abandoned cafe

We’ll Have Tonight, LMM/Reader

Prompt: New York City is your own weekend mistress.

Words: 2,007

Author’s Note: This was heavily inspired by the movie ‘Before We Go’ (which is on Netflix, you should watch it!). Title taken from TL5Y, because I love that musical with all my heart. This is probably as close to angst as I will write.

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, cursing.

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It seemed that every person’s mission in New York was to make you miss your train.

You had it all planned out, too. An itinerary sat unused in your purse, your meticulously timed day was off to a late start with the first item. Checking out of your hotel.

You gave yourself twenty minutes for this. Collect your bag - which had been carefully packed the night before - and turn in your keys. A particularly difficult family ahead of you and an excruciatingly slow computer decided against your twenty minute window.

Ten minutes behind schedule.

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Riccardo and Giotto and Reborn trying to seduce this police officer that keeps trying to put them in jail but eventually they fall in love and they just snatch her (kidnap her) for themselves


I really like how this turned out, hopefully you do too~ Ricardo Ricardo Ricardo :D

// Admin Chrome



“Do you really think that these handcuffs are going to hold me?” Ricardo asks, his usual angry poker face in place as he lifted up his hands to show you what he was talking about. His chair was dangerously close to falling with how far back he was leaning, and his long legs were crossed matter-of-factually on the table.

You, on the other hand, were trying to keep yourself from falling for his tricks again. It always happened, like a continuous cycle that would never end no matter what: you caught Ricardo doing something illegal, managed to bring him in, then he somehow worms his way out of your sights. With the constant pressure from your higher ups, you were becoming desperate to finally capture him once and for all.

“I do think that you shouldn’t try anything funny or we will have some problems, Rica-” You looked up from your place across from Ricardo where you were filling out paperwork, to find that Ricardo had vanished, the handcuffs mockingly unlocked and lying on the table.

Suddenly, two hands landed on your shoulders, making you jump in your seat and swallow your shriek. You felt your pulse pick up and your skin start to sweat when a warm breath of air fanned at your ear.

“The only problem we have here is that you keep trying to arrest the king of the underworld, Officer [Last Name].” You shivered at his words, feeling your skin heat up as one of his hands traveled from your shoulder, to your neck. His fingers delicately tilted your chin back, and your vision was now presented with Ricardo’s disgustingly handsome face.

His face was slowly getting closer, and you felt as if you were in a trance. Your vision started to blur, until your eyes met his black eyes, and you suddenly broke free of his spell. You abruptly sat up, and then slammed your hands on the table.

“Don’t mock me! I refuse to be carted along by the likes of you!” You yelled, but you realized that Ricardo was smirking darkly now, hie eyes holding a dangerous content.

“I don’t think you realize that I will always get what I want. Did you really think that you could catch me so easily? No, I let myself be caught, just so I could figure out the best way to get under your skin.” Ricardo’s voice was steady, and nothing about him faltered when you threw yourself at him, trying to land a punch. He grabbed your elbow with one hand, and your shoulder with the other, and slammed you against the wall, his body caging you.

“I’m not letting this chance slip by, [Name]…” All of a sudden, the door to the interrogation room was slammed open, revealing a large number of men in black suits, all filing in the room. “…you’re coming with me, whether you like it or not. I never let my prey get away.”


“Got you~” You felt your whole body tremble as the words were suddenly whispered into your ear from behind, and you felt a sort of heat settle across your back as Giotto leaned over you as he trapped you against the wall.

This had started a long time ago, this cat and mouse game. However, at this point, the lines were blurred at who really was the cat and who was the mouse. You had been chasing this mafia boss for so long, yet when you thought you had him, Giotto would find a way to slip right through your fingers.

It was frustrating, yet nothing else was as frustrating as the constant flirting that Giotto drowned you in. The way he would lean in close, almost touching your lips together, yet he would pull away right at the moment you decide to lean in. Also, the way he would stare at you, watching your every move, and slowly raking his eyes up and down your body, as if you were a delicious meal waiting to be devoured. And for some reason, that made you feel hot and giddy inside.

