abandoned gym

Teen/Unilock AU where John finds out Sherlock is being harassed, so he offers to teach him some self-defense. They grow closer and closer, and the tension builds and builds over the course of their training, until finally it gets to be too much and after Sherlock successfully flips and pins John, they give in and start going at it right on the abandoned gym floor. 


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Soonyoung loved Halloween; you knew that which is why you were alert as you walked through the entrance to your building. The clacking of your heels echoed through the halls as you made your way to the elevator, a little buzzed as you pushed the button for the 3rd floor. Yes, you could’ve walked it but you didn’t trust your balance and you were antsy to get out of the uncomfortably tight dress. You checked your phone, hoping to see a message from your boyfriend saying he’d gotten out of the Halloween event the group was doing, but nothing. You weren’t convinced though, it was past 1am and you knew they would be out and Soonyoung could be hiding anywhere waiting to scare you.  
The elevator dinged and you stumbled through the doors as your head swam, maybe you’d drank a little more than you had previously thought at the party. You pulled your keys from your purse, sighing as you jammed them into the lock and pushed open the door. You looked for an abandoned gym bag, sneakers, anything to suggest that your boyfriend was here but you found nothing much to your disappointment. You kicked your heels off your feet as you dumped your purse on your couch as you passed. You had the eerie feeling someone had been in your apartment and you narrowed your eyes in suspicion.

“Soonyoung?” you called into the dark room, taking a tentative step forward as you were met with silence, “Soon~young,” you smirked as your phone buzzed in your purse and you’d bet all you had it was your boyfriend saying he couldn’t come over. You pulled your phone from your purse, chucking to yourself as you read the message. ‘Jagi~ sorry, we’re going to stay back and practice so I can’t drop by. I’ll call you tomorrow! Love you, Hosh.’  You called his bluff, quickly pressing the call button next to his contact and you smirked as his ringtone sounded from down your hall.

“Hoshi~” you laughed, “I know you’re here,”

You made your way down the hall, freezing as you saw a limp figure lying on your bed, Soonyoung’s flashing phone buzzing on the ground. Your hands begin to shake and you dropped your phone and you called out your boyfriends name again, stepping lightly into the room. It was dark but you could make out something pinkish staining his hair. You didn’t get any closer as tears stung your eyes and you spun on your heels, running back into your kitchen and fumbling for your landline. Your breath came heavy, distressed as you dropped the phone and you cursed as you bent to pick it up. You whipped around as you heard shuffling from your room and someone came running out towards you. You screamed as your heart sank and you leaped for your door but you were grabbed from behind, a hand wrapping around your mouth.

“Shhh,” they cooed in your ear and you squeaked as they pulled you back against their chest and suddenly you stopped panicking. They felt familiar, and you calmed your breath enough to focus on the strange mix of sweat and deodorant you’d spent 6 months getting used to. You bit their finger, tearing yourself from their grip as you lunged forward and flipping the light switch beside your front door.

“What the fuck, Soonyoung!” you spun around, still light headed from your buzz and your boyfriend reached out to steady you.

“Happy Halloween!” he laughed nervously, probably realising his joke wasn’t as funny as he’d anticipated. You glared at him, you’re eyes flicking to the pink staining the white hair you loved.

“You dyed your hair?” you hissed as you tugged at his fringe and he smiled sheepishly down at you.

“Get it?” he pulled back from you, spinning around and his appearance did look vaguely familiar, “I’m Woozi!”

“I liked your other hair,” You shook your head as you brushed past him, it was a lame costume and he knew it. You concentrated on keeping your balance as you made your way back to your bedroom, the excitement of seeing your boyfriend fading more by the second as you shuffled over to your wardrobe.

“Hmmm,” Soonyoung followed you, flopping back down onto your bed as you unzipped your dress, “What did you go as,”

“A witch,” you responded dryly, your heart still racing.

“A sexy witch?” he joked, moving to stand behind you as he wrapped his arms around your waist, swaying his hips as he grazed his lips over your bare shoulder. You tilted your head to the side, allowing him more access as your eyes slipped shut.

“Hoshi,” you sighed and he hummed in response, “That wasn’t funny,”

If I was dead, who do you think texted you saying I couldn’t come?” he smiled into your neck and irritation slithered inside of you, “You smell like alcohol, have you been drinking?”

“I don’t know, Soonyoung, I didn’t really think about it,” you unwound his arms from your waist and moved to sit on the foot of your bed, not bothering with pyjamas as nausea swirled in your stomach as a headache settled in.

“Jagi,” Soonyoung sighed, “I know, I’m sorry, it was stupid and I’m stupid and you can turn me into a toad if you want,” he sat beside you, pulling you against his side as he laid the two of you back against your mattress. You cuddled up against his side, wincing as the movement caused you to gag and he swiftly pulled away.

