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Cheer Up Post #5471 - Abandoned Greenhouses Edition

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More Abandoned Places

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Jerome x Reader

Part One  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five

Warnings: Strong language, violence, Jerome’s past

Sorry it’s so long!  


“Who was that?” James asked as you finally made your way to the cabin that Paul had set aside for emergencies.

“It was no one.” You sighed and ruffled his hair.

“But he looked exactly like me.” James pointed out.

“Promise me if he finds you at school or on the street you won’t go with him and you won’t listen to what he tells you?” you asked the boy who shrugged.

“Whatever.” He sighed, grabbing the bat he’d been lugging around all day.

“Do you want to talk about why you tried to hit that girl at school?” You asked awkwardly, carrying in the food that was still in the back of the car.

“I felt like it.” He snapped, suddenly angry as he stormed away.

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Summer Soldier (P. 2)

Author’s Note: It seemed that you liked Summer Soldier and as you’ve asked, there you are. I hope you all like it. As I said in another fic, I’m creating a new tag list, so If you want to be added, tell me! Also, I’m just less than 10 followers away from 1,000! I might do something to celebrate it!

Warnings: Unprotected sex (Wrap it before you tap it), Oral sex (F receiving), Spanking, Language,

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Words: 2,068

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After what happened in the pool, you decided to spent the rest of the day with the girls. Yet, you regreted it. Wanda and Natasha didn’t stop to tease you, babbling about Bucky and you.

“Okay, enough. Enough” you said and they stopped giggling, changing the topic. Soon you felt yourself relaxing and joining the conversation. The boys were on the other side, laughing.

“Okay, I say you’re not worthy” Sam shouted and Natasha rolled her eyes.

“Oh, god, they are gonna try to lift Thor’s hammer again” 

You stood up and walked towards the bar, where Tony was trying to move it. Sam and the rest of they boys were cheering him up, but he abandoned, his cheeks blushed. 

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  • Word Count: 1,396
  • Characters: Bendy x Chubby Reader
  • Theme: Yandere

Walking through the abandoned building, your small feet shuffled on the wooden floor while trying avoiding the ink puddles that painted the hallways. As you pressed your Bendy plushy closer to your chubby body, your sense of panic began to grow at the realization you were lost in the hopeless maze.

You mentally scolded yourself for even walking in here to begin with, all because you were such a fan of the old cartoon that you just had to go to the place of origin where the Dancing Devil was created. Your innocent six-year old mind did not even think about the possible dangers of even going to such a dangerous place alone.

However, after your personal tour around the abandoned animation studio did you finally realize something. Someone else was there with you, watching and following your ever move. Although you couldn’t see it, you felt and heard it. You heard the unknown presence follow you with heavy footsteps, a pair of dull inky eyes observing the small child.  

Although you did not know it, this voyeur kept you safe from all the damned souls from harming you, not even getting close enough to make it known you were in danger in the first place. The black creature didn’t know why it kept protecting you, following your ever step. You were the same species as the creator, a traitor! Yet, you held an innocent aura. Something it has never known or witnessed before, it wanting to bask in that holy light that umbrellas around your chubby body.

The inky body knew you were nothing but a mere child, having done nothing wrong but bring beauty and innocence into the cruel world filled with turmoil and unrighteousness.

However, it wasn’t until he heard your whimpers escape trembling lips did he realize how frightened you were in the abandoned building. Of course, this was no place for an innocent child such as yourself. He wanted you to escape this place, go back to your parents to carry on your beautiful life compared to his damned creation.

But there was one problem, how could he present himself to you? A child, without frightening you? So the cogs within his mind began to crank and formulate a plan, to lead you out without him revealing his demon-like body.

“Don’t worry, little one.  You will return home soon enough” he thought to himself, while leading trails to the secret back door to leave his personal Hell. Like following a cookie crumb trail, you eventually found your way out of the scary building to have the cool summer breeze caress your chubby cheeks.

Wiping the tears that stained your rosy cheeks, you finally walked your way home in time for dinner. Unknown to you, the inky mass covering the Bendy plush within your grasp, possessing the vessel. He was finally out of the Hell that taunted his black mind, images of the past flowing through his memories every second of the day.

Although he was now impressed into the plush, he had never felt such warmth before. The silky smooth feel of your skin on top of the synthetic fur on the doll, stimulating his every sense causing the demon to heat up.

Every since that fateful day, he has always been with you. Always watching you, through the eyes of a plush doll covered in black ink. Every night he watched in fascination as the child slept peacefully, without a care in the world or worry that something so dangerous was so close and within her small grasp.

He knew absolutely everything about you, your likes and dislikes, every insecurity you possessed and fantasy you dreamed. It was all his to devour, you were now his. Even are you grew into your teenage years, he was always there to wipe away every tear shed. It boiled him inside to see you upset, wanting nothing more than to reveal his true form rather than the damned doll he possessed.

