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Okay but Jason holding Damian up like Simba while Stephanie screams "The Circle of Life" in the background

Bruce walks into the kitchen for a cup of coffee when he finds his kids like this. 

“Father, help me!,” Damian screams as he struggles, but he’s no match for Jason. Jay strokes a line of mayonnaise on Damian’s forehead with his thumb and proceeds to hoist him above his head, Stephanie’s deafening chants only increasing in volume. Meanwhile Tim, Cass, and Dick all bow down on the floor, ignoring their youngest brother’s kicks and screams to be released. 

Abandoning his quest for coffee, Bruce walks out, paying no mind to the shrieks and death threats he can hear coming from the kitchen as he departs. He really needs a vacation.  

Catch Me (Intro)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 969

A/N: This fic is inspired by this moment in Brooklyn Nine Nine (where Terry drops his coffee mug in order to catch Jake). 

There are going to be multiple parts to this fic and I hope you guys are as excited as me. A lot of fluff is going to ensue from here on out. 

Special thanks to @avengerstories for editing this for me. You are the very best. 

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You are walking past the living room when you notice that someone is in there. Abandoning your quest for a sandwich, you enter the room and find Bucky with his metal arm under one of the couch cushions. You don’t even have to ask what he’s looking for. “Lost your earphones again, huh?”

“I didn’t lose them,” he mutters while dropping down to the floor to look under the sofa. “They’ve just been misplaced.”

You cross your arms over your chest and chuckle. “If you say so.”

Bucky abruptly stands up from his position on the floor and fixes you with a hard glare. Most people would probably cower under the scrutiny, but not you. You and Bucky have been butting heads for eight months; a rivalry that began the moment you joined forces with the Avengers. Those eight months have been filled with nonstop arguments, snide remarks, and an overabundance of scowls pointed in each other’s direction.

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Easter Pick-Me-Ups

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut, (i think that’s it), maybe some light swearing???

Summary: Dean’s been feeling crappy as of late. Some vamps dented Baby, broke her windows, and slashed her tires, not to mention the fact that Dean lost two shoes( from different pairs too.) Y/N sees this and, being the good girlfriend she is, decides to help him out a bit by dressing cute and doing some cute things for easter.(Mostly fluff with a little implied smut at the end for yall)

A/N: heyyo this is for Elsie’s @sleepywinchester easter challenge. Let’s pretend that I’m not 3 days late. Sorry bub, I had so much hw and it’s end of year tests. I’ve literally had the blurb for this written for over a month but i didNT HAVE TIME TO WRITE💔💔. I considered posting the blurb but I felt like that was a cheat so here we are, 3 days late but hey, better late than never right? This was gonna be a full smut but I felt awk so I couldn’t do it :-( Hope ya’ll enjoy anyways!

To put it frankly, the past two weeks have sucked for me. A lot.

The ‘hellish period’, as I decided to call it, started on a hunt. When we got to our motel in some small town in Nevada that I already forgot the name of, I noticed that I only had five shoes, total. Meaning I had lost one of them. The next day, I had four, but only one full matching pair. After that annoyance, came the actual case. It wasn’t even anything difficult either; just some vamps, nothing major; a milk run, really. Or it was supposed to be a milk run but all of a sudden there’s way more vamps than we thought, and we all have this brilliant plan to take cover in Baby, and then it really went downhill. Grimacing at the broken window of my car, I scratched the back of my neck and tried to think up a way to fix her. So far all the dents and slashed tires are gone but the window— that might take a few more days to get done.

I sighed, running a hand down my face, and decided to take a break from it, leaving to get a beer. Once I exited the garage, the smell of food slapped me in the face and my stomach growled to remind me that I haven’t eaten in a few hours. Making my way to the kitchen, I figured it was Y/N cooking since Sammy was out.

“Hey, Y/N are you-” I stopped in my tracks upon seeing her, wearing a pair of loose athletic shorts and my Zeppelin shirt. That’s not what got me though. What got me were the pastel pink bunny ears she was wearing, along with the pie she was taking out of the oven. She turned to me, a smile lighting up her face, eyes sparkling.

“Hey, De!” She exclaimed, rushing towards me. My eyes racked her body, focusing on how those shorts made her thick thighs look so damn good and the way that my shirt clung to her chest, making her curves more prominent. That’s one thing I loved about her, her curves and the way she had all those little stretch marks on her body. I licked my lips, putting my hand on her hip and pulling her towards me.

