abandoned campers

Last summer I worked with this counselor from a South American country who became rather infamous at camp for being really bad at his job, and also… really weird. Before the campers got here, I had a gossip session with returning staff during which we swapped stories about him.

He was known for wandering off, abandoning campers, ignoring instructions, teaching kids profanities in his first language, and speaking crassly and disrespectfully about women in ways that scandalized a bunch of college aged cis straight men. The other counselors also from his country avoided him. And casually talking about sleeping with his cousin like it was a normal thing. Bigfoot, his co-counselor, had to develop a lot of weird tricks to keep him under control like he was just a really big camper himself.

Anyway, this guy also had a thing about body hair. He was repulsed by it. He shaved his entire body every day, and encouraged us to do the same. When he got suspended from being a counselor and switched to maintenance to keep him away from kids, his first words to his coworkers were “If you want to be friends with me, you should shave your chest.”

They did not become friends.

When I was young I saw this trailer on the drive to my grandmas. It had a warning (no trespassing) sign on it, though my childhood mind m thought it said “warning explosives” which made my mind race. I told my parents about this “creepy trailer” and tried to show them where it was but It kept “disappearing”. I have had nightmares about this trailer for years. I was really happy to spot it again.