abandoned graveyards


A  nice car graveyard in the UK

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Any tips on finding cryptids?

Many, many many hide in plain sight . Everyone always looks in the woods..abandoned places,,, graveyards. . .. . of course some of us live there but it’s usually cold and lonely .

your neighbor across the street,,,the one whose face is obscured by a sunhat and sunglasses with gardening gloves who you only see when they’re watering the flower beds,,, the empty empty flower beds… the little boy who you’ve seen at the park,,, the one who darts and hides and runs from tube to tube and scurries quick as a whip up slides… The apartment down the hall you can always hear rustling and movement and screeching and squawking,,, of course everyone thinks it’s just someone’s pet bird. .. .
Have you ever been to someone’s house and there’s pet hair on the furniture ? they might not even have a pet

A picture proving that I will go to graveyards all over the world. This time I’m in Croatia.

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So I’ve noticed a trend with liminal space, and it probably isn't 100% accurate but that’s sort of the purpose of this to try and get people to weigh in on it- but onto the observation.

A lot of the most popularly noted, or ones agreed upon locations to function as these odd feeling liminal spaces are spaces wherein human traffic is very high (or at least consistent, with low frequency) temporarily and then subsequently left abandoned. Graveyards, abandoned Walmarts, middle of nowhere gas stations, these places all share a string of humans spending a lot of time there in one form or another- and then subsequently leaving a pocket of weird juju behind.

Which begs the question:

Are humans bringing something to these spaces that create an aura of odd vibes in these locations, that remain once it is mostly empty of us as sort of a mark?

Or is the presence of humans in these spaces removing something natural that was sitting there, that only becomes noticeable once the white noise of human activity subsides?

Illusion AU


Thomas- a shy, quiet teenager new to Albany High School. He quickly makes friends with two guys named James and Aaron, but he oftentimes talks to a soft-spoken girl named Eliza. He slowly grows close to her and her friends. Thomas has manic depression and his mother swears that he has schizophrenia based on things he’s told her but Thomas knows what he’s seeing. 

Eliza- after a few months of high school with Thomas, she grows close to him She takes into account that he’s mentally ill even though he tries to hide it from others and she knows how to talk him down since she has to deal with it himself. She does notice there’s something peculiar about Thomas, especially when it seems as if he’s talking to himself as if there was someone else there, but he claims that he isn’t and she assures him that it’s fine. She herself has depression, anxiety, and anorexia so they bond and try to take care of each other. 

Al- a few months after Thomas shows up to Albany high, a mysterious new student makes his way into Thomas’ life. Alexander, going by Al or Alex, is peculiarly odd and not too much is known about him. All that is known is that he looks disheveled, wears the same clothes every day, and constantly looks exhausted. 

The AU:

Thomas and Alex eventually become acquainted, but Alex makes him swear not to tell anyone about their friendship. Thomas agrees. They begin to do things together, go to the graveyard, abandoned places, areas many people don’t explore. It’s strange to Thomas, but he does it anyway. They never go out in public. Slowly, Thomas falls for the mysterious boy as he gets to know more about him. However, the more Thomas falls for the man, the more he gets an off feeling and the more Alex gets paranoid. Not only that, but Eliza slowly grows worried for Thomas. What is going on? 

What do you think?

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Question, how to find and receive bass saxophone¿

sneak into an abandoned graveyard and howl at the moon at exactly 18:36:05 on a Tuesday while wearing all gold except for a white balaclava, riding a pony called Xerxes accompanied by a string orchestra performing an arrangement of anitra’s dance from peer gynt. or alternatively buy one from a music shop