“You made pie?” I asked, eyes staring into hers, trying to control myself from the swell of emotions that I felt, knowing that she most likely made that for me. She nodded, long hair flowing into her face. I knew she’d been meaning to get that cut, but we’d been working cases nonstop for weeks so she hadn’t gotten the chance yet. A small blush spread to her cheeks as she spoke.

“I know the past few weeks haven’t been the easiest for you, and knowing you, easter is not on your radar… but I thought it would be a good excuse to eat sweets and do some fun things so-” She cut herself off, shrugging lightly. My heart swelled at her words, head tilting towards hers to plant our lips together. Instead of deepening it like I wanted, she pulled away, a childish grin lighting up her face.

“Oh, no. What are you planning?” I teased, knowing what that look meant. She pulled away from my hand.

“I hid easter eggs!” She practically squealed, jumping up and down a bit in excitement. I rolled my eyes.

“Sweetheart, we’re not five anymore.”

“So? C'mon De, you know you wanna!” She said, dodging around my grabbing hands to roam around in the library, looking for eggs, I guess.

“Hey, wait, that’s not fair you’re cheating!” I called, deciding to play along with her. Her laugh sounded through the halls, making me smile by default. Trailing after her, like some lovesick puppy, I noticed her trying to reach a blue egg up on the top shelf. I reached over her and grabbed it, hiding it behind my back when she tried to take it back.

“Deeaaaaaann!” She pouted, crossing her arms. I laughed,

I laughed, “Nope this ones mine, sweetheart. I got it fair and square.” Spotting another one in the lamp shade, I grabbed it, holding the two of them up in the air from her. She groaned, jumping to try and grab them, making me laugh fondly at how funny she looked hopping around in her bunny ears.

A ding sounded throughout the bunker, making Y/N’s head snap towards the kitchen. Abandoning her previous quest of trying to grab my eggs, she bounded away again, making me furrow my brows at her.

“Y/N what else are you-” My breath caught as I walked into the kitchen, seeing her pull out some burger patties from the oven. She grinned at me again.

“Uhm, I kinda thought it would take more than pie to cheer you up about baby so I thought I’d make some burgers too.” She said, scratching her neck, a habit she picked up from me, no doubt.

I stared at her in awe as she got the burger buns out of the cupboard, having to stand on her tiptoes to reach. The action made her shirt ride up and damn I might have to let her keep that one. The bunny ears made her look both innocent and incredibly hot and the fact that she was doing something so nice for me made me think some extremely mushy (but also obscene) thoughts. She turned back around and jumped a bit when she saw that I had not moved, and still stared.

“Uhm… do you wanna eat the food now or..?” She lightly teased, trying to use humor to hide her awkwardness. God she was cute.

A smirk took over my face as I stepped closer to her, arm going around her waist to pull her towards me, our bodies meeting in the middle. I dipped my head down to kiss her.

“Sure, but there’s something else I wanna eat first.”

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What do you think of Pelosi's statement that reproductive rights are a pretty settled question so the Dems don't have to be strict in requiring their candidates to support them? I saw a lot of rightful anger at Bernie but a lot of silence about that, not that it's news, Tim Kaine was the VP pick, but for her to outright state it like that...

I fucking hate it.

I mean, I also can barely bring myself to be mad at Pelosi during this of all possible times because she was a fucking general last week and I want to give her the credit she deserves for keeping everyone united and in line. 

But I fucking hate it because the most frightening question to me right now is who is going to be abandoned in the quest to build a new left-of-center coalition that can defeat Trump and Ryan?  

I am, for example, not personally invested in hating Bernie.  I really want to be pro-Bernie and to give him the credit that he absolutely deserves for pushing the Overton window hard and for proving that you can get really far with young, educated voters with an aggressively left-wing agenda.  If nothing else, Bernie’s populism is the real deal that Trump is the grotesque imitation of.  But Bernie is also  stand-in for a push towards economic populism that isn’t so much actively sexist or racist as it is assuming that the white male lens on economic issues is the universal one and that women and people of color have specific identity based issues that can be treated as add-ons with varying degrees of importance.  What’s the Matter with Kansas came out  almost 15 years ago and I think Trump’s victory should demonstrate that it’s message is either way more complicated in 2017 or was dangerously naive even at the time.

