abandoned general store

mightychiwalrus  asked:

I once went into an abandoned general store (with the owner's permission) that has been rotting for about 20 years. The entire building was warped, there was a cat/fox/raccoon? skeleton on the floor, and I found Playboy magazines from the 1970's. There was a weird comic in one about a mad scientist milking a bunch of women. I'm still bummed that I didn't take it.

The skeleton or the porno?

Bloodstone- Fluff Friday

Sorta UziSaku, I blame @thefreckledone​ for that as well as the southwestern gothic setting which is tired to my most current aesthetic-obsession. Enjoy :)

Sakura knew the exact second the greyhound bus had crossed into Bloodstone Valley’s borders because of two things. First, the shadows inside the bus stopped moving and became features fixed in place. Second, the vibrations on her wrist, caused by the ticking hands of her watch stopped. 

Sakura turned her hand over and saw her watch had frozen in place and began to count. Before she could get to a full minute it began ticking again. The shadows also seemed to free on their own and move with the swaying of the bus.

Yup, she was in Bloodstone.

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