abandoned farm houses


you pick ‘em by azarah eells
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Crazy car lady’s house
I watched this house for a few years before I finally got to explore it. The lady who lived here actually just lived in her car and used the house more as a place to store her garbage. My grandma and aunt went exploring with me when we found out she was forced to move into town. She didn’t live in her car because she didn’t have money. She owns three properties and instead of buying a new car when hers rusted out she had the body of a matching one shipped from out east. She also tried to get my uncle to roof this house in this condition. The house was never updated after her parents passed and has no running water. She used a bucket for the bathroom( which now you can only get to from the ladder). I find this lady so fascinating. Things in the house included a 48 star flag, multiple sets of the same shirt still in the shipping package, some of the most beautiful antiques I’ve ever seen, Victorian photos, and a wedding dress.

they have a dam problem

so if you’ve ever read the percy jackson series you’ll prolly wanna read this.

ok so im in my geography class and we’re starting this new topic and the teacher puts a video on and we all watch it. it’s about how the indian government wanted to build this dam in a river so other people could have water too, not just that area, but it meant that the people there had to move away to the city and abandon their houses and farms. so they started protesting. and remembering THAT chapter in pjo, i whispered to myself “i think they have a dam problem” i then proceeded to laugh so hard and the video had to be stopped bcos no one could hear it over my laughing and no one knew why i was laughing so hard they thought I was laughing at some stupid pun I made up but nah. I was laughing at my lil percy jackson. hes funny.