I’m also concerned that an Obama-style coalition is going to get lazy on abortion because there’s not going to be as much passion on the pro-choice side.  This article, which I cannot recommend enough if you want something to both inform and terrify you, raises these concerns first by profiling women like Purvi Patel who have already gone to prison for having abortions (Patel was sentenced to 20 years for feticide).   And then discussing how the availability and effectiveness of  misoprostol might worsen the existing class/race differences in how women get abortions. 

For example, when my middle-class sister was a pregnant junkie just out of rehab, she didn’t have to go to an abortion clinic. She went to the primary care provider whom she’d known since she was a toddler, was given misoprostol in an environment of respect and privacy….because she was middle class. Are the differences in how women get abortions going to become even starker? Are only the abortions of poor women, women of color, or mentally ill women going to be socially visible? Are the exact kind of women that we tend to turn away from going to be the women that go to prison for having abortions? I mean, after all Purvi Patel and Bei Bei Shuai (who was also prosecuted under Pence) were women of color (it is also not insignificant that they are both Asian, since Asian women have been especially targeted by racist anti-abortion laws) struggling with mental illness, and just struggling in general.  They were women that it’s easy for feminists to forget about, or to not find sympathetic.  

If women with means are less and less likely to have to have abortions then are we going to stop caring about the women who do? Are we going to assume that reproductive rights are settled because Nancy Pelosi’s daughter and granddaughters have access?

Nebula’s bitterness and constant rejection of Gamora that we see in the first film makes a lot of sense now. Now that we have her perspective on things, it comes out that Gamora wasn’t always reaching out to her–most of the time, Gamora was only focused on her own survival, including running off in the first film to steal the orb and leaving Nebula behind with two megalomaniacs who wouldn’t think twice about killing her. No wonder Gamora offering her hand after she’d already escaped wasn’t enough. This was someone who had been oblivious to Nebula’s suffering, who had probably never really bothered to understand Nebula’s feelings towards Thanos, who had never seen Nebula as an ally before, but at a point in time when Nebula would’ve been useful to her, when she was already liberated from Thanos’s clutches, finally tried to appeal to Nebula. So it’s understandable that, in the end, Nebula still decided to abandon the GOTG’s quest and save herself–just as her sister had done.

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FE7 lord squad for the meme if you're still at it?

Pick a character I’ve written and I will explain the top ~three to five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

Gosh it’s been so long since I’ve written any of them. I’ll try not to ramble…


THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. She was completely isolated for so long after the Lorca were killed, and though I know she goes back at the end of the game unless she marries Eliwood or Hector, I seriously doubt she returns alone. Rath and Kent both go with her in their endings. (Do she and Florina get an ending? I can’t remember but you CAN’T tell me Florina wouldn’t go with Lyn.) Anyway, Lyn’s friends are like family to her and she’s always eager to make new ones. They are such a huge part of her character motivations. 

She’s from a different race and culture. After Marquess Araphen making some racist comment about Sacaeans at the beginning of the game, that whole thing is like…never brought up again, even though it’s something Lyn will have to deal with her entire life. I want her cultural and ethnic differences to be brought up more. And exploring her mixed heritage and balancing the two halves and oh gosh. I think it’s so important to her character. I don’t think this happened enough in my old writing for her.

Kindhearted. I feel like this part of Lyn is often overlooked because it’s so easy to latch onto her fierceness and her hot temper and just jump on that train like “YASS GURL YAAASS”, but she really can be quite soft. Nils barely even had to bat his eyelashes to make her abandon her own quest and help him save Ninian. She’s an extremely thoughtful person. 


@julystorms used to ask me “how do u write such a good hector” and I told her the same thing every time: remove the filter.

Remove the filter. Hector is unfettered by manners and decorum. He talks first and thinks later. Honestly when I write Hector I just write down the first thing that comes to mind, as bluntly as I can. It made me realize that in our daily lives, there is always a split-second of thinking over how you say something before you say it. He doesn’t do that.

Responsibility. Hector never gets respect for this! He’s always brash, hotheaded, reckless, dumb ol’ hector. This guy finds out his brother’s death was hidden from him and that he’ll have to take a throne he’s not prepared for the second he gets home from war, in addition to taking up an axe that guarantees he’ll die in battle (and since they’re in a war, he’s probably thinking SOON). So what does he do? He grieves alone and keeps Uther’s death a secret so as to not add any burdens to Eliwood, he swears himself privately to Uther’s spirit on the Ostian throne to do the best job he can do, and then he comes home and takes the job with zero complaints. He doesn’t hesitate about Armads. He doesn’t hesitate about anything. He just does what needs to be done. Maybe he’s not the best man for the job, but damn, he tries with everything he has. Credit where credit is due.

