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The homestuck update, retconning, and the vriska (vriska)

I’ve seen a lot of people not liking that Vriska is back, for various reasons, but the one I want to address here is that it ‘erases all that character development’. 

Well, it is true that what we had seen happen before now has NOT happened… but really, where else was there to GO in that time line? EVERYBODY was dead. EVERYBODY!!! and as much as it seems like death doesn’t matter, what with the dream bubbles and all… I think it still very much does. The bubble ghosts seem unable to really impact things. They are in many ways static, unchanging, stuck as they were when they passed on.  What of ghost Vriska you say? She seemed to change a bit, chill out to hang around with Meenah… but was this really changing? Vriska seems like one who constantly in life reinvented herself to do what she thought would be “right” - read ‘make people like her’ and the reinvention to be a lot like Meenah is right in that ballpark. Abandoning the quest for lord english, just like all other irons in the fire have been abandoned. 

And remember, even disregarding if death means anything or not, Terezi was correct, there was no way to FIX this from THAT point in time. It was only going back. Back to the unwinnable choice Terezi had that first time with Vriska. She was able to look forwards, all those years ago, and see that letting Vriska GO would lead to their immediate death, and there, bleeding to death, yelling at this stupid human boy, she had learned that killing Vriska ALSO lead to their deaths. There was no correct choice, it was a rigged game. 

So time for a 3rd choice. 

also it looks like the vast majority of stuff that happened on the trip in version 1.0 still happened, with just a few differences. And now the story gets go continue and be more of a story… and theres hopefully no karkats in lava this go round!!!