The Alydwych tube station is a closed tube in London that was abandoned in 1994 after it was decided the station didn’t bring in enough revenue to keep up with maintenance costs. Although the station is closed, it has history and remains a popular filming spot. During both World Wars, the disused parts of the tunnels were used to store valuable artworks and protect them from bombings. Lately, now that the station is closed, it has been used in numerous films and other media. Scenes from V for Vendetta, 28 Weeks Later, and the television show Sherlock were filmed there, among others. The station appears in one level of the Tomb Raider III game (screenshot included), as well as the ‘Firestarter’ music video from the band The Prodigy.

i got drunk one night and accidentally cut my palm open on the dull end of a rusty broken window in the abandoned house we snuck into the day we first got back together

i cried for the first time since you left, curled up in the floor where we were months ago, when you pushed me against the door frame and kissed me like i was the one leaving.
i cried for the first time when you weren’t there to kiss it better

the creaking of that house sounded like your laugh
so i drank until i couldn’t hear you anymore and kissed the boy i was with until i thought maybe he tasted like you

i saw myself in a broken mirror and i found
none of my reflections looked like me
when i finally smiled i saw you smile back

i need to come clean, i knew you’d break my heart
but i never thought you’d leave with the broken pieces

—  you can’t fucking abandon me when i was never your property,  then break into me for fun a few months later, i’m not your home and i never was (t.d.)