Protectiveness/Worth in Service: Nobody thinks super highly of Hector, Hector included. What he’s good at is smashing things and loving his friends, and that’s about it, as far as he’s ever been told – but he works with it. He’s both quick to love and then fiercely protective of his loved ones (he’s polishing the metaphorical shotgun on the metaphorical porch before Roy and Lilina are even born, which makes me laugh every time). His recklessness is, I would venture, in some part calculated. If he can throw himself into the line of fire to prevent someone else from being hurt, he’ll do it. As far as he sees it, that’s what he’s there for.


Gentle but firm. I remember him always getting a lot of flack about the former (oh, god forbid, a gentle man with emotions in the hero role, we don’t need any of those), and pretty much no recognition of the latter, but Eliwood can be pretty severe when necessary. He calls Hector on his bullshit, he doesn’t accept sass from his enemies, and though he hates killing so much that he literally makes himself sick over it, he keeps doing it. Gentleness does not immediately equal some weakness of character or wishy-washy quality. When there’s a line that needs to be drawn, Eliwood draws it, clearly and without hesitation. 

Pure-hearted. Obviously all three of the golden trio are good people, and Eliwood arguably is no better or more meritorious than Hector and Lyn. But they have bitternesses and have already encountered a lot of awful things about the world that helped them to develop a healthy distrust of humankind, and – perhaps because of Eliwood’s sheltered upbringing – he just doesn’t get it. Even though he goes through a lot, he seriously can’t wrap his head around the horrible things that people are capable of doing, and seems continuously surprised by it. In my opinion it’s a flaw in his leadership as much as it is a mark of his kindness. He’s naive and doesn’t learn lessons about people quickly.

Gallant. He’s a Prince Charming type and he can be pretty forward! I think he’s aware of it, too. He’s cute and good-mannered and has a lot of both practical and noble skills (swordfighting, horse-riding) and did well in his studies. He’s humble but not bashful, and he’s not opposed to a little bit of limelight if he saves the day.   

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Okay I really liked that prank/retaliation ask you just answered! But lets see how these silly/sweet ending could have gone terribly wrong!(i like the pain of others heh)How about for the guys who successfully pranked s/o (ut!sans, uf!sans, uf!pap, and sf!sans) how would they react if their prank seriously hurt their s/o? Like uf!pap's trap made his s/o smash their mouth against the floor, knocking a tooth out. And the sans' food pranks caused a near fatal allergic reaction or choking. OwO

You.  I like your style.

You can find the original ask here.

Sans: Guess who just got a new tongue piercing.  It was supposed to be a surprise, you haven’t seen him since you got it done and the swelling is finally going down.  Usually a random hit of such intense spice would be.. unpleasant.  But with the addition of a new-ish sensitive hole in your tongue that discomfort is definitely real pain now.  Sans’ smile actually falls, the look on your face way worse than he was expecting.  ‘shit babe, what’s-”  It wasn’t nearly this bad when he ate it.  His eyes widen in understanding when you show him your tongue, already swelling back up.  “fuck, hey, here, try this.’  He hands you some ice, internally kicking his ass.  God, he feels awful.  ‘you ok now?  i am so,so sorry.  do ya.. need to go to the doctor or something?  heh, the look they give me’d be pretty piercing huh?  that sure is the hole truth.”

Red:  He was expecting you to be grossed out.  He wasn’t expecting it to actually make you throw up.  The hand he’s holding your hair back with is sweating because he’s just the fucking worst, holy shit, he can’t believe he made his S/O actually vomit.  ‘dollface, ya ok down there?  fuck I’m sorry, do ya want some water?  somethin’ to wash that taste out of your mouth?  any medicine from the cabinet gonna help?”

Edge:  In hindsight perhaps this was a bad idea.  Humans are so delicate, he should be more careful!!  On the way up the S/O conked their head pretty badly.  Edge immediately released them, pulling on a cord and catching his S/O in his arms.  “YOU MUST BE MORE WATCHFUL MY BELOVED!  ARE YOU HURT!?  LET ME SEE!”  He inspects the injured area closely with his fingers, still holding you close.  His chastisement can’t disguise the worry on his face.

