abandoned dollhouse


“Abandoned Parisian Flat”, overview. 2015 by Carrie M. Becker
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Detail of 1/6th set. Foam core, plastic, balsa wood, stain, paint, glass, decals, wax, found objects, webbing spray. Set approx. 18"x22"x14".

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whats the name of you aesthetic?

I don’t know! But my blog is based on dollhouse, abandoned, childhood, pink trauma, religion, trigger, a little bloody and morbid

Hey, I just met you,

And this is crazy,

But we’re both lost in this damn house, 

So stay with me, maybe? 

From otpprompts:  Imagine person A from your OTP getting separated from their friends while they were inside a haunted house. Now imagine them clinging to the next person they see in fright and that person is B (who was also separated from their friends)

Fandom: Attack on Titan. 

Ship: JeanMarco. 

Summary: Jean was a tough guy! He wasn’t scared of anything! Except maybe cheesy ghosts and jumpscares…

* * * * 

“Come on, Jean, hurry it up!” Jean pursed his lips as he struggled to keep up with his friends, but the sticky cobwebs that hung from the ceiling made it difficult. 

“Don’t wanna get left behind, Horseface!” taunted Eren Jaeger, running ahead with the others. 

“How about you shut it, Eren?” Jean shot back, panting. He was too tense to come up with a good enough comeback. It was getting harder to see the shapes of his friends ahead of him, the dark green lights suddenly blinking. Jean heard a faint laugh from Eren, followed by a sentence that he couldn’t make out. “Hey, guys?” Jean stopped running, shoving aside the cobwebs. 

There wasn’t an answer from the group, just the ominous piano notes floating in the air from a distant room. Jean reluctantly walked forward, hating how he agreed to even coming to this stupid Halloween party. He wasn’t scared of much. The only exception was with jumpscares. He hated them, always taking him off guard and scaring the ever-loving shit out of him. Well, if he were to get jumpscared, at least his friends weren’t around to make fun of him for it. 

Grumbling to himself about how idiotic his friends were, Jean didn’t notice the awaiting banshee hidden in a crevice of the wall. He shrieked as she jumped out, her pale hands outstretched to grab him. He took off down the hall, nearly tripping over a ‘body,’ which was actually just a mannequin that had fallen from its position. 

Jean didn’t turn back as he headed through a corridor decorated to look like an abandoned dollhouse. Large severed heads of porcelain dolls were strewn about the floor, bodies of the girls swinging from the ceiling. 

Jean was so caught up in trying to escape the cliche nightmare that he didn’t see the teen in front of him until he had rammed into him. “Ow!” yelped the stranger. The two collapsed to the ground, both confused and slightly more terrified than they were just moments ago. 

“Oh, hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Jean looked up, and his eyes met the other’s. The first thought that ran through his mind was Damn, he’s cute. 

It’s okay,” laughed the boy. “I shouldn’t have been standing around like that.” The boy stood up, offering a hand to Jean. “My name is Marco.” Jean took the hand and stood up, clearing his throat. 

“I’m Jean. So, what are you doing here, wandering alone?” Marco laughed again, and Jean admitted that it was the most cutest thing he ever heard. 

“I wasn’t wandering alone a few minutes ago. I was walking with my two friends, when we got separated somewhere back in the cemetery room. I think we had went different halls.”

“Oh, that’s a bummer.” 

“Yeah. What about you? Did you come in here alone?” Jean grinned and nodded, crossing his arms. 

“You bet. I’m a lone wolf when it comes to haunted houses. They’re not even that scary. Just a bunch of people in costumes and whatever.” Marco smiled, looking around. 

“That’s a bold statement. I’m just a bit creeped out, is all. Say, wanna head back to the entrance with me? My friends must be worried.” Jean shrugged in response, trying to act cool. They walked down the hall, making small talk, when a large fake spider swung down from the ceiling. Jean jumped back, but managed to suppress a yelp. Marco giggled, pushing the spider away. “Scared?”

“Psh, no, just, uh…bored.” Jean faked a yawn, stretching his arms out. They pressed onward, both silently admitting that they were hopelessly lost. 

“We’ve been walking for over twenty minutes,” Marco panted as Jean slammed the door to a zombie-filled room shut. “I think we’re heading in circles. I haven’t seen any stairwells heading up or down. We might be on the top floor.” 

“Probably,” Jean said. “We need to backtrack.”

“But the only way out of this hall is through…that room.” The two listened to the recorded moans of the rooms, filled with makeup-covered people. 

“Let’s find another option,” Jean said flatly, not wanting to go back through there. They walked down the hall, only to find a dead end. They went the other way, finding the same thing. “Damn it.”

“Wait, look at this.” Marco knelt down, pulling away the red rug to reveal a crack in the floor. Jean knelt down next to him and ran his fingers through the crack before finding a hold and lifting it open. “A way down!” Marco said, smiling as the floor showed rickety stairs going down. 

“Bout time, if you ask me.” Jean turned around when he heard a bang on the door from the room. “Uh, we better hurry up.” The two got up and ran down the stairs, trying to be careful, when one of the steps gave away, causing Marco and Jean to tumble. They fell all the way down, landing in a heap at the bottom. 

“There you are!” Jean looked up to see Eren with his sister, Mikasa. “Dude, we’ve been looking all over for you!” Marco and Jean stood up, wincing as they moved their sore bodies. 

“Friends of yours?” Marco asked as he rubbed his arm.

“Uh…yeah,” admitted Jean, looking down. Marco laughed.

“Well, they seemed to be real worried.” 

“Marco!” A girl ran up, snatching him up in a hug. 

“Sasha, can’t breathe!” gasped the freckled teen. Sasha let Marco go with a laugh. 

“Sorry about that. But Connie and I were looking everywhere for you! We were seriously worried!”

“Yeah, sorry, but I found a friend!” Marco introduced Sasha to Jean, and Jean did the same with Eren and Mikasa. Jean and Marco shared glances as their friends spoke with each other. Jean smiled and turned to Marco.

“So, now that that’s out of the way, wanna hang out sometime?” Marco smiled and nodded. They exchanged phone numbers and headed out the haunted house. “That was totally not scary!” Jean said.

“Here you go, sirs, your pictures!” said the man at the entrance. Both teens stopped as he handed them the photos that had been secretly taken. They showed either Marco or Jean clinging to each other in fear. Eren and Sasha laughed loudly at the look of terror on their faces. Jean hung his head in embarrassment, but Marco only giggled and gave him a side hug.

“That was an adventure I won’t forget,” he said to his new friend. Jean blushed and smiled.

“Yeah, same here,” he agreed.