abandoned cafe

The sky is orange
and we are all burning.

The day the apocalypse came
I was kissing you.
In my bed.
While my parents weren’t home.

You had clasped my hands
above my head
onto the white white sheets.

We didn’t even notice the bombs coming down.

We no longer love quietly.
Our love can echo,
Nobody can hear it.

For the first time, neither of us are sick.
We walk through the ash like angels,
and we leave only footprints.

 The shattered glass crunches underfoot
as we sit in once abandoned cafes,
holding hands,
knowing peace.

This could be our forever.
Our  happy ever after
started with a bang,
and included 
more than a few whimpers.

—  (a.v.p)
955. When Lupin found out Sirius was in jail he didn't believe it. He couldn't believe his best friend would ever betray them like that. He tried so hard to get him out. With James and Peter gone, Sirius was all he had left and he was not going to let him down like he felt he had the others. But he failed time after time, the avoidance of him was to hard to fight against and the Ministry was elbow deep in dealing with after war messes and didn’t care if the Black rotting in Azkaban was guilty or not. All the people he tried to get on his side just didn't believe him. After a while he gave up. He didn't know what to think and most of all felt so lonely in his grief. The first full moon after it happened crushed him and he cried for days. After that he went off the radar, depressed and alone. The first time he smiled after that was when by mistake a pink haired witch entered the abandoned cafe he was at. She recognized him and told him she was related to Sirius and she didn’t think he did it either. They talked for hours because it had been ages since someone looked at him the way his old friends did and not like a mad dangerous person, she got him to eat and laugh and even convinced him to come back and got him a job as a professor. It was a short way to love from there.

submitted by rulerofsilence


Essex, California (the alphabetical predecessor to Fenner) lies about seven miles west  of the deserted crossroads along the National Trails Highway.  It’s a veritable metropolis in comparison.  There is a picturesque abandoned cafe with its impressive cactus situated between an apparently functioning (although very small) post office to the east and some kind of automotive business to the west.  Across the street is the ruins of a private residence.  Considering the proximity of living humans I kept a respectful distance from private property for these photos (which are also from 3/28/2016.)


Winterset, Iowa
Population: 5,190

“The year 1857 was one of great commercial depression, which brought on a panic that caused disaster throughout the United States. The distressful situation was keenly felt in Winterset and business enterprises of all kinds were brought to a standstill. Many of the pioneer business men were ruined and for some years afterwards the cry of “hard times” was universal. But by the year 1860, the village manifested concrete evidences of recuperation, notwithstanding the dread war clouds that then hovered over the Union. At the expiration of the year six religious societies were holding services in their own churches; there were fourteen lawyers ready to extend their offices to the needy; five implement firms; a bank, book store, barber, three shoe stores, five blacksmith shops, a butcher shop, nine carpenters, a dentist, four drug stores, seven dry goods establishments, twelve groceries, as many as now; three hardware stores, the St. Nicholas and Madison hotels; seven insurance firms, two furniture stores, two firms engaged in real estate deals, a livery stable, three millinery shops, two photograph galleries, ten physicians, two bakeries and restaurants; harness makers, wagon makers, chairniakers, three saloons, Morris Schroeder’s brewery, jewelers, two printing offices, billiard hall, several stone masons, plasterers, brick makers and layers, a tailor, a gunsmith, painters, a veterinary surgeon, so that there was scarcely any article of merchandise needed that the local merchants were not able to supply. The professions were abundantly represented and no one was permitted to go thirsty for lack of a place where stimulants were on tap.”


Palace intrigues in the age of democracy,
we arrange ourselves by the corner
of an abandoned cafe,
In the near empty street lovers kiss
under the flight of black birds -
Migratory patterns of man and beast as
storms and wars move by the compass’ sway,
There, upstairs, in the room of lovers
a woman hangs her head -
in prophecy, in revelry, in ecstasy,
I count her breaths through thin walls,
the paint falling off,
An old book on the floor contains
more knowledge than most minds,
On the television a man appears who
imagines himself a king,
Soon to be cut into fragments - deconstruction,
blood-stained, historical ignominy,
I laugh, and cackle, in clown face.

Make it a point to fall in love every single day.
Fall in love with strangers and family and friends.
Fall in love with books and movies and songs.
Fall in love with neighbourhood cafes and abandoned parks and old libraries.
Fall in love with lazy mornings and busy afternoons and quiet nights.
Fall in love with small towns and big cities and deserted beaches
There is so much anger and hatred in this world. 
So make sure you remember to fall in love.
—  f.a.w
A little sneak peak and a few more additions!

Here is something that I thought would be pretty cool to add. Instead of the normal windows in The Ruins, I changed it to these little planet like things. The First Small Blue One referrers to The Ruins, where you are now. The White One, referrers to Starrin, then Light Blue for Aurorafall, Red for Nebuland, and Yellow for Asgore’s castle. I may add a little more detail into it or not. No clue if I should or not.

Here’s some other things I’m going to be adding.

- Instead of the little tiny star things, I am going to make different type of stars that look like Hyperspace, meaning that all the pictures WILL be a GIF.

- I almost thought about making the cafe an abandoned one, but I thought it’d be cute to have some of the monsters sit in the cafe (like Grillby’s but not a bar obviously). The cafe will be called, Spatial Météore Dîner (French for Spatial Meteor Diner (Hehe, suck at making names)).

- The walls, (Thank @outertalegame for the idea) are going to have little tiny sparkles in the wall, also making that a GIF. Though, they also recommended to make the walls grayish, I tried that and it sadly didn’t work, it was always way too grey. So, sadly the walls can’t be a grayish color, RIP.

- Instead of the candy bowl, I thought it’d be nice to add a little stand that floats and is able to give you chocolate, if you take too much of it, it’ll float too high because there’d be so much chocolate to where it weigh it down but instead it just floats to the ceiling.

- For some of the screenshots I take, I will be adding some text to it too, though of course it’s not going to be the original picture. I’m not just going to have one screenshot, that’d be kind of boring… One is going to be a bunch of text, the other the original, then one of a side to side comparison.

- I have also decided, no, I am sadly not going to be adding Toriel’s home unless others want me to, meaning that I will be making the subway, maybe also make a little short movie of when you get on the train to Starrin. 

- On the holes where you have to go on the right path, I’ll do a GIF on that one too. So, the layout will be a place to where you can walk on the milk, but not exactly walking on it, there’ll be a little pressure thing underneath it, and when you drop, the milk will come down with you, leading out into space, because I literally thought of nothing better to do with that section.

- I’ll probably add a few references from a few space things. Like, Star Trek, Star Wars, Interstellar, and other random things…

- Annoying Dog.

- Instead of the little pressure plates and the switches, the pressure plates will be star shaped, and a bright yellow, then the switches will be little stars, and when switch it, the star will change it’s direction.

I am actually also able to slightly work on the project a bit more, stead I don’t have to do so many things, tomorrow I may or may not be able to upload two pictures, it depends on what the next room is. Though, for sure I will upload the Entrance tomorrow. Have a good night!