Black:  Perhaps waving very spicy food all around your face was…. unwise.  Some of it got in your eye, and he immediately abandoned his revenge quest, shifting gears to take you to the sink.  He tried to help you splash your eyes but, alas, his hands are not conducive for water cupping.  He lets you take over, wringing his hands nervously.  Is he crying?  “NO!!  THESE ARE… SYMPATHY TEARS!  WAIT, NO, THEY ARE NOT!  THESE ARE TEARS OF RAGE!!”  What for?  “AT YOU FOR WORRYING ME!!”

draco’s boggart hc

inspired by this post!! it’d be super cool if u guys checked out this post first and like/reblog it and all that good stuff (pls go check it out its much better than mine) :)

(hmm its only a hc right now but I might turn it into a ficlet in the future when I can actually write. stay tuned)

*edit: this turned into a ficlet with batshit organization im so sorry

*edit 2!! here is part two!! (only in the sense that they’re both boggart hcs. they’re not related in any sense. well. i guess they could be. pls check it out and give me some love xx)

  • It’s 5th year and after curfew; Harry’s flicking through the Marauder’s Map to check for any teachers around while he makes his way back from the kitchens to the common room. He catches a glimpse of Draco Malfoy’s name on the 4th floor.
  • What the fuck is Malfoy doing on the fourth floor?
  • And Harry being Harry, he abandons his quest back to the Gryffindor Tower and tails after Malfoy.
  • By the time Harry gets to where he is, they’re both in an unused corridor. A really unused corridor (so unused that Harry’s only been here once in his 5 years at Hogwarts, and that was the first week of first year when he and Ron got lost on their way to Transfiguration). Dust is piled on any possible surface and cobwebs are in every crook of the walls.
  • Harry stays about a few meters behind Malfoy under his cloak and watches him go around trying to open the doors (Merlin knows why, but Harry intends to find out). He figures they’re all locked with particularly strong spells because none of the unlocking charms they’ve learned are working—until they reach the final door of the corridor (a storage closet, probably, but that still didn’t explain what Malfoy was doing here).
  • They both hear the click of the age-old lock opening and Malfoy mutters, Thank Merlin, to himself and stiffens immediately. He starts to slowly back up until he’s in the middle of the corridor.
  • Someone comes out of the doorway and Harry realizes that it’s Malfoy
  • Wait, two Malfoys? But that’s not Lucius. Is this Dark Magic? What the hell is Malfoy up to?
  • The second Malfoy (shirtless, Harry’s mind adds) doesn’t look like the one Harry’s been trailing. He’s a lot taller, for one thing, and a lot bonier (from what Harry knows from post-Quidditch showers, not that he was watching, anyways). His hair looks dead and flat and comes past his shoulders. His skin, from what he can tell from the dim lights, is paler than Malfoy’s (Harry didn’t realize this was possible); it looks gray and transparent. His eyes are sunken and dark circles droop beneath them. The Clone also bears the Dark Mark; Harry knows the real Malfoy doesn’t.
  • Clone Malfoy strides up to the real one and starts to tell him about how many mudbloods and blood traitors he’s killed and tortured, all the kids in his year that died at the hands of the Death Eaters. The Clone starts talking about Voldemort’s victory and how the times are changing; his reign is bringing upon a new world. Harry barely catches a whisper from the Clone about how Harry downright despised him until the Dark Lord killed him once and for all.
  • Malfoy chokes on air at one point and starts to breathe erratically, short, sharp, and heavy. He’s sobbing and his face is blotchy red and a mess of tears. He’s on his knees trying to breathe, his hands clawing at his throat. The Clone taunts on.
  • Harry finally snaps out his paralysis and realizes, Jesus fuck, Malfoy’s having a panic attack. It hits close to home; he’s been dealing with them for a while now, especially this year. 
  • Harry throws off his cloak and throws a silencing charm at the Clone, and then quickly realizes that it’s a boggart. He banishes it with a Riddikulus! and runs over to Draco.
  • Harry pries Malfoy’s hands from his throat, wipes the tears from his face, and holds his face, looking into his eyes. They’re terrified, and his pupils are dilated, hiding most of the gray.
  • “Shh, it’s ok Malfoy. ‘s just a boggart. We faced them third year, remember? Come on, breathe with me.” and Harry counts slowly and does breathing exercises with him.
  • Harry awkwardly (I mean, they were archenemy up a few minutes ago) holds Draco in his arms on the floor. He’s calmed down a lot, and is crying into the crook of his neck. Harry has one hand at the base of Draco’s neck, lightly petting and caressing. The other is rubbing up and down Draco’s back while he whispers soothing things.
  • “It’s ok. I’m here and alive. And I don’t hate you, Draco. I really don’t.” Surprisingly, Harry finds this true. Maybe it was the unintentional intimacy they just shared.
  • And when did Malfoy become Draco?
  • They sit there for a while. Neither say a word, and they don’t know how much time has passed. Draco’s no longer crying, but they’re still holding each other.
  • “Er, so what was your boggart?” Draco doesn’t say anything. Harry was probably dumb for asking to begin with. Who’d want to share their biggest fear with their nemesis?
  • “The littlest Death Eater. The Death Eater’s son. Voldemort’s inner circle.” Draco closes his eyes and takes a shaky breath. “It’s who I’m destined to be.”
  • Fuck.
  • And then Harry realizes that Draco isn’t so different as he is. They’re just players of the game, thrust into a situation they didn’t ask for. He doesn’t say anything.
  • Harry realizes that he has a half-melted piece of chocolate from the kitchens and hands it to Draco. He stares for a second and splits the piece in half and gives half of it to Harry, popping the other piece in his mouth.
  • A little confused, but Harry eats it anyway. Draco looks over and smirks. He reaches his thumb over to Harry’s mouth and wipes off a bit of melted chocolate and sucks it off.
  • Harry’s face flushes red.