So, it had seemed to be your lucky day when you managed to corner Giotto at a dead end in an alleyway. You had been chasing him for blocks now, and you had felt a burst of joy when Giotto turned down the alleyway, since you knew these streets like they were the back of your hands.

What you hadn’t expected, though, was that once you turned down the alleyway, there was no sign of Giotto anywhere. You frantically looked around, before finally feeling the exhaustion of running so much settle in. You put your hands on your knees, and took deep breaths, trying to regain your breath.

It hadn’t occurred to you that Giotto would sneak attack you like this.

“It seems that you have fallen into my trap, [Name].” You felt Giotto shift, his lips moving from your ear to your neck, tracing softly at the flesh there. You felt your whole body heat up at his bold move, as well as your knees start to go weak.

“Don’t f-fuck with me!” You managed to snap yourself out of the haze, and moved to elbow Giotto in the stomach. However, before you could even spring, Giotto had grabbed you by your biceps, and spun you around so you faced him. A smirk was present on his face, as if he found the situation hilarious.

“I wouldn’t try to fight it, when I like something, I tend to become obsessed…” Giotto let go of one of your arms, and lifted his hand towards your face. His thumb traced along your lips, before he started to lean in closer, his hand dropping back towards his side.

Your breathing started to pick up, and you felt anticipation start to well up inside you as your eyes fell closed.

“You can’t ever escape me, no matter how much you want to.” The words were whispered against your lips, right before he claimed them.


“Reborn, you are under arrest, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.” You repeated, your gun pointing straight at the poker faced hitman. The two of you were in an abandoned cafe, as all the customers had ran out when you had pulled out your gun.

Instead of answering or moving, Reborn simply took another sip of his black coffee, his eyes staring dead straight at you. You felt a tad bit self conscious at the gaze, as if he was staring right through you. Your confidence started to waver.

At your moment of self doubt, Reborn had picked up on it, and had managed to get out of his seat, take the gun from your hand, and point it straight at your head. All in the matter of seconds.

You were speechless.

“I don’t think that’s a very smart idea, pointing guns at me.” A dark smile came over his face, his eyes barely seen through the shadows of his hat. You swallowed thickly, your nerves starting to catch up to you.

Moving his attention, Reborn trailed his eyes across your body. He stepped closer to you, and you didn’t move a single inch, even as the infamous hitman was right at your nose.

“I could kill you right now, but…” The tip of the gun was cool against your skin as it pushed your head to the side, exposing your neck more to Reborn.

“It seems that I can’t pull the trigger if it’s you.” The confession shocked you, but, at that moment, you tried to move. You saw Reborn move the hand holding the gun towards his side again, but you had the quick movements to try to grab it.

Luck was not on your side.

Before your fingers could even touch the gun, you were pushed onto the table, making the mug of coffee shatter on the floor. You were breathing heavily and sweating profusely. Reborn had both of his hands on your shoulders, his body towering over yours.

“Don’t get cocky.” His words were cold, and you knew he was pissed. You felt Reborn’s grip tighten for a split second, before the harsh grip was loosened. One of his hands let go of your shoulder, before traveling down. It landed on your stomach, and Reborn got to the hem of your shirt.

“The only solution to keep you from continuously trying to arrest me is to just take you out.” His words shocked you, but before you could comment, Reborn was kissing you, his lips were as soft and experienced as you had speculated time and time before.

“I guess you’ll just be coming with me for now on, whether you like it or not.”