“I love you and I know I did bad but please don’t puke on me,”

You groaned and he pulled you back up, slipping his arms under your thighs.You wrapped your arms around his neck as he carried you through your apartment and set you down on your bathroom counter.

“What are we doing?” you sighed as he turned away from you to turn on your shower.

“Getting you ready for bed,” he smiled softly, reaching around to unclip your bra. He slid the black lace off your chest, and you wrapped your arms around his neck, tangling your fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck. Soonyoung kept his eyes locked with yours as you lifted your hips, allowing him to slide your panties down and off your thighs.

“Get your mind out of the gutter, tipsy,” he grinned at you goofily, lifting you off the counter and gently setting you on your feet. You ignored the urge to puke, walking backwards under the warm stream of water and beckoned your boyfriend to join you. He chuckled; shaking his head at you as he quickly stripped down and joined you in the shower.

“It’ll wash out,” he chuckled a you frowned up at his pink hair, “It’s just a rinse,”

“Then let’s rinse,” you smiled, tugging his head down to rest on your shoulder so you could comb your fingers through his hair, watching the pink dye run over his pale skin and for a second it really did look like blood. He pressed his lips to your shoulder, flattening his hands against the small of your back and puling you close against him before lightly pushing you backwards and wrinkling his nose at you.

“Let’s keep our hands to ourselves,” he said, his eyes shining with mischief. You smiled in agreement and Soonyoung rinsed the rest of the dye from his hair and shut off the water. He tugged you out of the shower, wrapping you up in a towel and lightly pushing the small of your back in the direction of your bedroom. You yawned as you slid some clothes on, curious as to where hoshi had gone, wasn’t he just behind you?

“Hoshi?” you called and he jogged back into your room, painkillers and a glass of water in his hand.

“Drink,” he said simply, thrusting them into your hand. You smiled in thanks, swallowing the pills as he moved to rifle through the draw you kept for him. You sat back down on your bed, running your eyes over his muscular back as he dropped the towel wrapped around his waist. He slid on a pair of sweat pants, skipping the shirt and turning to smile at you self-consciously. 

“Whatcha staring at?” he mumbled as you slid under the covers, leaving the side open and patting the mattress, inviting him to join you.

“My toad,” you whispered as he slid into the bed beside you. Soonyoung smiled at you tiredly and you ran your fingers through his fringe again, the pink would take a few more rinses to wash out completely. He leaned forward, pressing his mouth to yours and you deepened the kiss right away. You ran your tongue over his bottom lip, pressing your chest against his and you enjoyed the way could feel his heart racing just as fast as yours.

“We should sleep,” he whispered, pulling away but you followed, moving to mouth at his jaw.

“We should,” you whispered back and Soonyoung shivered as your breath fanned over his jaw. You head spun as he pushed you onto your back, hovering over you, staring down at you and you weren’t sure if it was the fuzzy mind or the fear you had when you saw him limp on your bed but your chest swelled with adoration as his eyes bore into yours.

“Sleep,” he whispered, “kissy time in the morning,”


‘Sup, nerds?

I’m doing a 6-week fitness challenge with a [non-fitness] sub-reddit I post to/participate in. We get points for minutes exercised, miles logged, post-workout selfies, photographing healthy (based on our personal goals) foods, and completing team challenges (this week was 30 miles, 650 push-ups, and 1250 jumping jacks as a team).

I’m the Fearful Leader of Team 16, and it’s been a blast so far. We have a wide range of fitness levels (total n00bs to experienced individuals) and a wide breadth of fitness types (half-marathoners, walkers, elliptical-ers, oly lifters, etc).

I try to motivate my minions with humor: laughing with my salad, memes made from post-workout selfies, and shamelessly taking photos while people are watching me at the gym. Also, since I post my smoothie to our group chat every morning for points, everyone now wants a blender. Success! Everything seems to be working well thus far.

Anyway, it’s been super helpful for me, too! I had gotten lazy with my meals, and I abandoned the gym some number of months ago. Aside from skiing, I haven’t really done anything since October/November, so it’s been really good to get back into the groove and feel my muscles again.

Also, here’s a photo of me in flannel today, lest you forget how attractive I am when in formal attire.


Pokémon Reorchestrated: Hoenn Summer is coming August 2014! Featuring 12 music selections from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, this mini-album will explore the beauty of the Hoenn region through the power of the orchestra.

Track Listing (in no particular order):

  • Opening Titles
  • Professor Birch’s Introduction
  • Battle! Wild Pokémon
  • Slateport City
  • Desert Path (Route 111)
  • Seaside Cycling Road (Route 110)
  • Battle! Gym Leader
  • Abandoned Ship
  • Surfing Theme
  • Verdanturf Town
  • Road to Fallarbor Town (Route 113)
  • Battle! Elite Four

▶ Amazing artwork by Preoprix: { x }

▶ Listen to the full preview of the Route 110 Theme: { x }