extra! Harry was so insistent on following Malfoy around 6th year because of their secret relationship( 1) they were kissing and having sex in secret (obv) and 2) he was super worried for Draco because he was rly stressed about something but wouldnt tell Harry what)

Throughout the first four movies, there’s an interesting parallel between Spock and the Enterprise:

In the Motion Picture, the Enterprise has been remodeled. Spock shows up in flashy new Vulcan robes. By the end of the movie, Jim has regained command of the Enterprise. At the same time, Spock has decided to abandon his quest to achieve kolinhar to remain at Jim’s side.

At the end of Wrath Of Khan, Spock dies. In Search For Spock, the Enterprise is destroyed. Of course, Spock is brought back to life, and Voyage Home is about Spock regaining his identity. Fittingly, a new Enterprise is awaiting Jim, Spock, and the rest of the crew to fly. Jim is restored to his beloved captaincy, just as he is reunited with his t'hy'la.

There’s even reflection of this in the set and lighting design. As Jim and the others fly to Genesis in the hijacked Enterprise, the lighting inside the control room is dim, and the crew is few and Spartan. The Enterprise is ill-equipped for normal operations, just as Spock’s mind isn’t all there as he stays with David and Saavik on the Genesis planet. It all illustrates how in this moment, Jim’s tie with the Enterprise is weak, corrupted, just as his connection with Spock has been by Spock’s death. Jim and the Enterprise/Spock truly do belong together, but an external force has separated them.

And it’s been said before that there is nothing more important to Jim than his ship…so what does that say about Jim’s feelings toward Spock?

Just something I noticed.


OUT TODAY FOR #NCBD IS X-O MANOWAR #2! Deep in the trenches, and locked in combat against an extraterrestrial war machine bent on extermination, must Aric of Dacia – wielder of the universe’s most powerful weapon – abandon his quest for a more peaceful life…and surrender to the warrior within?


Author: Mikala

Characters: Scott Lang x Reader

Word Count: 1,800

Warnings: Smut. But it’s like, really cute smut?

Author’s Note: I would like to offer this super adorable Scott fic as an apology for having to postpone our character takeover. It’s not really based on a song, but I was listening to a playlist of three Lifehouse songs on repeat while I wrote it (Hanging By A Moment, You and Me, and First Time), so the general feel of the fic and a few of the lines are kind of set to those songs. Feedback is always appreciated!

The slightest brush of lips against the back of your neck was what woke you. You kept your eyes closed and your breathing even, savoring the feeling of a strong pair of arms wrapped securely around your waist for a few moments, before you settled your body back even further into the warm embrace of the man lying behind you. He hummed lightly in response, pressing a kiss to the back of your head.