Ann was absolutely shiho’s cat while ryuji was a poor kitten in fuck faces way and ann always hisses whenever fuckface bad gym teacher is anywhere near her girl, sadly shiho cant have a kitty at her new place and gives ann to sojiro while akira had basically brought ryuji in and started dominance cleaning him like yep he lives here now

Mokoto was a kitten sae got before her parents died and was her dads cat, eventually could not stand looking at her and being reminded of her father and gave mokoto to sojiro, which makes mokoto panic and frantically search for ways to prove shes not just a reminder of her dead family, ann establishes herself as alpha cat pretty early on only to lose alpha cat title when mokoto awakens to her persona, and ann is not salty about this no sir

morgana is a hamster that akira loves and will bite ryuji isf he attempt to eat morgana, morgana rides on akiras head most days and is a very loud mouse who claims hes a cat

shido went in the metaverse like, once and learned the puppy he found on the street could talk and loved him so he adopted the puppy only to treat him so badly even a puppy couldn’t love him and thats how goro became a police puppy OUT FOR  VENGEANCE sae does not like dogs,sojiro is extremely surprised when he one day finds goro sitting outside the shop being hopped upon by his futaba and having his akira curled up under his face

akira is the most social kitty,rubs all up agents anyone who comes in and plays a board game with one while listening to another talk about his fan site for akiras thieves and wishing he could meet one of the thieves irl

haru is a show kitty who has won many awards but has been set u with a breeding pairing she detests, which leads her to seeking out the phantom thieves help and coming across little morgana, likes to stand on akiras back while hes trying to sleep or sitting on his head, though akira does not seem to mind (also insert gif of cat love scandal where the kittens where not the chosen males but the handsome cat next doors kittens)

sojiro just, repeatedly waking up surrounded by furr and purring and quit bird snoring and maybe one puppy dog and thinking oh god, ive become a crazy cat person

(sojiro doesn’t mind being the crazy cat person with like seven magical animals it has its perks)


Essex, California (the alphabetical predecessor to Fenner) lies about seven miles west  of the deserted crossroads along the National Trails Highway.  It’s a veritable metropolis in comparison.  There is a picturesque abandoned cafe with its impressive cactus situated between an apparently functioning (although very small) post office to the east and some kind of automotive business to the west.  Across the street is the ruins of a private residence.  Considering the proximity of living humans I kept a respectful distance from private property for these photos (which are also from 3/28/2016.)


Winterset, Iowa
Population: 5,190

“The year 1857 was one of great commercial depression, which brought on a panic that caused disaster throughout the United States. The distressful situation was keenly felt in Winterset and business enterprises of all kinds were brought to a standstill. Many of the pioneer business men were ruined and for some years afterwards the cry of “hard times” was universal. But by the year 1860, the village manifested concrete evidences of recuperation, notwithstanding the dread war clouds that then hovered over the Union. At the expiration of the year six religious societies were holding services in their own churches; there were fourteen lawyers ready to extend their offices to the needy; five implement firms; a bank, book store, barber, three shoe stores, five blacksmith shops, a butcher shop, nine carpenters, a dentist, four drug stores, seven dry goods establishments, twelve groceries, as many as now; three hardware stores, the St. Nicholas and Madison hotels; seven insurance firms, two furniture stores, two firms engaged in real estate deals, a livery stable, three millinery shops, two photograph galleries, ten physicians, two bakeries and restaurants; harness makers, wagon makers, chairniakers, three saloons, Morris Schroeder’s brewery, jewelers, two printing offices, billiard hall, several stone masons, plasterers, brick makers and layers, a tailor, a gunsmith, painters, a veterinary surgeon, so that there was scarcely any article of merchandise needed that the local merchants were not able to supply. The professions were abundantly represented and no one was permitted to go thirsty for lack of a place where stimulants were on tap.”

