgetting, so I’d love to know which episodes are your personal favorites!

#12: Ami and Rei go on a couples’ cruise and even without a ticket Usagi somehow manages to third wheel

#13: Ami, Rei and Usagi kill Jadeite with feminism and an airplane

#27: Usagi gives the victim of the week a picture of Ami eating a hamburger

#44: Everyone dies in the past

#45-#46: Everyone dies in the present

#50: Usagi’s family and a couple of aliens go to a virtual reality game center

#66: Chibiusa makes curry with her parents, the Ayakashi Sisters are the worst salespeople, and everyone cares a little too much about the local supermarket

#78: Minako is somehow graced with a good immune system and serves as nurse to her friends

#82: Sailor Pluto exists

#91: Mamoru takes Usagi to an abandoned house full of cats and the power of their love creates a Legendary Rod

#108: Everyone tries to speak English and Usagi is so very drunk

#110-#111: Lesbian hell

#118: All the Senshi enter a randomly shifting dimension to save Hotaru while Professor Tomoe sits on the porch eating a bag of chips

#124-#125: Hotaru, Mistress 9, and Saturn all duke it out while technically inhabiting the same body

#136: Usagi is a ninja that’s all you need to know

#172: Baby Nehelenia and the prettiest redemption death ever

#184: The time that Sailor Moon unapologetically became a sitcom

anonymous asked:

I have an oc named Jasper (He was never given an official name, so his best friend gave him/them one after they met) They/him/Aro. He's a very soft demon and will cry if you shout. He lives in a abandoned little house with 3 cats because they're not as scary as other demons and humans. Managed to make one friends who is 100% chill with him being a demon (Since his friend isn't 100% human either) when it storms they and their cats just crash at his friend's place.