abandoned cats


There’s this ‘aesthetic meme’ floating around and I thought I could give it a shot.

Ok, i just got back from the Animal Shelter and boy lemme tell you– the website said it was bad, i expected worse, and boy did I get what I thought with an extra helping of it.

I am appearantly the first person to come in and ask about volunteering, let alone sign the paperwork saying they’d actually do it and show up for training in more than a year. I have to go in on Saterday, 9am to get trained in how to care for all the animals– but that, really, shouldn’t be that hard because it’s almost entirely cats.

Literally, they have 7 dogs taken from abusive homes, or found wandering on their own. And then several hundred cats: Feral, non-feral, semi-feral, senior cats no one wanted and thus abandoned, cats they’re nursing back to health, sick cats in quarantine, kittens, cats that had been injured, special needs cats, so on.
And they have 1 person who lives there full time. 1 paid employee that is a veterinarian who is paid using the rent gained from a renter on a separate section of the property, but this person isn’t there 2 days of the week for off time. 0 Volunteers for literally a year and a half. They’ve had to stop work on the cabin they were going to house their dogs in, they’ve had to use the puppy barn for cats. The owner literally had to convert her house into a cat and dog kennel space to keep up with overflow.
The county literally sends them nothing and they are constantly having the phone ring off the hook with people having found cats or dogs.

I told them about the post i made to try to drum up donations and while they’re happy for monetary help, what they need most is bodies to help and materials– they go through so much food, water, cat litter, and general supplies that it’s nearly impossible for them to keep up with.

I know i usually make posts about my home life and people say they want to help– I can’t leave or do anything about what my conditions are like right now, but we can all pool our resources and make a difference for these animals.

Please, please Donate if you can.

In my new neighborhood there are about 30 abandoned cats… They are so little and so cute… I can’t bring them to my house, but I just I have figure out some way to feed them… It’s so heartbreaking to hear their hungry meow….

It's just a cat Derek hale imagine

You brought home an abandoned cat it started to meowing and you got scared “ hey hey it’s okay it’s going to be alright ” you patted it and went to get milk for the cat the cat followed you to the kitchen . You heard the door closed it was your boyfriend Derek he didn’t like cats nor allowed any pets in the loft “ well miss kitty let’s hide you shall we ” as you put in a safe box with an blank and a bowl of milk you went to greet your boyfriend

As you walked out of the kitchen you see your scratched up boyfriend “ what happened to you hale ” Derek gave you the eye which means don’t ask and don’t even try

“ cats and Scott ” you laughed but stop

“ I’ll get the first aid kit ” as you were about to get it “ don’t worry I’ll heal fast ” you put your hands on your hips “ Derek hale I’ll not have this nonsense that you’re healing crap okay I’ll patch you up the human way ” Derek rolled his eyes and you walked to get the first aid kit


Little while later

You were patching your boyfriend and you’re deciding whether to tell Derek about the cat you’ve found while your out visiting stiles in the hospital “ Derek ” you were cleaning his wounds then “ meow … meow ” Derek looked round the room “ there’s a cat here ”

You put down the cotton wool and looked at your boyfriend “ Derek I think that hearing of yours need to get clean or your ears need to clean ” you putting the stuff back in the first aid box “ nooo I’m not hearing stuff (y/n) ” looking round “ Derek stay you need to heal and that was a lot of blood so no ”

As you were getting up there goes the sound again “ meow … meow … meow … ” Derek was now irritated by the sound “ there’s definitely a cat here ” now up you know your boyfriend is stubborn he won’t stop till is either dead or gone

“ Derek it’s nothing I’m sure it’s just another cat outside ” Derek knew you’re lying then he sees a furry little cat walking inside the loft “ (y/n) ” you picked up the cat “ I can explain ”


Trying to explain to your boyfriend “ no … no and no ” you try to but it didn’t work “ well I’ll take it to the vet or Scott work tomorrow okay ” putting the cat down Derek knows how much you wanted a kitten “ (y/n) ” as you turn Derek saw that glittering glance in your eyes “ okay ”

You looked dumbfounded “ Derek what ”

“ we can keep the cat but you take good care of it only you ” as Derek walks to the bedroom you hugged Derek from behind “ thank you ”

The cat went next to Derek’s foot and stroke itself on Derek and he just growled which made the cat run “ Derek ”

i gave sir nameless kitten another bath with the soap i bout (some gentle baby soap since they didnt have any cat shampoo) so that makes for bath number 2, and man, he was not a happy kitty camper