955. When Lupin found out Sirius was in jail he didn't believe it. He couldn't believe his best friend would ever betray them like that. He tried so hard to get him out. With James and Peter gone, Sirius was all he had left and he was not going to let him down like he felt he had the others. But he failed time after time, the avoidance of him was to hard to fight against and the Ministry was elbow deep in dealing with after war messes and didn’t care if the Black rotting in Azkaban was guilty or not. All the people he tried to get on his side just didn't believe him. After a while he gave up. He didn't know what to think and most of all felt so lonely in his grief. The first full moon after it happened crushed him and he cried for days. After that he went off the radar, depressed and alone. The first time he smiled after that was when by mistake a pink haired witch entered the abandoned cafe he was at. She recognized him and told him she was related to Sirius and she didn’t think he did it either. They talked for hours because it had been ages since someone looked at him the way his old friends did and not like a mad dangerous person, she got him to eat and laugh and even convinced him to come back and got him a job as a professor. It was a short way to love from there.

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The sky is orange
and we are all burning.

The day the apocalypse came
I was kissing you.
In my bed.
While my parents weren’t home.

You had clasped my hands
above my head
onto the white white sheets.

We didn’t even notice the bombs coming down.

We no longer love quietly.
Our love can echo,
Nobody can hear it.

For the first time, neither of us are sick.
We walk through the ash like angels,
and we leave only footprints.

 The shattered glass crunches underfoot
as we sit in once abandoned cafes,
holding hands,
knowing peace.

This could be our forever.
Our  happy ever after
started with a bang,
and included 
more than a few whimpers.

—  (a.v.p)
Make it a point to fall in love every single day.
Fall in love with strangers and family and friends.
Fall in love with books and movies and songs.
Fall in love with neighbourhood cafes and abandoned parks and old libraries.
Fall in love with lazy mornings and busy afternoons and quiet nights.
Fall in love with small towns and big cities and deserted beaches
There is so much anger and hatred in this world. 
So make sure you remember to fall in love.
—  f.a.w

but like. what if after one year- in real time- passed after you defeated team flare in XY, there was a chance (which increases day by day so that by the time like three months is up it has to have happened) that a new trainer will appear in Geosenge town.

All he will do when talked to is mention that the events that happened a year ago drew him there, then request a battle. You can deny it, but after this happens five times, the next time you enter Geosenge he’ll be talking to Trevor, who will ‘convince’ you to battle the guy.

Splash art shows him as well dressed, with a waistcoat and tie, fair skin, blue eyes, and short brown hair going ginger at the roots. His team consists of a level 69 Meinshao, level 69 Honchkrow, Level 71 Pyroar, Level 73 (Mega) Gyrados, and a Level 70 Ageislash

If you lose to him, he’ll offer an open rematch, saying something about how obviously the Hero of Kalos must not have been at full strength, but if you win, he says it was an honour to battle you 'under more friendly circumstances’, and flies away via honchkrow.

No further mention of this is made in the game unless you head to Lumiose City and go to Professor Sycamore’s office, where you will instead find Sina and Dexio, who will evaluate your pokedex, ect. If you haven’t completed at least the Kalos dex, you won’t be able to get further until you do, but if you have they will immediately send you off to the 'abandoned cafe- where, you know, it all happened’, meaning Lysandre Cafe.

When you get there, you see the professor storming out- he won’t stop to talk, and if you try and chase him down by going back to his office he’ll just do the normal dialogue. If you go inside the former cafe, you’ll find it’s been reskinned- it now does look very abandoned, except for the guy you saw in Geosenge sitting in one of the seats up the back.

He calls you over for a chat, and tells you he’s returned to Lumiose for a reason. One of his old 'associates’ from the incident one year ago has managed to wrangle themselves free of the police force, and may be out on the loose. He asks that you convince the detective girl nearby, Emma, to help you track down this criminal before any more damage is done- he says that she won’t listen to him because of 'demons of the past’, but that he honestly wants to help. You exchange HoloCaster numbers with him, so that you can call him for more information.

Then proceeds a redemption arc sidequest for Lysandre, because if Xerosic gets one, damn straight Lysandre’s gonna get one too. It would involve tracking down ex-Flare members trying to start up a new group, as well as working with the Masked Heroes of Kalos, and Professor Sycamore. And then maybe Lysandre and Professor Sycamore making up somewhat.