abandon ep

I was going to draw something cute/happy/romantic after finishing Season 2 but… (╥﹏╥)

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anonymous asked:

I think Knights of Ren isn't in TLJ because they think Kylo is a loser and decided to abandon him

ep 9 features the first order disbanding bc they all just fucking hate him



Someone had to MAKE those slippers for Chibs2 though. You aren’t just going to find that at the slipper store, that is personalized embroidery.

Ikuko maybe? Possible, but not the most fun answer.

Usagi? Cute, but Usagi’s already got a lot of cute with Chibs2, if you like it.

Consider, perhaps, an alternative.

Consider, perhaps:

She sees Chibs2 using an old pair of Chibi-Usa’s slippers and decides to personalize them a bit more so Chibs2 has something of her own.

And then consider:

Pluto is not okay with this.

Those are Small Lady’s slippers.

Makoto is a brave warrior and a gentle soul.

Makoto cannot be allowed to succeed.

Pluto knows what she must do.

YouTuber's Journey Into Abandoned MMO Is Creepypasta Material
Active Worlds is an MMO from 1995 that nobody really plays anymore. That’s where this story begins.
By Patricia Hernandez

At first, Vinny thinks Hitomi is nothing more than an NPC, a bot created to help newbies. Hence why Hitomi kept repeating the same helpful phrases over and over. But then, as Vinny starts talking to the “NPC,” he starts realizing that no, Hitomi might be an actual person. A person who, for some god forsaken reason, appears to be playing on a server all alone. That’s when things start to get creepy.

Nothing in the Abandon ep got this creepy. Meep.