“Good morning, sweetheart” Scott whispered into your hair. You opened your eyes slowly, taking in the morning sunlight streaming through your bedroom window. Remembering that it was Sunday and the two of you didn’t have anywhere to be for the day, you smiled and stretched lethargically. You moved to face him, but stopped mid-roll when you got tangled in the covers and it prevented you from going any further. The two of you erupted into giggles, and Scott helped pull the blanket off of you, tossing it down towards the bottom of your bed. You nestled into him with your head tucked underneath his chin, your face snuggling into his chest while your fingers danced softly over the muscles in his stomach. One of his arms was underneath you, wrapped loosely around your shoulders, while the other came over to rest his hand on your hip. His bare skin was nearly hot to the touch, and he shuddered faintly when your fingertips reached the top hem of his boxers. You pulled your head back from his chest to look at him, smiling lazily.

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weird thing: if they’re truly your friends, they’ll never abandon the quest!

Bodoque: uF….Let’s abandon the quest! bleurhg

Policarpo: and I’m seasick uerrghh

Tulio: you’re right.I think it’s best to go back and forget..*takes juanin’s card*oh..

*piano music plays and everything starts to look like Juanin*

Tulio: enough now! Juanin is our great friend, and he would’ve gladly sacrificed his life for all of us !! we have to keep going !!

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No joke I was just going into your page to leave a message when I saw your notification pop up and I always get so excited when I see those I abandoned my quest. But I was going to say that I always smile when I see you on my dash. And even more when you pop in my notifications. You are truly a delight of a human, and I'm so glad we connected.

Bahahaha! Great minds, Ash! (I bet we were both inspired by your wife @impala-dreamer, so it’s probably not that much of a coincidence, but it’d be so cool if it was). I’m glad we connected too. You are so sweet and your amazing sassiness always makes me smile. You are truly awesome and I love you and your writing.

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If you’re even thinking of coming for Severus Snape fans for being “Racist Apologists” or supporting nazism in anyway I'mma need you to sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up and remember that the only reason Albus Dumbledore abandoned his quest for muggle subjugation was because he was unsure who killed his sister, him or his maniacal boyfriend.

Also you’d do well to remember that James Potter and Sirius Black led the charge to torture a fellow classmate because he existed and they could get away with it.

In short: If Severus doesn’t get to erase the past, neither does anyone else.


‘Space Flight Corundum was unique. Exploration of the solar system, as far off as the dwarf planet Pluto, had long been considered old news – this maiden voyage, however, was to be a momumental jump in human adventure. Ten years would be dedicated, powered with fission of man-made unstable molecules and with aid of the first application of cryosleep, to navigating the unknown mid-sector of the Milky Way. Saphira had known that this mission would be completely different from anything in history, and that there could arise situations that would require quick decisions and alteration of the long-defined plan; she and the six other members of the crew had spent their lives, from awkward prepubescence until now, planning and training together for every potential accident or fault. No matter the problem, they had been sure they could handle, at the very least, abandoning the quest and returning home safely.

But when Saphira woke, dreams of her family – though an impossibility in cryosleep – still floating in her right eye, she found herself in a world nothing like had ever been theorized. Her pod had been shattered, the paper-thin glass, made to resist the explosive power of a bazooka, dusting her like sparkling sand. Blue mist seeped around her, tinted by the electronic light, and spilled out into the ship. Only darkness existed beyond where she lay… though, as her eyes adjusted, what greeted her was not metal in a power outage, but a jagged hole revealing the eternity of the universe. Fireballs of light, cool blue and gold, glimmered at her. The stars laughed, and Saphira knew she was dead.

It was then that she saw the dim red glow of eyes. They turned to face her, a glimpse of hell among the depths of the heavens, and sparks lit its lips as the demon breathed. It stood. Bits of the ship drifed away at its feet, freed from the confines of gravity. Saphira thought of a movie from her youth, and a hysterical voice met the pounding of her heart with the words: We’re not in Kansas anymore.’ 

( NEW AU! Made by the Lovely @rhinocio with various help over at the Project Corundum chat~ Not In Kansas Anymore au, follows the basic plot of Ruby and Sapphire being sent on a space exploration that went wrong, only to find out that they’re alive and that their bodies have some…changes)           

The Degradation of Zoe Bhatia - 11

Zoe may have tried to deny it, but the longer she journeyed through the Commonwealth searching for resources to aid the Brotherhood to bring the Institute down, a growing reputation followed her. Farmers awoke to the news that the raiders harassing them were dead. Travelers afraid of ghoul infested ruins would find their fears empty. Super mutant camps were exterminated without notice or warning…

Basically, this part is where I did a shitload of side quests, and arranged them into a montage set to yet another song made famous by Johnny Cash.

