abandoned campers

When I was young I saw this trailer on the drive to my grandmas. It had a warning (no trespassing) sign on it, though my childhood mind m thought it said “warning explosives” which made my mind race. I told my parents about this “creepy trailer” and tried to show them where it was but It kept “disappearing”. I have had nightmares about this trailer for years. I was really happy to spot it again.

~ Everlark Drabble Challenge ~ Retail!Everlark

I was challenged (last week) by ghtlovesthg with the prompt Retail!Everlark.  The first thing I thought of was Where the Heart is by Billie Letts.  You will find quotes from the HG series and WtHi (I own neither).  As I was afraid of, this is only the beginning.  I used to wonder how people could write such long fics, now I don’t know how any writer can keep a story under 2,000 words.  I want to take this further, but I am not sure when I will post it.  This (and any chapters to follow) will go on FF.net when it is cleaned up a bit.  I challenge ripplesfromawaterlily anais117fics sarcasticstilinskki with Fortune Cookie!Everlark (tried to tag people that haven’t been tagged ~ no pressure though)

Warnings: Rated M ~ Gale lovers beware; I turned Gale into an awful guy here, if that bothers you stop now. ~ Brief talk of Molestation ~ Teen pregnancy


Where the Heart is by flip-fantasia

            Katniss Everdeen, seventeen, seven and a half months pregnant, twenty-seven pounds overweight - and superstitious about sevens - just couldn’t get comfortable in the seat of the old Plymouth super charger and nervously ran her hands along the curves of her belly.

            Normally sevens where thought to be a lucky number, but not for Katniss.  On her seventh birthday an explosion in the mines had killed her father.  Then on July 7th, 2007, when she was 10, her momma announced she was running away with a baseball umpire named Fred.  In the seventh grade her only friend, Madge, stole an ice cream truck for her boyfriend and got sent to the Virginia State School for Girls. 

            Katniss knew that sevens were bad news for her, and she did her best to steer clear of them.  But sometimes she thought you just can’t see what’s coming.

            Sevens where not her problem at the moment, as she twisted and squirmed trying to easy the pain in her hips.  She had to go, again, but it was too soon to ask.  It would only make him mad.  Gale had the peddle to the floor, and though he seemed to hit every pot hole and crack in the pavement, the car never dipped below seventy-five.  The road signs screamed out their warnings in bright orange and yellow, but he didn’t notice.

            The car hit a curve too fast, dropping the front tire off the shoulder, every bump and shimmy of the car went straight to Katniss’s bladder.  She couldn’t wait any longer.

            “Hon, I really need to stop again.”

            “Jesus, Katniss,” Gale said smacking the dash board.  “You just went!”

            “I know, but…”

            “If we stop every fifty miles we are never going to make it.  Why don’t you sleep or something.”

            She was tired, maybe that would take her mind off of it for a little while longer.  “Alright, I’ll try,” she told him as she carefully reached down to un-strap her green sandals.  They were too tight now that her feet were so swollen from sitting, but they were the only shoes she had.  She placed them carefully to the side, as far away as she could from the T.V. tray covering the hole in the floor board, before drifting off to sleep.

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