abandoned hairdressers

Triple Venti Half-Sweet Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato

Word Count: 2618
Modern AU
This is inspired by this, which you should look at before reading. Honestly it just made me happy. We need some Bellarke happy atm.

“How you doing, Blake?” Miller asked as Bellamy strode in, two minutes early for his shift. As always.

“Good, good.” He muttered. “You?”

“Just wondering how you manage to say the word ‘good’ every damn morning and make it mean a different thing every damn time.” Miller smirked, wiping milk froth off of the coffee machine in front of him.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means,” He said, raising an eyebrow, “when you tell me that you’re good, I can tell exactly how much Octavia is currently stressing you out, whether or not Echo stopped by, whether or not Echo’s ‘stop by’ resulted in sex, and how much work you did on your college paper last night.”

Bellamy grinned, looking down as he pulled his apron on and tied it in a quick bow in the front. “You pay this much attention to everyone you work with?”

“Nah.” He looked up at Bellamy from under his eyelashes. “But it’s fun to see you blush.”

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