One day, Zoe felt compelled to walk to a place she had not been before. A place known to be infested by raiders who acted a little stranger than usual. She did not know why she went, and MacCready could not convince her to turn around…

She could not abandon this quest, no matter how hard Robert tried pleading with her to step away…

He tried to physically hold her back from jumping into the bottom of the contaminated shrine, but her agility and determination were too much. For a time, he though he lost her…

Yes… this blade would serve her well. She’d never need to put it down…

Of course, the constant smoking, drinking, fighting, swimming through irradiated pools, and lack of real beds or hygiene were starting to take a real toll on Zoe’s health.

The previous entry in the series.


Super long chapter this time. Blame @vastudent3​ for being a bad influence and letting me add the extra scene on the end. I loved writing this chapter - it let me really get to the bottom of Loki’s character, which I hope I’ve done well. And I also better established his motivation for pursuing the reader as well as reinforcing their current predicament. Anyway, I’m rambling. @sxnali, @all-nerds-here​, @meganlpie​, and @potatoersforever​ were all excited for this chapter. Enjoy, my darlings!


Another great chapter, as always!


Stolen (Part 11)

Part 10

Thor followed Steve’s tracks down the corridor, looking left and right, hoping to run into him. It was difficult to navigate the tower quickly whilst still appearing nonchalant. He turned corner after corner in his search and ultimately decided to move up to the residential floor. The elevator doors slid open and the search began again. Thankfully the corridor lit up with the sound of Cap’s voice – faint but audible, talking to someone nearby.

Thor strutted forward, looking left and right again, as the sound of Steve became louder and louder. He turned another corner and stopped. He was passing the open door to Tony’s room… where Loki sat on the bed. Betwixt his hands was a photo frame onto which water from his wet hair dropped, running off of the glass pane and pooling at the base. Loki bowed his head and just for a minute, Steve’s muffled voice was muted. Loki sniffed.

Abandoning his quest, Thor adopted a new one. When the elder Odinson had been arrogant and head-strong, Loki had been his conscience (even if he didn’t always listen). So it was only fitting that he now returned the favour, as he had always hoped to do. Despite it all, Loki was still his brother. Steve could wait.

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I finally watched the Bates Motel series finale

No more Vera Farmiga as Norma on my screen, HOW WILL I GO ON?

No more Normero, hahahahaha *ugly crying as I try not to remember their bodies in the snow*

No more Freddie Highmore and his frightening ability to be scary and fragile, SOMETIMES ALL AT ONCE

No more Max Thieriot making me CRY and DIE INSIDE because of his deep wish to be loved by his family and to help them. He fails, they fail, everyone fails, I FAIL, THIS IS A TRAGIC STORY AND I KNEW IT AND I WATCHED IT ANYWAY.

Norman responds to Norma’s death by abandoning reality and living in a world where she’s alive and with him.

Romero responds to Norma’s death by accepting reality but abandoning morality and going on a revenge quest. 

Dylan abandons neither reality nor morality AND HE SUFFERS, STILL. 

I’m adopting him now that he’s an orphan, DON’T TALK TO ME OR MY SON EVER AGAIN. His daughter’s name is Katie, my name is Katie, it all works. They totally named her after me, Dylan’s new mom.

(I may be abandoning reality myself a little bit here. Bear with me.)


In conclusion, Bates Motel was a gripping tragedy that was nearly Shakespearean in the end. A stage littered with bodies put there by poor choices, human frailty, and the turn of fate. So many themes were woven through this amazing show—the emotional consequences of abuse, the inescapable bonds of family, the human quest for love—but in this final episode, one of the strongest ideas was the crushing power of reality. It can be avoided, but not forever, and not without consequences and collateral damage.

“I didn’t want to,” Norman said, realizing he’d killed his mother.

“What I want is impossible,” Dylan says later, desperate to save his brother.

But what they want is as irrelevant as Norman’s belief that Mother is sitting in the dining room, alive and well. What matters isn’t what they or anyone wants; what matters is what is.

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