Now that you were older, you have abandoned the Bendy doll. Tossing him aside as if he were trash into the corner of your room, forgotten of all the memories shared between you two. Really, he was your best friend so how could you throw him away?

When others threatened to take you away, he was always there. The devilish creature ready to pounce on anyone who dared look at you suggestively.

Your body attracting wandering eyes, drinking in the curves of your heavy body that made Bendy itch with lust. The dancing demon wanting nothing more than to devour your body, caressing every roll and crevasse on you.

Your first heartbreak, oh how it pained him to see you spill tears into your pillow night after night. Your first boyfriend had supposedly abandoned you, yet to your ignorance he simply disappeared.  When he was pound, nothing but black inky filling his lungs mixed with blood.

Bendy will always be there for you, whether you liked it or not. How could he allow some other man treat you in such a vulgar way, no one deserved you but him.

Every day, you ran through his inky mind and made his black stained heart beat faster at the thought of you. He knew he just had to have you soon, or else he would go insane.  Wanting nothing more than to bathe in your presence, feel your burning skin against his true form.

Every night he would hover over your bed while you slept peacefully, his gloves hand tracing your skin delicately as if you were a masterpiece. You were like a plant sheet of parchment, and he wanted nothing more than to stain you with his dark ink to claim you as his. Oh how beautiful it would be to finally have you within his arms, to love you like you truly deserve.

“You’re the only one for me…” he said softly, somewhere inside wanting you to hear his pleas of love and affection. He knew you would return his feelings, he just knew it deep inside. Why would you have kept that doll in the first place? Why would you have gone into that abandoned building to see all the left over Bendy merchandise in shambles.

You have done this to yourself, truly. Now it was time for you to pay the price. His mind began to construct a plan, to make you his forever so you both could be happy.  This world was too cruel, full of sins and damnation that he did not want your beauty and good nature to be tainted. Wanting nothing more than to capture the beautiful butterfly in a glass jar for his own greed.

After months of plotting, it was finally time.

He waited a couple of minutes after slipping a powdered substance in the glass of water you kept on your nightstand every night. You were so predicable, it made him crave you even more.

Carrying your limp body into the night and finding its way into the once lively building, he walked toward the room that consisted of his nightmares. Opening the door, with a prolonged screech of the worn down and rusty opening.

His black eyes scanned the deteriorating room, stopping on the one thing he hated more than his very existence.

The Ink Machine.

Opening the hatch where he gazed into the black abyss, the machine still pumping full of cursed ink that created his very being. Feeling you shift within his arms, he looked down to see you are awakening just in time. His cheeky smile grazing face as he watched your eyes blurred with sleep trying to adjust on your strange surrounding before a forceful kiss was pressed upon your plump lips.

Your chubby body starting to panic and whither in his grasp, trying to escape the unknown offender that was claiming your lips. After a moment, he released you. Just as you opened your mouth to let out a scream, he pushed you into the machine and closing the hatch to lock you inside.

He watched, mesmerized by your chubby body flailing through the ink filled tank. Your lungs breathing in black liquid, the beginning of your drowning to blissful death.

Soon, you will be just like him. Immortalized, where you both will be together forever with no escape.

Your own personal Hell, surrounded in black ink.

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We all know life is hard, the problems it brings hit us hard in the face with all of a sudden. We’re trolled like a doll, abandoned like a doll in the end, only helpless and hopeless remain…

But hey! That’s why life is amazing, isn’t it? If there’s zero trouble in our lives, would we appreciate the things we have, including our lives? You might say ”i hate everything, even myself!” But wait, let’s think a bit deeper: Why aren’t we born as an ant, a goldfish or even a bird? They have to learn to protect themselves from a dog-eat-dog world since the moment they’re born, like baby birds, some fall down from their nest on the tree and die because their enemies (could be their siblings) push them off. Cruelly and sarcastically, most animals are born to be humans’ food. Humans are the top of the food chain, we own the freedom in this world, we can pick up interests we like, we can love people, we can do what we want to achieve. So why don’t we just appreciate the fact that we’re humans? oops, seems like i’m a bit off topic now XD never mind, i think the sun(amazing life) shines the brightest when it’s with a deep dark shadow(life problems) As long as you can get out of the shit hole, i believe that you all can be on the top of the mountain and show the world who you truly are!!!!

Stay Strong guys!  

(ah i hope i can help some people although i have limited ability


Nagoro Village

The Valley of Dolls

The village of Nagor is located in in the hidden valleys of Shikoku, Japan. The village is shrinking due to lack of immigration to the place since there isn’t really anything there. People die and are never replaced.

Over a year ago, Ayano Tsukimi decided to replace the the dead and departed people with dolls. Roughly 350 dolls have taken the place of those people and the people that have since abandoned the place.

The dolls are made with straw, fabric, and old clothes, much like a humble scarecrow, and Tsukimi is constantly making new figures to replace ones that have worn out. The dolls are placed to look as though they are doing certain things that previous villagers once did.